Thursday, June 28

I found this thing in YouTube

I saw it first in Diko's Indian Movie Collections. Hehehe. It's so nice. Diki, Achi La and I were trying to do the dance moves.
Ahia Ian said the old man looks like Mitra. Hehehehe.

Tuesday, June 26

A tribute to Sir George Fox-Selwyn

The Third Instalment of Eleanor Updale's Montmorency ends with the death of several friends and among them, Sir George Fox-Selwyn.
He was a courageous man. He loved justice and above all his family. Killed while doing what he did best, search for the bad guys.
He was betrayed by a bad man who introduced himself as a friend. And George being trusting, thought a game of chess and a few drinks would be alright.
Poor Montmorency gets a shock of his life when a friend for 25 years was delivered to him in a vat of formalin with several gun shot wound to the heart.
George, you will be missed.
Especially by me who could always relate to the character.
George was a plum and happy man. Unlike his best friend Montmorency, who has a shady characteristic, George is always happy, makes sure others are happy too. It's hard not to like them man.
Time and again I kept telling myself that he is a fictional character. No record of George existed but the writer was good and I was able to meld my heart to the adventures and the jokes they crack until it end ubruptly with tragedy over tragedy.
Nobody was prepared for it. not Sir Gus, his twin. Not Montmorency. Not Marquess Alexander nor Sir Francis Fox-Selwyn. Not Doctor Robert Farcett. Not Vi and Tom.
Not even me...

Monday, June 25

Freedom and her First First

Anne McCaffrey has a set of books about a ship called Freedom. There's a game calle FREEDOM's First Resitance.
I have the book Freedom's Challenge. I haven't read it yet though. I did read about the Catteni in Get Off The Unicorn. It wasn't ver wholesome, though. hihihi.
Anyways, the Catteni are the bad guys. They are some sort of heavyworlder super power who plays for keeps.

Thursday, June 21

200th Post

I bought a book called Get Off the Unicorn.

I bought it only because it had a story I want. This book is an anthology of collected woks from various Anne McCaffrey stories. There's a story about The Rowan and Damia. I really wanted to know Weyrleader K'van's story. The Smallest Dragonboy is one of the many stories in the book and I love it to the max.

The simple story of a boy who wanted to have a life-long companion, he was injured and hurting but he reached the hatching grounds. There, bronze Heth came to find him and the bond between them was created. Heth is one of the many memorable Dragons of Pern. Apart from being sired by Mnementh and mothered by the Largest queen Ramoth, Heth is a compassionate bronze. He's ready to help anytime.

Get Off the Unicorn was supposed to be entitled Get of the Unicorn. It got typo-ed and they went along with it anyways. Title no relation the stories, as I found out.

Wednesday, June 20

ToyCon and Talecraft

Thanks for all those who went to the Toycon! Lost of people! A lot are shy about playing Talecraft. Let your creativity flow! Tell your tale, master your craft!

Nice of Hero TV to cover us even for a short time!

I love these CosPlayers! They are some Lone Civil war peeps and some Katipuneros. Good to know there are a lot of very Makabayan people!

Friday, June 15

Why Try?

Who cares for diet? Being forced to take a diet makes you feel there's something wrong with you. I was always comfy with my own body. I have no FAT issues that some people I know. So, why am I being pressured to diet?
I *+@#$ fine!
I'm fine with my weight. If I wasn't, then its my own problem. I'll lessen my intake when I want. For crying out loud for a stupid glass of milk! wait, I7m the one crying. C'mmon! I can't deprive myself. I'm a happy person because I'm fine. It's the people who pressure me that has issues.

I'm big. bold and beautiful. Got a problem?

I don't, do you?

It sucks when they make fun of big people. They may be cautious not to make fun of me but making fun of others that I feel are like me hurts too. These fat issues might be fun or trivia to one end but to the one on the other end is hurting.

Talecraft at Toycon

Talecraft will be on Toycon this weekend!
Lots of freebies if you play!
Buy a deck and master the craft! Talecraft!

Thursday, June 14

Wire in the Blood

By Val McDermind
I thought Watching Wire in the Blood in the Telly was disturbing. Read words can affect more. The descritive murders doen't leave much to the imagination. It is very disturbing to the last drop.
Yet, it challenges. Can serial killers be one of us? The common walking masses?
In this case, he is deceptive and plays several roles at the same time. you may never know the person you admire, one you thought was so perfect was the man who murdered dozens of women for his pleasure.
As Dr. Hill puts it, it is the process that excites them more than the elimination of the victim itself.
This book follows the TV series Wire in the Blood staring Robson Green as famed psychoprofiler Dr. Tony Hill. He is joined by DCI Carol Jordan and a handful of determined newbies.

Friday, June 8

Thursday, June 7

Jane Eyre and Baggage

What does extra baggage mean?
When you say that person has etra baggage, it means s/he is feeding a family member, paying child support, or spousal suppot (for separated/divorce cases).
Now in the case of Bronte's Jane Eyre, she was hired to take care of somebody's extra baggage. As she and her employee develops, she finds out about a crazy wife locked up in the atic. By the way, the kid she was hired as governess, is not the wife's child. It belongs to some obscure moneyless girlfriend. Now, she leaves. A missionary wanted to marry her and take her to India. Jane realizes she loves her ex-employer and returns only to find that the house burned and the man is blinded in the process of rescuing the wife.
Now, the guy is not only handling an extra baggage, he becomes a baggage himself!
Man, I think he's balik bayan box compared to a baggage.
But of course, Jane still marries him. What a sucker!

Tuesday, June 5

Revolving Fashion

Fashion is a cycles. What was in before may be in tomorrow. The retro is comming back. Nope, not old style but old school. Things have new names lately.
I think the secret to it is how you carry.
So, look in Granny's baul and see if you can find a nice new vintage dress.

Monday, June 4

Meowy Bully

Cats can be big bullies. You think dogs scare cats? na. It's how they were raised. Nature VS nurture. I know my cats are bullies.
I saw this in yahoo. Sooooooooooooooo funny.

Friday, June 1

Talecraft at Toycon

Talecraft will be at the annual ToyCon.

June 16, 17, 2007 at Mega Tradehall in Mega Mall, Ortigas.

Please support us!

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