Friday, September 15

Officially Quit

I`m out of my lousy job. It pays good but the stress is not worth it. Why? Because there are lousy good for nothing people I don`t bear and care to look at. So?
I ran away you say? Well, that`s one way of putting it. Reality check! If you hate your job, why stay? Get away from assholes. Get away from stress lines. The stress is actually making me eat. When I see those grrrrrrr! I can`t help but stuff something in my mouth and I`m surrounded by food all the time!

Today, I wanted to protect mom from EVIL Ralph Anog. But does she want help? Not when he`s arround. She`s being bullied and what does she do? She KUROTS my thighs. Gee! Who`s embarassing who?
He`s a bully and she`s swallowing hit shit!
All I was trying to do was protect her investments!
She keeps telling me how wonderfully raised I am by two perfect parents but she can`t get the fact that I learned pride and prejudice from Pops. Yes, I have pride and too much of it. Yes, I have my own prejudice. Especially of his kind. Ralph is a total ass.
I ain`t taking crap from him!
Gee ma, when you tried to raise me as a meek and mild girl, you should have thought of sheltering me. When I got exposed to the world and saw how manipulative and evil people are, I took no craps from no one.
Sorry, the world isn`t as black and white as you say it is. It has a lot of color. Most of it is red and green.
I`m quiting because I`m fed-up! I`m quitting because the more you want me to keep my frustrations in a bottle, the more I want to explode.
I quit!

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