Tuesday, July 31

Evensong by Candace Camp

Aline is no whore but dancing can scarcely draw the thin line. It was the only way to making money and helping her parents. Now enter James Norwen. He was rude and an arrogant bastard.
A duke proposes that she help him scheme Sir James of Norwen to his downfall. Arrogant James didn't know he married a commoner dancer instead of a spoiled rich dowered lady. The Duke made it look like Aline was Lady Clarissa, his wealthy niece. At first, it was a battle of wills not to fall in Love with each other. Aline makes sure she was so annoying. James, finds he loved the feisty feline and beds her. Man, she didn't even resist!
When she confesses the duke's plan, he was already falling in love with Aline. Aline thwarts the Duke's schemes but James in not convinced her love is not an act too until he gets kidnapped and tortured. Aline saves him and proves her love ten times over.
I want to bash two men in this book: one is James the other is the Duke. Aline has fought for money, pride then love. What woman in the medieval ages is stronger than that?
I could read in this book that during this era, common born women were property and they had no say if a noble man beds them. Aline fought long and hard to preserve her honor. Everyone called her a whore yet she was a virgin and protected her maidenhead til the bastard James Norwen seduced her.
No wonder it was called Dark Ages. It was the Dark Ages for Women who were ahead of their time in thoughts and ways.

Knights Divided by Suzanne Barkley

Not such a great title for the book is you ask me! It should be "Woman who divides the knights" or "The Apothecary Girl" corny but I can't seem to think of a good title for it.
Medieval Romance is very brutal and blunt. Men are streightforward with what they want and women are usually the strong ones who will not yeild their dignity for ntohing less that true love.
No knights get divided in this book.
A Rogue Heir might be accused of treason but to murder an innocent girl? Emmeline kidnaps Sir Jamie Harcourte but finds herself falling for the rogue. A mangled body but a heart-throbbing smiles fascinates her. This man must be her sister's killer but then how could he have killed her sister yet spare her and even to the point of protecting her?
Emma is plain as her sister is beautiful. She is a bastard, the minstrel's daughter to a women he didn't wed. Her mother died leaving her the Apothecary shop to manage all on her own. Her lecherous father comes and goes only to ask for money. Her life was hard and wouldn't go any lower so why not capture the murdering pirate Jamie Harcourte?
He sets the table turning and has her as captive. Now, with treasonous plot around him, the king and the Duke of Lancaster, he pushes her away. But Emma keeps coming back to him and saves him.
Imprisoned and to be hanged for treason by the Earl of Oxford, Jamie is tells his Friends to keep Emma safe. Emma on the other hand has ideas of her own. Didn't she kidnap the rogue once? Surely another time wouldn't be so hard, especially if she gets help. Help she does get when she boldly introduces herself to Jamie's parents. The Harcourt and Somervilles accepts her readily which brings tears to Emma's eyes for she had not very good experience with her parents. They all schemes and planned one of the greatest escapes London will ever know.
Eventually, Jamie accepts the lesson that the Somerville men of Harcourte know: Never mess with their women, they are always right and stronger that the men. Which was true.
Emma was determined. She was brave and strong and she got her happy ending.
Of course, we must never discount family. The Somervilles have been notorious for having such a strong family bond. Now, she belonged to that bond.

Wednesday, July 25

Potterwatch spoilers

I won't put the spoiler here. I want to tell you all little tidbits about the book but not the whole book. You read the details yourself. It is a heavy read, not much witty puns and a lot of death. My sis describes the book as a bloody massacre. So, what are the Horcruxe? What are the Deathly Hollows? (The title Duh? Joke) Who are the Death toll. Mind, people keep saying there are 2 significant people who dies. For me it was 10. But of course there were more that Voldemort kills because he can.
To see some spoilers go to my other blog page:
I put the pictures in an album. There are 7 I scanned from the book. I is located at the side panel.

Tuesday, July 24


Saturday, 7am. I was in Powerbooks Greenbelt lining up for a Harry Potter.
It is the only book so far who sold 8 million copies in the 1st 24 hours. book 5 only got 850,000 copies 24 hours.
About the book, not yet done but few chapters left.
Things to look forward to:
  • Neville steps up. From dork in the background to leader of Hogwarts rebellion
  • The Life and Lies and Albus Dumbledore
  • Harry is angry all the time. Will this ruin his friendship with his other chums?
  • What is the deathly hollows?
  • Who's side is Snape really on?

I shan't say anymore lest it be a spoiler!

Grab a book and read!!!

Wednesday, July 18

Talecraft at Rockwell

Another event, another Talecrafting. I was put in charge of selling so I couldn't hear the stories the players made. Sounds interesting because all of them were laughing and having such a good time.
I'm glad Talecraft brought people together.
Here it is, two pictures from Rockwell Archeology hall with Sci-fi dudes in costumes and people who love table top games come by to test stuffs.
I like sessions like these, if they don't kill your legs first.

Tuesday, July 17

To Uncle Bill

Dear Bill,
Since it's hard to attach to your mail, I posted it here.

Tis is ALonzo. Pissed as usual. But if I'm sad, he rubs himself on me and smiles. Cute.
This is Oliver. He is retarded. Thinks of nothing but food.
Oliver again with Morning Stars in his eyes.
He's twice fatter today. This was taken last month. Mind, only the tummy expanded. He still has small legs.

Thursday, July 12

Babies no more...

I usually say "Let's head over to the babies' house."
That was way back when Gab and I were bored and hung out with the "Babies." Well, they are babies no more.
The "Babies" as we referred to them are Natalie, Stephanie and Sasha. They used to be half me size... THEN! Now, Natalie is taller than Jade. Aprox 5'2. Steph and Sash are adorable as ever and not the gullible little girls that they once were. No, these girls are smart and with a very good reading ability too. I love readers. Always can relate to them.
I will miss the good time when thy were "Babies" and I was always their big Ate Maita. In a few years, I think the trio will grow even bigger than me. Big Ate Maita will be Little Ate Maits.

Monday, July 9

Death of Kittens

Friday, Salsa died when I reached home but Taco was still fighting. I tried to feed him but he doesn't want to drink milk. He soon grew tired. Aki cradled him as he slept then, he never woke up again. He just slept... forever.
It was a heartbreaking moment.
Such a small kitten, so unloved by his mother. I hope in that brief three days of his life, he felt loved t least by us humans. He did try to love him.
But i the end, it was not enough.
He needed his mother.

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Friday, July 6

Death of Two

Blindy is so confused. I think it is because her mother never set a good example for her. She was abandoned. It took all of us to make sure she survives. She gave birth to 4 ribby little cubs 3 days ago. She was so confused, she ran away. Mom say Postpartum depression.
McCormic died last night. This morning, Nan died in Diki's arms.
This shows that cats don't have natural instincts all the time. She was abandoned and that's what Blindy did to her children. She was so confused she herself was crying with her cubs. Turtle seems more motherly. Turtle was not abandoned by Le Comptess de Grey.

Dealing with Dragons

By Patricia C. Wrede
When princesses are being stereotyped, Cymorene says no.
She wants to be a dragon's princess but she doesn't want to be rescued. In this strange fairytale world, princess are supposed to look good and act pretty. They are often expected to scream their heads off. Sense is not a requirement. But Cymorene goes beyond her etiquette and dance lessons. She takes up a bit of magic lessons, philosophy, politics, magic, fencing and cooking! Who ever heard of dragons snacking on chocolate mousse and cherries jubilee?
Cymorene is modern princess trapped in a very traditional world. Just because it's not done, doesn't means it can't be done.
This is a fun and wholesome book for all readers! Dragons are depicted to be always so witty and proper too!

Thursday, July 5

Blindy Gave Birth

Diki's little cat gave birth. She is small and has only one eye. Blindy is Earl Grey's daughter and she gave birth the other day.
Now, Blindy looks all confused. Her 4 little babies look like hamsters.
They are so small and cute!

Monday, July 2


I watched Transformers last weekend. It was a good movie if you want to relax and have some fun.
(Spoilers Below)
The movie was different from the series. Based on the 1980's toys and animated series, there were few characters remaining but the storyline changed for good.
The set is in present-day Earth with the usual traffic, war on Iraq and the likes...
A boy named Sam gets to have his first car. It turned out to be Bumblebee. Of Course, when Bumblebee goes to an excursion and contacts the rest of his team, Sam freaks out.
But when the Decepticons tried to get Sam, Bumblebee saves him and the love interest he's with.
The Autobots come and introduce themselves. They take the shape of vehicles they first encounter. Optimus becomes an 18-Wheeler, Jazz is a Pontiac and Ironhide and the rest take the form from whatever they see fit.
The War seems to have 3 sides: Autobots, Decepticons and Humans.
They all want the All-Spark which was with the human side. In fact, Megatron is captured by humans and is hidden underneath a dam.
There's some kinda "National Treasure" feel at this point. Secret sectors like Sector 7 who kept things under wraps about aliens. Secretive sides of the Gov't nobody knows, so National Treasure! Anyways, the Decepticon attacks the dam. Bumblebee and Sam take the All-Spark and runs.
After Megatron is revived, all transformers break loose for a game of tag. Whatever city they encountered gets wrekked but in the end, the day is saved by Sam.

The Autobots hide in Earth for there was no way to repair Cybertron now. They become the trucks and cars. Meanwhile Sam and girlfriend makes out on top of Bumblebee. Eew!

Regarding the Robots, there wasn't much personality in them. The only one that they gave a lot of character to was Bumblebee and that CD player. Perhaps there's a part 2 and the robots will get more cover and more personality.
For now, they wait among us...

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