Wednesday, December 13

Fowl on Fair

There was fowlplay on fair day.
Last week was the bazaar week in MGC New Life. Dec 4, 5, 6, 7. There were food concesionaires and bazaar goods on sale. We were asked to seel only a tight number of products to let other concesionaire have a chance in making money. We were to sell: Mongolian rice and toppings, french fries, hash brown and pancit. Small no?
We gave our list to be protected and the teachers who organized it would ensure we were not going to have direct competition. We were not allowed to sell drinks, nuggets and spaghetti.
Then what?
They sold nuggets the same ones we did. Acceptable. You can buy those nuggets in some stores.
They sold pancit. Fine! But they should have told us they were to sell pancit. We could have sold spaghetti instead. They said they would sell spaghetti!
Fowl play happened on the last day: They sold Mongolian and toppings. They even called their sstudents over to buy from them!
I had to bite my lips from screaming. They kept complaining. Those teachers couldn't even make up their mind about the rice. They want plain then they tell us. Another techer tells us to sell only the mongolian. They can't make up their minds.
But the selling of Mongolian against our Mongolian?
To think they call themselves Christian.
Honestly. I think these guys are fake. They declair themselves saved and act like they own kingdom come!

Monday, December 11

Song of the Lioness

I read four books in two days. Yes, 4 from Tamora Pirce, the Song of the Lioness quartet. I loved the first book. soso the second. Not much of the third and didn`t like the fourth at all. I thought it was a kiddy book because it was in the kid`s section. Man, she`s such a slut! Sleeping iwht the prince then after theior breakup, she sleeps with two other manly man! Slut!
I`m not liking her attitude. She`s full of pride and not enough compassion. She tries to hide her weakness. Some way to hide it!
I hope the next part of the quartet would be better.

Wednesday, December 6

Alanna, a girl who wants to be a knight!

I was at Booksale when I found this book from Tamora Pierce. Its a lovely read.
The title is Alanna: the First Adventure.
The story follows a girl who ios supposed to be sent to a convent by her father while her twin is to be sent to knight school. They switch on the way and Alanna goes to knight school disguised as a boy. She tries her hardest to be the best. While being a squire, she gains some enemies like a duke's son but she gains powerful friends too like the prince and his big buddies. She even won the friendship of a good theif who kept her secret safe and helps her.
Alanna rescues the prince twice. In the end of her squire days, the prince finds out but he keeps it a secret.
So the prince becomes a knight while she becomes a page "boy."

Monday, December 4

Psychologist of Doom

If there`s an economist of doom, well, mom is a psychologist of doom.
There's a girl in their church who is 16 years old. Her father is the church`s janitor. Now, they have fallen in hard times because of some debts. They say, this janitor doesn`t know how to hold his money and life. Mind you, his fist daughter, nabuntis!!! The second is a son, nakabuntis!!!
Third time`s a strike!
Now, the mom gave this girl a pangparegla but it induces labor instead. Poor girl. Talk about Mom at 16.
Months ago, mom said to let this girl continue to go to school or else, she will get pregnant. She can get a program where she can still study 4th year high with a small allowance. The thing is, it is in public school. This janitor of a father had too much pride. He didn`t want. So it was better if the girl stayed home?
What kind of home does he live in? It is in the squatter`s area. There are lots of men and useless boys roaming around. THey got her pregnant.
Mom was furious. "I told you so! What do you expect?" came her reply.
If she tells you things concerning women problems, heed her. She knows what she`s tlking about in this area. She`s been member and President of Venture CLub Davao. She`s been member and president of Soroptimist Paranaque. Trust me, she knows what she`s talking about!
That`s why her grim foresight makes her the psychologist of doom.
She takes one good look at you and tells you your psychological profile and what kind of future is instored for you if you make a stupid decision.

Monday, November 20

Road Block Warning!

Christmas is coming closer and closer. Warning! Kotong Cops are on the loose!
I'm serious. Have you noticed them? Kumakalat sa EDSA.
Drive safely everyine. Don't give them a reason. Any reason to catch you at all! They're gonna make some up. Make sure you look straight and smart. Driv in the middle road if possible.
If all else fail, avoid the busy roads! These MMDA Kotong Hulidappers have no conscience and will extract money wherever they can. That means us, the unsuspecting middle class.
I'll tell you why the middle class suffers next time. For now, know that things are going to get a little chaotic. Don't worry, it'll die down after the holidays.
Maybe that is one of the reasons wy God doesn't want to reveal the real birth date of His only Son.
Advance Merry CHristmas to all
More about Damiano (A Trio for Lute: Raphael)
I'm a little sad that by the end of the second book, Damiano died. But now in the third book, its ok. He's bac as a spirit with wings. I guess that means he's now an angel. He's watching over his friends and his even closest friend , the Archangel Raphael who sacrificed himself for Damiano's friends. Now, turned human by the trickery of Satan, Raphael has to survive enough to remember who he is. Can he hold on until his friends come rescue him? Right now, he's learning the basics of humanity. You must eat! After eating, food will exit your body after some hours. Poor Raphael.
Don't worry. God hasn't abandoned him completely. He sends him the angel Damiano and some earthly friends.

Saturday, November 18

Damiano's Lute

R. A. MacAvoy's second part from A Trio For Lute. Following the first story, Damiano, our hero is alive and well out of the clutches of Satan... or he thinks.
One year after Damiano Delstrego makes a pact with Satan, he is on the roads to Avignon. With him is Gaspare, a theif from San Gabrielle. Damiano took this scrawny boy and made him his dancer while he plays. They split profit evenly.
Of course, Raphael is close by. The Seraph watches closely at his beloved little student. Once in a while, he gives Damiano a lute lesson.
Of course, the witch Saara is also along disguised as a dove or sometimes an owl.
Damiano makes something of himself in Avignon. From a rich witch to the nothing that Satan wanted, Daminao rose and made something of his talents for music. He even played for the Pope who gave him a new Lute.
It was then that plague struck Avignon killing people in days even Damiano's benefctor. Gaspare's whore of a sister got the plague and was dying. With one act of bravery, Damiano transferred the plague into himself and asked Raphael to take him to a feild. There, Damiano breathed his last leaving his weeping music master to take care of the people he loves: Gaspare and Saara.
Gaspare, angered that Damiano had died instead of him, charged at Raphael and demanded he teach him the Lute the same style as Damiano.
I find Damiano's actions always touching. He tries so hard to be a Saint even though he believes he can't be one. He wishes if a glimmer of hope would permit him to be a saint but he died. The most touching scene I read was when Raphael gave Damiano a hair cut.
Memorable conversation: Raphael and Damiano
"Dami, Dami! You have power ofphilosophy beyond the mere angelic. Perhaps you have hit the reason for man being what he is."
"Reason? I did not know we had reason for being, Seraph. To understand the devil?"
"To forgive him. It is more than I can do."

Thursday, November 16


I thve thing thing called a librarything from It catalogs the books you have.

Monday, November 13


War torn Italy in 14th Century Europe, there lived a young boy named Damiano Delstrego. He has a curious life. He can do magic and is called damned by the people of Partestrada yet the Archangel Raphael himself comes down to teach him music.
This is a rather interesting book I`ve bought. I got it in BOOKSALE for 39 pesos. Its actually 3 storiesin one called A Trio for Lute.
So far, I`ve finished the first story. It tells about young Damiano at age 21. A rogue generalinvades his town and forces all the villagers away. He makes a pack with Satan to free his people and bring them back to where they call home. Towards his goal to first find his people, he encounters theives, grim weather and starvation. His love of his life Carla, rejects his love and enters the cloisters. So, the father of lies` grants him 50 years of peace but not prosperity to Partestrada in exchange, Damiano`s family will be lost from the histories and he shall die in 2 years. He agrees.
Finally when he leads the people of Partestrada to a bloodless victory, the mob him and tied him to be hanged. It was his teacher Raphael who came to the rescue.
"Ah, Dami, Dami! Do you know what is to be damned? It has nothing to do with fire. To be damned is only not to love." --Raphael
"I am not flesh, and I cannot understand you, but I love you, and I know you are not damned." --Raphael
I felt the story was simply written and because it is, it touches people a lot. Here is innocent Damiano who know of nothing about the world`s cruelty except that he knew witchcraft was a shaky subject. He was born with it and because of it, people though he was born damned and so he came to beleive too. This story shows you that you do not gain anything from the father of lies and that people are quick to judge. It also tells you that you have an angel guarding you. THough remains unseen, your angel loves you as you. No matter how silly you may be and act like a fool, God loves you because we are his image yet unique.

Sunday, November 12

Midsomer Murders

In a quiet English village called Midsomer, secrets are more abundant than harvest. Murders are as common as theives.
John Nettles plays DCI Tom Barnaby. He is assigned to Corston, Midsomer as a police cheif. Daniel Cassey is his assistant, Sgt. Gavin Troy.

I like these two characters. They are so calm and witty. Tom tries to blend while he composes his conclusions. He always has an idea or two up his sleeve and he always discovers the murderer/s. As for the handsome young Sgt. Troy, he`s an adorable character. He`s not the smartest in the series but he is very lovable and charming. Troy's always amazed on how Tom can always figure out things. That's why he's a police cheif and he gets down and dirty.
But he has his quirks. Tom's getting fed up with the mysterious town filled with family secrets, inherited lies and sexual mystries surrounding every murder.
His wife tries to make the best of it. Joyce Barnaby and the good cheif moves to Midsomer. Joyce gets invovled in Midsomer. She becomes a judge at local fairs, goes to watercolor classes and makes a garden.

I watch Midsomer Murders every friday in Hallmark Channel at 9pm S.E.A.

Monday, November 6

So much for quitting

Mom says she can't survive without me anymore. Especially now that mom has fired 4 people. Marina knows. She was there to act as witness.
Business as usual here at BSM and MGC. Hopefully now that the 4 are gone, there won't be pilfirages and stolen items.
I'm thinking of leaving again.
Well, there are many opportunities coming along the way. Hopefully, I get a shot at them.
Good news:
Went to the doctor. I lost 1 kilo since my diet program started. I know I said I don't care about being big or anything. It's just, this country's standard is thin women. I'm a subject of fat topics when it comes to family reunions. It hurts more than anyone knows.

Monday, October 30


I didn't expect a lot would come but hey! Nearly complete attendance. Kulang nalang si Janings, Buddy and Tash.
Guys, I'm so glad we're still strong. No matter what, no matter how cliche it could sound, FRIENDS FOREVER!

Friday, October 6


You'll never appreciate a fan until the power is out. 4 days of excruciating heat was so unbearable. Thank God there is power already. Aircon too for that matter. Little things do make a difference.
I've learned to maximaize the daylight. I had to read faster and draw quicker before the sun sets. Light is so important.

Wednesday, September 27

I love cats. Anyone can guess that in looking at my photoalbum and some of my entries.
I`ve seen this documentary called Walking with Tigers. It showed in Animal Planet some month ago and I saw it again last night.
It speaks about an abbot adopting some tigers and sheltering them in the monastery. Soon, more tigers were sent to him and his old tigers bred. It is a very touching story.
There are few people I admire and this abbot is one of them. Steve`s passing hurt so much. I guess I was searching for another crusader to look up to.
If anyone`s got a dollar or two to donate to the abbot, just go to their website:
The budhist monks cannot own money but they need to come up with the money to support the tigers and maintain the facility for these wonderful beasts.
Maybe by at least visiting the site, you could show support.
I was thinking of volunteering but mom is against it. Only because the abbot is buddhist. You know how it is now that she`s into being "christian" I guess she isn`t very ecumenical and tolerant of other religion.
I admire these monks because of their passion not only to the wildlife but also to their beliefs. Its not because of religion or fame, its because they do what is right. They cross borders and save the world one tiger at a time.
Meow to all!

Sunday, September 24

Eragon movie

Eragon is being turned into a movie! Yes! I hope they show it in this country. I haven`t seen trialers or hints yet. I know the trialer is out already.
Here are some Casting Roles I saw in
Shur`tugal means dragon riders
Cast Member Character
Edward Speleers Eragon
Chris Egan Roran
Jeremy Irons Brom
John Malkovich Galbatorix
Djimon Hounsou Ajihad
Sienna Guillory Arya
Robert Carlyle Durza
Garrett Hedlund Murtagh
Alun Armstrong Uncle Garrow
Gary Lewis King Hrothgar
Joss Stone Angela
Tamsin Egerton Katrina
Caroline Chikezie Nasuada
Nils Allen Stewart Lead Urgal

I love the story of Eragon. I really waited and saved up for the second book, Eldest. Now, I wait for the movie and the third book. It feels like waiting for the next Harry Potter book.
Here are some nice quotes from the book Eragon.
"Knowing is independent of being. I did not know you existed before you bumbled in here and ruined my nap. Yet that doesn't mean you weren't real before you woke me." - Solembum
"There's a reason why we're born with brains in our heads, not rocks." - Brom
It’s overwhelming. I feel as if I am living in an illusion, a dream where all things are possible. Amazing things do happen, I know, but always to someone else, always in some far-off place and time. - Eragon to Saphira (pg. 430)


Saturday, September 23

Cat Fight

My two meowy cats have been fighting. They fought and my dominant black male decided to not pursue the fight and move his residency under my window then under my shelves.
Then the smaller male cat that I call Pepper becomes grouchy and dominates the front porch. He`s usually a shy cute type. Now, he`s grumpy. He hates being cuddled and he marks everything he can mark. Yucky!
Yesterday, bati na sila.
It turns out, Pepper is asserting his dominance because he`s now sexually mature. He`s got a new girl friend and is now living with us on the front porch. This new cat is also ginger but has no trace of white like Pepper. I think this new cat had an owner. We call this new cat Puss in Boots because kamukha eh. Now, Puss is very friendly. This little ginger has very fluffy hair. I think she has a breed.
Today, surprise! My black cat, Alonzo, is styaing on the front porch. He`s friends with the two love birds. Pepper is having trouble with Puss. He think we`re getting to like Puss more than him. Oh! Guess what? Remember I told you Pepper`s girlfriend is Puss?
EEEEEE! Puss is a boy! When we carried him today, two bally balls greeted us.
I swear. These cats are gay. Alonzo and Pepper are then they had this little lover`s quarel. Now Pepper is getting a new boyfriend? What is the world coming to? These cats need a mother. They should have had their mother to train them but unfortunately, they got separated.
We could see the importance of parent not only for cats but also for humans. 

Friday, September 15

Officially Quit

I`m out of my lousy job. It pays good but the stress is not worth it. Why? Because there are lousy good for nothing people I don`t bear and care to look at. So?
I ran away you say? Well, that`s one way of putting it. Reality check! If you hate your job, why stay? Get away from assholes. Get away from stress lines. The stress is actually making me eat. When I see those grrrrrrr! I can`t help but stuff something in my mouth and I`m surrounded by food all the time!

Today, I wanted to protect mom from EVIL Ralph Anog. But does she want help? Not when he`s arround. She`s being bullied and what does she do? She KUROTS my thighs. Gee! Who`s embarassing who?
He`s a bully and she`s swallowing hit shit!
All I was trying to do was protect her investments!
She keeps telling me how wonderfully raised I am by two perfect parents but she can`t get the fact that I learned pride and prejudice from Pops. Yes, I have pride and too much of it. Yes, I have my own prejudice. Especially of his kind. Ralph is a total ass.
I ain`t taking crap from him!
Gee ma, when you tried to raise me as a meek and mild girl, you should have thought of sheltering me. When I got exposed to the world and saw how manipulative and evil people are, I took no craps from no one.
Sorry, the world isn`t as black and white as you say it is. It has a lot of color. Most of it is red and green.
I`m quiting because I`m fed-up! I`m quitting because the more you want me to keep my frustrations in a bottle, the more I want to explode.
I quit!

Tuesday, September 12


Eldest is the second book of Christopher Paolini. His fist book is Eragon. There are three books to his Inheritance trilogy. He was 15 when he wrote Eragon. It became a New York Time Best Seller and so has Eldest. The books give a Lord of the Rings Cross of Harry Potter Feel.
By the way, Eragon is being turned into a Movie. See the official site at

I think the book is very fascinating. It sparks human emotions. Its also so magical. Magical me, sucker for the fantastic.
Its a good read.
Read my spoilers at

Monday, September 4

Steve, You Will Be Missed

Even though I haven't met Steve Irwin, I super love him. Anyone can see his passion. It's a genuin love for saving the environment. You can see it's not just an act.
Today, Steve died. He was stung in the heart by a deadly sting ray. He was 44.
One of my life goals were meeting Steve. If only to see him live. He is one of the greatest people in the world for me.
Today, he died. Minutes after the news, I developed a fever.
The last time I had a fever because someone died was when Magma Man died. I was 6 then. The next week, Magma Man's mysterious power allows him to come back from the dead.
But that was Magma Man. Steve does not have mystical magical powers that will mysteriously call him back to the world of the living because his quest is not yet over.
Steve, the world suffers a great loss.

Monday, August 21

Goodbye Sweet Annie

Farewell my sweet little Annie. Even if we spent so little time with each other, I will still miss you. I will never forget the way you demand attention and milk.
little Annie was given to us by a neighbor. She came with another little cat named Oliver. Both orphaned kittens. I developed a stong affection for Annie because she was so prim and clean. She was also spunky and was ok with a leash on her neck. I began to teach her tricks every afternoon.
Last week, she came inside the house again. She normally stays out in the washing area but she sneaks in the house. She slept on my arms then curled up on my neck then snuggled on my hair the whole afternoon. I was sleeping on the couch.
That night, she got into a fight with some strays and she got killed.
My poor, poor baby.

Monday, July 31


I'm back in the book spree. That's because I'm finishing me pay again. Got five books then another two books. These special two books are called: Montmorency.
It's about a theif who wanted so bad to be rich and so he plotted how to act, speak and carry himself rich until everybody beleived him.
The second book is Montmorency On the Rocks. Montmorency is now a "dandy" but his secrets can't be kept for long. His friends are bound to find out. Especially if he's being so clumsy to leave trials and scream it out of his sleep.

More details in my friendster blog:


It's flooding!
Even in my head.

Friday, July 21

Rainy day Updates

Somebody complained that we had a rotten meatball for lunch causing her to throw up.
One in a million chances. Was it our fault? They make it sound like we did it on purpose. To make them happy, we pulled out all the meatballs. How about the kids who wanted meatballs for the day. No choice. We had to cook a whole batch of chicken instead.
Then, we found out yesterday that the vomit was sent to a lab to be examined and the cause had nothing to do with our food.
What the ***********************************!!!!
How can I calmly deal with the situation if mom panics? Apologizes as if it was our fault and throws the whole batch away?
Today, our usual debates while shopping: What am I buying? Why is she hiring me as a manager if I can't do my job? I buy the cheapest of things. Yes, There is something cheaper than UFC or Papa ketchup and that it my new best friend Tita Frita Banana Ketchup. For toyo and other condiments, I used Savepack or Aro brand. The cheapest. My tissue paper sucks and I start to charge plastic bag if people ask for it.Yes. A whole new meaning to papel de lambot.
Yes, I'm officially Scrooge. Why?
Because people take advantage of the little things I do.
People who finish the ketchup, tissue and plastic are the people who don't even buy anyting from us. As if nahihiya sila! Whehehell, I'm taking charge. Why do I run a business out of charity? THis isn't even a tax shield! Takot takot na tax binabayaran tapos liit lang ng spread ko. He!
Gotta snip as much edges as I can. For heaven sakes! Hindi naman bayad nila parang British Schoool no! Kung British School, hindi cheap ang bayad hindi cheap ang materials. As for the case of Makati Gospel School, cheap begets cheap!
Sounds good. It's now my new Philosophy!

Sunday, July 9

Jars Jars Jars

I'm into drawing jars this month. Why? I don't know. Jars look cute. They are fun and easy to draw. Jars are understated elegant pieces. We use them for many things. They represent the everyday things in life. They can be containers, water jars, vases or just center pieces.

They'll be on the site next month. For now, a small preview...




Saturday, June 24

Stupidest Thing I've Heard

So, to appease Mr. A$$h*le, I decided to give in to his request on having a little tasting treat.
Fine! I put on an assortment of food on a tray. This includes: A piece of Chicken, pork Hong-ba, spaghetti, pork siomai, veggies and soup. We got a good review for everything except: the spaghetti.
You know what he said?
Kulang ng Toyo yung spaghetti niyo. Lagyan niyo pa siguro ng patis.
Where in the world do you put toyo or patis in spaghetti?
please, if you do, reply to me and tell me about it. Meatsauce man! Meatsauce! Its tomato sauce, tomato paste, onions, garlic and meat! Mom and I screamed at the cooks who said they put catsup in their last concession.
What is this guy? Nuts?

Thursday, June 22

High and Maity

Mr. Feeling High is bruning my crisps! He drives me mad.
Oh, lower the prices he says 'cuz they're too high.
Too high? Ya kidding me? 45.00 pesos for ulam kanin and real soup is too high? By the way, only 40 to teachers.
Oh, I want it like the food tasting. Like the restaurant quality, rich and malasa.
Well, let me increase my prices then!!! He wants everything done right. Yeah right! He wants everything done his way!
Some moms are complianing.
Which ones? Let them come to me then.
Oh I'd Love to but can't. They ring me.
What does it take to please this guy? Doesn't he know, our pasta is cheaper than Jolibee? It's even more than Jolibee. What the hell is he complaining about? Jolibee spaghetti is 49? Chicken and Rice is 50+. Why is he yapping on how expensive it is?
He just wants to feel important, that's why! I bet he made those complains himself.
Hey, I'm not angry at the world. Just him. The teachers, they're ok. They eat at an average of 100.00 a day. They really eat and a lot. They said our food is good.
It's just Mr. High Ralph who looks at one or two complains versus twenty good reviews. Why? Because he can. He has the power to throw us out and bankrupt us because he's a glorified JANITOR!!! That all he is! A F*cking Janitor!
The kids are complaining that I can't give them Ice pop. Well, blame Mr. Ralph Anog. He's to blame for your poor unfortunate ice pop free lives!
By the way, he wants us to put thos glass displays just like the british school. Well, Ralph, Pay for it. The british school paid for them for us. For that matter, give us a bigger space. Honestly, my bathroom has more space.
Breath in.
Breath out.
Can't wait until I quit! For the sake of mom, who apologizes because she's not a psychic, I'll help her until I earn my capital.

Saturday, June 17

MGC Experience

Well, I've started working since tuesday and I got my first pay yesterday for full 15 days even if I just worked for 4. That's the way it is when you work for...
Your mom!
Not that I'm an exception.
Mom pays her employees that way. they get paid even during the summer. A Happy employee makes quality works. She even provides transpo and food (3 meals) for them. Who can ask for a better deal?
Not that I'm complaining... much. So I know what mom wants on food tasting. I help in purchasing but most of all, I manage people. Tough job? Yes. The pay? Good enough. At least I get more than minimum plus all the food at my disposal. Man! I think I'll get big if this keeps up. I always get a nibble here and there. A snack of Siomai, Hotdog, Spaghetti, rice and whatever's on the menu, cookies, gatorade then C2. That's what I eat all 11 hours.
What have I been doing there aside from eating:
1. I ahve to Taste the food and make sure they are top quality.
2. I have to make sure everything is orderly and clean.
3. I have to make sure every one's working and working properly.
4. I have to be in front and talk to parents and teachers. PR the food.
5. I helpe mom in purchasing.
11 hours of work 5 days a week. Not bad.
How are the kids there?
Well, they're all rich little kids but some of them are quite stingy.
This is my work at the moment and a new experience.

What about fashion?
A little freelance here and there. I'll get to the full time when I get money. At the moment, I need to earn it.

Tuesday, June 6

... haaaay

Something to do while being bored.

Wednesday, May 31

Tiring Days

Times I help people are days that are tiring. Helping mom run the new canteen is one. Sure fine, I'm not yet doing anything. But I haven't even ran the new canteen. I'm tagging along in the British school first to learn the ropes and stuffs.
I'm tired.
We went to shop for plates and two new industrial size rice cookers.

Monday, May 22


A word coined from tow different words: Evangelization and Ligaw.
This according to Pat and his crew is just making ligaw to people in order for them to join church activities.
Is there really evangelization happening? Or ligawan lang to make sure maraming pumupunta sa church?
Nothing against protestantism and thier church, but I think people there's got major issues.
Yup, folks. I'm speaking up finally.
This is my opinion. My opinion of the millenium and if mom finds out... Oh whatever.
There are two types of people there according to pops: the givers and the recievers.
The givers are people who love to show off their generosity. THey give and give and people see them as patrons. However, they complain why they are not acknowledged or why people take advantage.
Time to stop man! If you're complaining that they take advantage, withdraw. I did when I reached to the point of getting pissed.
The recivers are usually the unfortunate people. Nothing against them either. Ith's jus thtat they take advantage. I hoped they would at least take the sermons into their hearts.
But if they keep complaining and keep taking advantage, they are showing what they church is all about. A free for all. Some place you can get lucky.
Yes, these two types work hand in hand. One keeps giving while the other is happy to recieve.
A church is about Charity, Mercy and Love.
Can't see any of that happening. Just plain charity and no love or mercy at all. If you love your bors and sis, make sure you make them help themselves.
People care about people who care about themselves.
I don't mean to start some sort of propaganda or bad moutning. This is a blog. Mostly opinion and observation. I am a Catholic and some people can criticize my practice. I am in a mixed religion family who is at constant war within. This is all my point of view.
Make your own.

Saturday, May 20


He looks bored...

Watched Da Vinci Code The other day.
What about it? Read the book before you judge! It's a fiction book based on facts. Only 30% is true. Re search about it.
I remember something. I was in Benilde Library when I was reading the Da Vinci Code.
It was interesting so I did my research. I saw this book about the Twmplars and Roslyn Chappel. Cool. If any of you out there are in Benilde, look up the Sword and the Grail by Andrew Sinclair. Oh yes, he's a Sinclair. Surviving relative of a member of the Templar kngihts.
Interewsting book. There are two book of that in the library. One of them, you can see my name 3 times. hehehehe.
Jade's cat ran away. She doesn't take care of it. At least my Meows recognize me and love me. They don't want to runaway.

Tuesday, May 9

The Dancing Gods

I was at Goodwill and bought a book for twenty pesos. Cool! Twenty bucks for a thick fantasy book. It's supposed to be two novels in one. Not bad. Story-wise, its ok.
Check my book report and the whole story:
Husaquahr - a magical realm created by angels from the tidbits of earth. (In other words tiratira ng earth!) It can be crossed through the Sea of Dreams. Here, magic is common. It is guided by the rules.
Throckmorton P. Ruddygore - Master Wizard. Thousands of years old. He is described as one who looks like Santa Clause.
Tiana- A 7 footer muscular girl born in Husaquahr but raised in Europe. When she returned to Husaquahr, she became a queen then ruled as a demi goddess named Eve.
Joe de Oro- Also known as Joe the Barbarian. He's an Apache Indian truckdriver from Texas. He married Tiana in Husaquahr and became King then demi god Adam. The couple's naked statues liter Husaquahr. Though they not really gods. Ruddygore only used an illusion so they could unite the people of Husaquahr.
Marge- an english teacher from Texan who is a friend of Joe before and after they came to Husaquahr. She is now a Kauri, a type of Faerie who takes away human sufferings.
Macore- King of Theives. A short man who has all the brains but not beauties. He's smart and cannot resist a challenge.
Esmilio Boquillas- Known as the Dark Baron. He's a manipulative man with a huge ego. Though in the last book, he was striped from his powers and saent to earth. Heaven hates him but Hell rejects him too.
Dacaro- a student of Ruddygore who turned tables. He was imprisoned in alamp by Ruddygore.
Aditional Characters in Part 2
Sugasto- Known as MAster of the Dead. He has powers to take away or swithc souls from any living body. He wishes to rule Husaquahr.
Mahalo McMahon- a polynesian high priestess who escaped the Dark Baorn and helped Joe and the others.
What do I think?
Well, I think Joe is too horny. He's abstained a good way in the second part. Second of all, Jack Chalker (the Author) is very horny. Most of his faerie races are compulsive nymphomaniacs and they couldn't help it because they are nymphs or Kauris or something.
The ending could have worked except Joe's ego kicks in separating him from Tiana. So much for undying love. You just know a man wrote this!
Tiana's love is so undying she goes from Quee to godess to slave girl with no rights whatsoever. AS in! Every man left and right including Joe touches her, beats her but she does nothing. She loves Joe and would do everything for him. That includes taking care of his SON!!! His son by another woman by the way. In the end, this is what happens to her!

Sunday, May 7

Meowy Dress-ups

I'm quite bored waiting and waiting for my proposals and stuffs so I did something to kill time:


see more on

Tuesday, May 2

Plus Plus Plus

Plus-size is very different from what I've learned in school. Easing and stuffs are different.
I know I've learned in Big Closet na different talaga ang mga allowances. The usual apex na 10 is not true for a big girl nor is the bust distance. It's not 6 in regular garments. The distance between waist and hips 2 is not usually 7. Well, it can apply to me but not to most girls. Seat can be 13 but not for 2XL.
I know I've mentioned in ealier blog entries that I was an in-betweener. Yup. Some kinda regular na irregular. Ha. My skeletal structure is different from most Pinays. My torso is not long like most Asians but my legs aren't long enough to be caucasiod skeletons.
So now, I'm having a problem with my patterns.
I have to star with simple designs.
Knit is easier for me but I want to experiment on the nice woven fabrics I bought for the sampling. Oh well...

Monday, April 24

Wednesday, April 19

Poke Fever Revived

Pokemon is now on Cartoon Network! I missed those fuzzy creatures. I have unearthed my cards and toys and guess what! Can't remember them anymore. Ha! I used to remember each number and each pokemon by name. Now, I'm reviving it. If there's one anime cartoon I can draw, it's Pokemon! Mwah!

Recognize this?

It was my plate 16 in PENCOM.

If I were in the Poke World, I would be a breeder or the person in the Poke Daycare Center. I don't really want to hurt Pokemons in battles. I want to take care of them. Maybe I'll be a Poke Researcher.

Sunday, April 9

Summer Means Beach!

Summer is here and we headed for the beach. Only a day trip but it was worth the travel.
Destination: Matabunkay, Batangas.
We rented a raft and stayed in the deep blue sea from morning til late afternoon. Swim, eat, swim, eat. That was our idea of fun.

Saturday, April 1

Bat Fool Beyond

April Fools Everyone!
Today, I spent my time pleating. Why? Practice. Then I tried to drape. What am I doing? Nothing. Experimenting. Spandex is a wonderful material to drape. Hehehe. plus, it's nice practice on the high speed.
While undoing my stitches, I watch Justice League Unlimited. (JLU)
Waaa! It was about Terry McGinnis. Our Tomorrow Night, our Batmand Beyond!
Me, Aki and Diki were just talking about him. We were angry that they stopped the series. Waa. I enjoyed Terry. He was my kind of hero plus he's funny. Unlike our original Dark Knight, Terry is full of emotions and is not bitter. Perhaps it's just the years of balancing Bruce Wayne and Batman. Puhleez! Terry, as they say, successfully balanced his life.

Today's JLU Episode was about Terry years into the future. To be exact, it was 15 years since he became Batman. Aging Bruce Wayne needed a kidney transplant and so being a nice boy, Terry gave one of his. When they checked for compatibility, guess what they found out! A DNA match. Confused, he didn't show for his Batty Duties!
It was then that Amanda Waller had to tell Terry the truth. Amanda was the government agent handling Project Cadmus, a DNA project to clone heroes for government use. Then, she became the liason for Government and League affairs. She then became obsessed that the world needed a Batman. Bruce was aging and slowing down. He had no special powers that would enable him to slow his aging process. So with her connection to Cadmus, she plotted to clone him. SHe collected his DNA and picked Mary and warren McGinnis. They implented the DNA into Warren and so Terry anf Matt has Bruce's DNA.
Of course, experience makes the man. Remember, environment forms character. So Amanda tried to have Terry's parents killed in front of him. She hired the Phantasm but the Phantasm refused. So project Batman Beyond was a scrap.
Lo and Behold. Fate seemed to draw these two together. The fated night happened. Terry was chased down by the Jokerz in to Bruce's doorstep and into his life. First, the teenager was having trouble balancing his life. Next, he and the old man continously argues over the comlink.
One thing about Terry, he's not as secretive as Bruce and he never tries to push people away.
So after learning all these from Amanda Waller, Terry goes back to Wayne Manor with a peice of advice: Protect those who you love. That very night, he called Dana.


I just love this guy. He's my inspiration. Why? He's a cartoon for heaven's sake! So? This guy's shwaysville!

Terry's voice actor is Will Friedle. Will also voiced Ron Stoppable in Disney's Kim Possible.
Micheal Rosenbaum, Lex Luthor in Smallville, voice goul in Return of the Joker and Flash from JL.
Kevin Conroy voice Batman in the 1992 series, 1999 Batman Beyond, JL, all the way until 2002 JLU. Wondered why Bruce's voice never changed?
Voice Director for All the above is Adrea Romano including Zeta Project (you'll see the crossover in Batman Beyond and JLU), Static Shock and Teen Titans.
Bruce Timm was executive producer of all the above.
I'll leave a link to pages cool to check out:

Friday, March 24

Week 3

This is the 3rd week of my morning excercise. Whew. Jogging in the morning can get you very dark. I can see my lines. To top it all, today, I didn't go jogging but went swimming instead. Man! I'm getting even darker!
I'm hungry and always so thirstry because of the diet pills and I'm forcing myself not to eat. Does jade feel this way all the time? There's always a complain coming from the central part of your body, namely the stomach. I ahven't been eating breakfast. My fullest meal is lunch (sometimes) and dinner is soup or nothing at all.
What a way just to climb a mountain!
But what am I exactly doing?
I've awakened last night as if shook. Nope. Just me.
Someting banged in me and it's not my huinger pains.
I'm now asking: What the hell am I doing? It's not the diet thing or the watching your health thing. It's the realization that all those things I watch on Tyra TV were true. I'm letting the world control who I am and what I look like!!!
Think you're not guilty? Yes you are!

Monday, March 20

House of Fury

Your dad says he's a secret agent...
You better beleive him!
See my review on House of Fury

Thursday, March 16

Problem with PLDT

We are currently subscribed to Bell Telephone because of an incident.
We used to be PLDT but then they sent a bill of more than 5,000.00 for several long distance calls to an island in the pacific called Tubaloo. Where? Me no know.
Anyways, we insisted (and submited afidavits) that we did not call. We don't even know where the hell or what the hell is Tubaloo. So, while the case is pending, we are still being singiled.
So this doesn't repeat, we cut out phone lines and switched to Bell. It has a package of cabled internet, phone and cable TV for 3,500.00 a month.
Now, a letter from an attourney representing PLDT came saying we are ordered to pay the 5,000.00 plus lawyer fee because they hired a lawyer.
What the hell!
Nice way to make money no? Accuse a stupid phone call and charge plus lawyer fee.
We might have been hacked but that's not our fault. Whoever hacked our phonelines will get Karma!
To everyoe who reads this, tell me if you know of other people who have similar cases.
This is injustice!
I hope makarma rin PLDT!

Tuesday, March 14

Eat Drink and be Buried

Finally, finished another book. Not much in the reading spree. Wonder why? Maybe because I usually read in class and between them.
Eat Drink and be Buried by Peter King
It's a nice read.
Presenting the Gormet Detective. When the world finest restaurants needs help in finding ingredients, lost recipes and methods of cooking, they turn to the renown Gormet Detective.
A little away from London is a mansion, an old medieval castle like mansion with glorious as well as gory history. The dysfunctional family who owns it hired the Gormet Detective to medievalize the menu. As he was evaluating the festivities of the castle, a jouster turns up dead. The Gormet Detective beleives it is poisoning. The owner hires him for an extra job, to find what poison and who poisoned the jouster.
Easy work for a man with taste? Not really. When you're busy being shot by an arrow then a shot gun, finding out you're the main suspect and getting in between sibling rivalries. What a mess for an esteemed chef!
Personal Commets: Very tasty description of food. I must say, the ending is rather abrupt. In the whole book and possibly the rest of the series of Peter King, the Gormet Detective's name is never mentioned. How does he do it? Read and find out.
For more of my book/film reviews:
it has a typelist.

Sunday, March 12

One Girl's Junk

To get rid of your old things in Japan, you pay the garbage man to get it.
To get rid of your old things in the Philippines, you sell it. What a way to earn some extra cash.
Diki and I were super sun burned yesterday but it was worth it.
We sold out old clothes, old bags, old shoe rack and other junk we needed to get rid. We didn't get rid of it all but we did get a good amount.
Wen we started at 8:30, people knocked on our doorsteps even before we started set-up. Early birds! Well, they bought quite a lot. After ten, lesser people came. People came by in waves again at around 2:30. It's always fun having a yard sale. People try thier bargaining skills on you.
May pahabol today. She knocked on our door this morning and bought 180.00 worth of old stuffs.

While waitng for customers, I took my camera and took some snaps at my little angels. Well, feeling angels in cat fur.

Meowy cat sleeping.
Tee hee hee!


Broke Back Mountain Cats!!!

OOOH! CAught in the act! Joke!

Fatty takes care of Pepper.

Oh looky! Pepper is growing old already. He's no longer this small innocent cat!

I'll post more meowy pictures at my shutterfly.

Friday, March 10

Good Bye Mountain...

The second largest mountain in the wolrd, largest in the Phillipines... Mt. Apo
I thought I was to conquer it on April. I thought I was to find the adventure of a lifetime.
Gee, I climbed Romblom after graduating from High School, let's climb Apo now that I'm graduate college.
Not a bad dream whne you know me. Once I set my heart, I an determined.
Now, shattered. The big Maita can't get the big Apo. Why? 'Coz I'm too big. My dream's too big isn't it. It all comes down to being big.
When you thought nobody cared about being big anymore, big truth hits. Man! That hurts... Big time!
Not only because maybe, just maybe, it's true but because of the lack of confidence people have in my capabilities. I have to always prove myself ten times better than anyone.
My idol in life is Samu Hung. He's fat but good! Real Good.
Now, I like Tocara (from America's Next Top Model Season 3). She fouhgt, honey. As in. I thought she'd make it farther. Too bad. The world's not ready for her.
But is the world ready for me?
Is this world really ready for me?
I pose this letter so one day, I look back in my archive and be very determined.
See how the world sees me and it brings out the fire in me. I will keep on fighting until I get what I deserve and I'll keep on showing what I can do because I know I deserve more credit just because I'm over-weight.
Dear Maitz,
I'm sorry if I have to douse your fire and refuse your coming along to the climb. At least not this year yet. It's definitely not a walk in the ramp, believe me, especially if you're not that physically prepared for it. The strain of the climb -- 3 kms. vertical distance -- will just be too much for you, considering that you have not properly trained for it, and to put it bluntly, you're a bit overweight. The climb is on April 5 to 9, less than a month away. When you and your sisters are ready for Mt. Apo, then you'll have a great time. Otherwise, you'll all only be crying the same refrain -- "WHOSE 'GREAT' IDEA WAS THIS???" (BOO-HOO-HOO).
Hi maits,
i concur with tito momong. you need more preparation. the last time i went up to mount apo (with Jona and Kuya Elvin) sobrang kulang ako sa prep. no conditioning. in fact, i found out i was going for the climb only the day before we were set to leave for mt. apo. when i got down from the mountain, all my toe nails were dead. hehe. all ten of them. and it took me one year to grow them back. imagine how painful it was going up and down. suggest you heed tito momong's advise and prepare for next year's climb na lang. you might want to practice muna in one of the smaller mountains here in luzon. Good luck.Kuya

Tuesday, March 7

Updated Johari Window

hehe. more people answered now.

Mind contributing too?


(known to self and others)

able, dependable, friendly, giving, loving

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

caring, complex, confident, energetic, happy, idealistic, independent, ingenious, intelligent, introverted, kind, knowledgeable, modest, proud, quiet, religious, responsive, self-assertive, self-conscious, sentimental, shy, spontaneous


(known only to self)



(known to nobody)

accepting, adaptable, bold, brave, calm, cheerful, clever, dignified, extroverted, helpful, logical, mature, nervous, observant, organised, patient, powerful, reflective, relaxed, searching, sensible, silly, sympathetic, tense, warm, wise, witty

Dominant Traits

57% of people agree that Maity is able

All Percentages

able (57%) accepting (0%) adaptable (0%) bold (0%) brave (0%) calm (0%) caring (28%) cheerful (0%) clever (0%) complex (14%) confident (14%) dependable (14%) dignified (0%) energetic (14%) extroverted (0%) friendly (28%) giving (14%) happy (14%) helpful (0%) idealistic (42%) independent (28%) ingenious (14%) intelligent (14%) introverted (14%) kind (14%) knowledgeable (14%) logical (0%) loving (28%) mature (0%) modest (14%) nervous (0%) observant (0%) organised (0%) patient (0%) powerful (0%) proud (42%) quiet (28%) reflective (0%) relaxed (0%) religious (14%) responsive (14%) searching (0%) self-assertive (14%) self-conscious (28%) sensible (0%) sentimental (14%) shy (14%) silly (0%) spontaneous (14%) sympathetic (0%) tense (0%) trustworthy (0%) warm (0%) wise (0%) witty (0%)

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 7.3.2006, using data from 7 respondents.
You can make your own Johari Window, or view Maity's full data.

Sunday, March 5

The Psychology of Grim, Billy and Mandy

Simple mindless cartoons? That's what dad thinks!
It actually shows a sort of truth to people and kids. Maybe also about what lurks beneath.
The way I see "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" is something psychological. Psychological or plain psycho? You decide.
Grim, a nice bag of bones. Scary but scared all the time. By who? A kid. He wears a dress and is still attached to his "dead" relatives.
He's actually quite skilled. Filled with family recipes. He can conjure up anything from the world of the undead. However, there is always a catch.
Trying to escape from his captors (the kids) shows that he's constantly trying to seek independence. He has all the means but he chose to live in his cruel life and a housekeeper/babysitter/best friend.
Why? Maybe he's still attached to innocence. He has a soft side he can't let go of.
He's just stupid.
No kidding. I think he's suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
You can literally see him bouncing off the walls. It's the things he eats.
You can see Billy eating even things you're not supposed to.
Billy's Dad:
Same as Billy. He's a big baby. Wonder how Billy's mom fell for him.
Billy's Mom:
She's patient. Sometimes, she explodes if she can't take it anymore. I would if I were in her shoes.
He's a dork. A dork with a crush on Mandy.
He's your typical loser who puts down Billy because Mandy likes Billy over him.
It's very typical. You can see that in society today. People put down others to make them feel good, higher or better.
Finally... Mandy:
The lovely, smart and scheming Mandy.
Many is a complicated person. She's mean but she does have a soft side. She has a conscience even when she inflicts the harshest pain on you.
Why she chose the Grim Reaper to be her best friend, we can't tell. They seem to have a love hate relationship going on. Same with Billy.
Mandy is quite girly. She likes doing her nails and wearing a pink dress. Once, she let Grim dress her up.
There are times Mandy is very schemeful but only when you cross her.
True she wants to take over the world. But even whe she succeeds, she keeps Grim and Billy. Why? Grim is a soft side she keeps. He may be scary but he's really sensitive.
Billy on the other hand, I don't know. He's so stupid but she rang his doorbell and asked to play with him. He can't comprehend the rules of the games but she's patient.
All in all, Mandy just needs friends. She may be a rag picker but they are the misunderstood people of society.

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