Thursday, March 16

Problem with PLDT

We are currently subscribed to Bell Telephone because of an incident.
We used to be PLDT but then they sent a bill of more than 5,000.00 for several long distance calls to an island in the pacific called Tubaloo. Where? Me no know.
Anyways, we insisted (and submited afidavits) that we did not call. We don't even know where the hell or what the hell is Tubaloo. So, while the case is pending, we are still being singiled.
So this doesn't repeat, we cut out phone lines and switched to Bell. It has a package of cabled internet, phone and cable TV for 3,500.00 a month.
Now, a letter from an attourney representing PLDT came saying we are ordered to pay the 5,000.00 plus lawyer fee because they hired a lawyer.
What the hell!
Nice way to make money no? Accuse a stupid phone call and charge plus lawyer fee.
We might have been hacked but that's not our fault. Whoever hacked our phonelines will get Karma!
To everyoe who reads this, tell me if you know of other people who have similar cases.
This is injustice!
I hope makarma rin PLDT!

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pinoy said...

Don't pay attention to those demand letters. It's used to scare people. Nobody will go to jail for that. NO law firm will take that case to court. The amount involved is so small.

The "blacklisted" subscribers are computer generated. This list is forwarded to their collecting agent, usually a no profile law firm. Just throw away those demand letters. There is such thing called bad debt in accounting. Yours will fall into that.

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