Monday, June 27

Whale of Time

The other night I dreamed I lay down the bottom of the ocean.
Just a few seconds to relax on the sand and feel the water on my skin...
Suddenly, there was a killer whale swimming around me. It pulled my leg and tried to get me to surface. I realize the orca was trying to save me. I tried to say I was not drowning but just trying to relax.
The Whale told me to climb on it's back. So I did.
The Whale took me to a cave. Nobody dared to enter the cave because it was dark. THe darkness kept everyone away. But the whale took me inside.
In the cave, I saw paintings on the walls. Inside the cave, more paintings. It gave me ideas.
After my burst of ideas, the Wahle showed me a door. When I got out the door, I was back in the city, my home. The only thing was, I was years into the future. It seems that I have disappeared for so long.
Seeing Whales in dreams is a good sign. Especially Killer Whales. Killer Whale makes you doubt their motives but actually, they try to help. Whales in dreams are friends who are secretly trying to help you in the real life.
This whale in particular showed me opportunities in a dark cave. The darkness can symbolize our hesitations and doubts but the whale brought me beyond the darkness and into opportunities. According to Dream Dictionaries I read, Caves are springs of creativity. They hide some sort of artistic inspiration waiting to be discovered.
Things take time, as the whale shows. We all have to get back to the origin and start from there. Opportunity is shows and doubts anre broken. When we return to our own worlds, we are changed and in being changed, we must change the world as well.

Saturday, June 25


Lyrics by Altarboyz. Lead Vocals by Mark
I Look in to your eyes and see the pain you look inside
Aren't you tired of the lies you tell so you can hide?
What if my friends don't accept me? (I know...)
What if my parent's reject me? (I know...)
But you can't be truly "you" untill you can say...
I am
Catholic (that's me)
I beleive in the Holy Trinity(1,2,3)
Shout it out and make them hear your voice
Your posse might think it's dope
To confess your sins and like the Pope
But this is who you are, it's not a choice (Not a choice)
You say your sleeping in when your going out to mass
You cut school on Ash Wednessday so nobody would ask (Don't ask)
Your rosary's hid in your sock drawer (oh no...)
You sneak into church through the back (Oh no...)
Time to break out and break free and finally say:
I am a Catholic and Proud
Sing it strong, sing it proud
I won't deny what God meant me to be
Every night you knee and pray
Stand up and be counted today!
Out of the cloisters and in to the streets (in to the streets!)
We are your teachers and your doctors
And your Burgerking cashiers
We're your receptionist and interns
And your Amtrqack engineers
We are your lawyers and your tourguides
And your actors on TV
We are your parents and your brothers and your children
And me...
I am Catholic, yes I am!
Long live the Vatican!
God doesn't make mistakes and he made me!
Let out what you've trapped inside
Come on and show your Catholic pride!
That's how you were meant to be!
I am Catholic hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I'm not going to hold it back no more
No you won't, you won't deny me!
C-A-T-H-'L-I-C- Catholic with a capital C!
Tha't how it was meant... Ohhhh
Tha't howyou were meant...
Tah't how I was meant... to... be!

Tuesday, June 21

A Lot Like Gotham

Where is gotham? In the real world?
Look at our society. Doesn't it seem like the movie? Isn't the mood, senario and atmosphere of Batman Begins a lot like our society today?
"Our city doesn't belong to the criminals and the corrupt..."
It shouldn't but sad to say, it does. Our city might not be literally dark. The darkness is within us. The corruption is very rampant. Like the citizens, we bitterly accpet it.
What is missing is our Batman?
But do we need a superhero, a symbol like that to fight back? In order to break the system, we must be our own heroes. Face it! We don't have any Bruce Waynes!Do you think some rich tycoon is going to dress in a black rodent costume and go spending that much for costumes and weaponry. Worse, he'd be giving his life! No seree! They care too much for themselves. There's no more true heroes these days. It's a hard fact.

Monday, June 20

I can't hear you, Lord...

The other day I was listening to Altarboyz on the vcd player. Diki said she fixed it. Then it came to my favorite track, track 5 or the Miracle Song. It's about the gospel, only they rap it. Then of course, there'd be the part that Jesus is suppose to sing but then whne it came to his part, there was blank. Just music but no Jesus voice.
OH MY GOD!!! Have I beocme so sinful to have not hear Him anymore??? Repeat please. Nope, I can't here Jesus. This must be a sign!
Then Diki hits me. It seems that the right side speakers are broken. I only hear the left speakers and Jesus' voice and the other minor background effects were on the right side.
That made me breathe easier. But then it got me thinking. If that would happen, really happen, what would I do? This may be a sign from God too. A big jolt to tell me I need to be better, nicer or softer. Also, to spread the word to all and ask you all:
Can you hear Him?

Friday, June 17

Quite Different

As I learn another lesson today that is not textbook material, I realize, there is so many things I need to equipt myself that none of my profs can teach. People are different. Evolution is a hard teacher. People have evolved. In the 50's up to the 80's people's waist lines are normally 24 in this country. Today's waist lines for thin and "normal" people is 28ish.
People have evolded not only through time but through race. The Asian race has a different frame. The Caucasians too ahve a different frame. What we try to copy is this Caucasian Western shape of thin, long legs and short torso. Even in Asia, frames are differernt.
  • Here's a tip to all of you who read this. Filipinos are long torso and short legs. Fat Filipinos are usually top heavy, small hips and tiny legs. Tiny hips? How come we're over populated? We have the cone silhouette.
  • Chinese frames are long torso, short legs but stick in terms of silhouete. The newer generation is getting taller but shoe size is still small.
  • Western Frame is short torso and long legs. Feet are big and wide. For fat Caucasians, they ahve a diamond silhouette. (Man! They can reach up to 5xl! Pinoy market for bigs tops 3xl and not more. Poverty affects the country's biggie size. hehehe)
So, some of my designs and finish samples have been rejected. Yup, the green ITY dresses have been pulled out. The black one in sampling is with me at home. The shirts have to be modified because big people have this "turkey ham" arms that need to be covered. Sleeves have been added. The only no problem is the skirts. I love the skirt! The line for Big Closet is changing because of the new materials we are using. It is also changing because some of my outrageous experiements that drives the sample maker crazy. hehehe.
Experimentation is the key to Evolution.
Learn it from Mother Nature!

Thursday, June 16

A Brand New Sound

There's a brand new sound that's growing round the world...

It's deep in the heart of every boy and girl...

But it's not so new, it's primitive and tribal. If you look you find it in Gideon's Bible

Playing in NYC is the newest, hippest musical:

The Altarboyz
5 cute boys trying to make it int he world like N'SYNC and Backstreet. The only thing is, they sing religious songs. But you'll love it! It's so funny and touching. Its a brand new way of listening to Godly music.
Listen to it. Go search in Yahoo or see the website. THey have free previews. and see for yourself. I love the music.

Friday, June 10

The Mark

A woman of worth has a mark in her. Unseen by the naked eye. Competence and perseverance is one of her traits. One can see her in her world.
A woman of worth stands out. You can see her strive for the best. Perfection is unattainable to that doesn't hinder her from trying.
It is wonder what pthers discover for me. Perhaps it is because of education or parentage. Perhaps its the books, with all its stories. Perhaps it is the things I watch.
Perhaps it is a mixture of all the above.
I've been exposed to numerous things. I am lucky to have seen what I have in my lifetime. My eyes were opened to the truth. Day by day, I recieve truth and reality because I chose to be open.
That is the mark of a woman of worth. Open. True. Competent. Unattainable...

Monday, June 6

This is my Golgotha

There’s a hurly-burly in my heart
Making the bucklers I apply incorporeal
The dunnest wracks pall me

When foul seems fair
And all my rights wronged
Petty runnions are oblivious to my gentry

The folly I bared;
I have exposed my coin of vantage,
Like sponge were these supposed buttress

The friends I knew were felly-hungered
They strike ‘gainst me when I’m down
Oblivious to my bounteousness

With the fetch of wit did use
To their gain
For them a Solomon of resources

My heart is down gyved
The agents of Cautel clouded to wrap
Colleagues in evenhanded indifference

This is my Golgotha
With dismal visage mime I, a scene
A scene of dun fume

The dun which palls
Whose agents of Cautel grin like skulls
Their world in it, I no room

Saturday, June 4

You Found Me...

Fatty Katty Wampus,
You found me. You found me.
I told the other cats the other night to look for you. They did understand me, noly I thought they wouldn't tell you. I know how superior you cats feel. I even described how you look like.
Today, you knocked (litterally) on our door and I thought I heard a familiar call. It was you my little baby but not fat anymore. You've grown so skinny and light. You lost a lot of hair and got mangled from fights. I don't care. I needed to feel your soft fur agian and your warm hug. I felt flattered you rubbed your head against my feet the moment you saw me. I missed you too, so much, too much. I just hope Cute Cat would also find his way here. You two are always together and always so close to me.
I never meant to leave you. I was coming back but when I did, it was too late. You were all gone and I was left wiht no cats. At least you and I meet again. I'm so happy. Did you know how much I prayed you'd find me? Gad gave me a dream assuring me you'd come but not Cute Cat. HE only said you but I am still hoping for Cute Cat. Not that I like him better but we did sahre a closer bond. You had a closer bond with Diki. Still, I love you like no other.
Stay in my heart (or in the garage) and be close to me always.
Your Serogate Mother.

Thursday, June 2

Crestfallen Merfairy

Mermaid and fairy in one, in search of a heart
One heart fair, one heart vowing ne’er part
She swims life so vast, so vast…
Time slipping in the tides so fast

A pearl in the sea has no other
She is polished continually by weather
Nightmares scare the fragile fins
Rejection pricks her like pins

Around her are spines of poison
Friendship allured with a con
Saddened by the spite of greed
Her tiny wings are clipped to bleed

One thing she searches but has yet found
In a heart so true she is bound
A present to the heart that lets her
Just let love caress it tender

In life’s ocean she is lost
Finding her way at all cost
To find a specie to accept her fair
And with these words bear

“Come Merfairy into my heart
Protect me with thy loving art!
Deceit and lies from you I shield
Promise with my might I yield.”

* A Merfairy is a small mermaid with fairy wings. It glows and guides weary travelers. Not everyone is gifted to see a Merfairy.

Wednesday, June 1

Fire and Hemlock

A photograph above Polly's bed sparks memories in her that don't seem to exist. Fire and Hemlock was the title of the large photograph of a burning feild of hemlock. The figures in the fire tell her of a hazy story that involved some people, a horse and her. Slowly, these memories pushes itself into her mind. It starts with nine years ago. She gatecrashed a funeral party at the big Hudson House and met a certain Thomas Lynn. Even if he's an adult, they struck up an immediate attraction. Frinedship at fist. As a game, Polly taught Tom to play Pretend. She began with a name for them as Tan Coul as Tom and Hero and Polly. Soon, they were making up stories together and it progressed. Tan Coul is a hero in training while Hero is his assistant. Poly stated their occupations and some of their first adventures. The trouble is, these scary adventures have a nasty habit of coming true... Polly discovers all her inventions had been the past and present of Tom and her. Two vases stuck together in the garden of Hudson house gives a clue. Each vases had the word Nowhere on them but they could be revolved beside each other to either spell Now Here or just plain Nowhere.
The hero-in-training Tan Coul and his assistant, Hero exists nowhere and here at the same time. This boggles Polly and Tom keeps to himself. The only thing he does is write and rewrite her stories and sends her mountains of books. Battered by troubles at school and home, Polly is always confused and left miserable. With her best friend Nina moving on, her mother blaming her and her father leaving them, she is left vulnerable to the evils that enhabitted Hudson House. Only Thomas Lynn has the answer but he cannot tell nine-year old Polly. Still, he cheers her with books and clues with it.
The photograph of Fire and Hemlock sparks her to polish Tan Coul and Hero's story more. Three more heros enter the picture. Polly's description of the three friends who are also heroes come true when Tom forms a quartet with members of the British Philharmonic Orchestra. The evil following Tom and Polly does not spare them. They are tried and tested nearly costing their lives. Soon, Polly could no longer take the mysteries and secrecies. She decides to take a bold step and try to do something.
Five years ago, her memories of Tom and the other three heroes vanish from her mind and from the rest of the world as well? It was because of the clues of the books Tom sent and the photograph of Fire and Hemlock that helped Polly uncovers the awful truth and, at Halloween nine years on, realises that Tom's soul is forfeit to demonic powers unless she can save him. Grandma reveals some clues too. It seems polly's grandfather's name is Tom too and he too was a musician. And like Thomas Lynn, he fell prey to Hudson House's evil horrors and is devoured from the face of the earth. Must Tom Lynn's fate be the same. In a desperate attempt to save Tom, she goes to Nowhere and Now Here, the mysterious place where the Evils of Hudosn House devours their prey.
In the end, Polly, Tom and the other three heroes lived happily ever after. I won't tell you how she saved him. That's up to you to read the book. Tom admitted that in a deperate attempt to save his life, he makes Polly help him unconsciously. But what he didn't know is that putting Polly in to the picture endangers him more and Polly too. The jealous undying evil plays Tom's fate until the right time of Holloween to devour his soul. Tom does admit to like Polly a lot and they live happily while Tom and the rest of the quartet's career flourished.

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