Thursday, January 21

Breakfast at Cafe de Lipa

I had breakfast at Cafe de Lipa in Market Market.

I got a Hot Mocha Latte and Adobo Patte Pandesal. Total cost 145.00
It was a quaint and quiet place. There were always people inside it in the morning. Not full. Usually a small group with one or two tables. I decided to try it. Why not? I'm in Market Market everyday anyways.
The Mocha Latte was alright. Sorry, Cafe de Lipa, it was nothing special. It's ok but not really great. The Adobo Patte Pandesal was good. One thumb up since 45 pesos for one small pandesal felt a little steep. It really was patte and it is a must-try.
The ambiance is good. It was serene and conveniently located. Even if the mall was still closed, you can dine in at 7am.
I like the concept of the cafe. A blend of Filipino and western cafe style. Their specialty is Cape Barako from Batangas, hence the name Cafe de Lipa. Food are mixtures of the expected chocolate cakes, a few quiches and of course, a menu of Pinoy snacks. The snacks are mostly pre-prepared pandesal items.

Overall, it's a good place to try. It a fine place to relax.

Prices are same in Figaro and Bo's.

Tuesday, January 12

Racist in Avatar Movie?

In response to yahoo's article:

Yeah, perhaps it is the whole White Messiah thing but perhaps James Cameron didn't really intend to make it so.

For me, it is a well executed Futuristic Sci-Fi Pocahontas and Fern Gully. It one of those movies you watch to unwind. Yeah, some scenes were soooo cliche and expected but then if they didn't happen, you'd be disappointed.

So what do the critics want?

I like it. I'll probably buy the DVD and watch it a couple of times.

Cool world. Neat tech. Good execution. Colorful characters.

Wednesday, January 6

5 second spark

I bought sparklers, the only firecrackers I buy. This year, it has degraded even more. Apart from it being thinner and poorly looking, it was also poorly made. It left silver dust on your fingers, it stinks and it lights up for only five seconds.
I counted.
It was the just a spark the it died down. I even tested burning the whole thing. Nope. That was all the fire power it had.
Stupid firecrackers.
I'm not buying anymore next year!

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