Friday, March 10

Good Bye Mountain...

The second largest mountain in the wolrd, largest in the Phillipines... Mt. Apo
I thought I was to conquer it on April. I thought I was to find the adventure of a lifetime.
Gee, I climbed Romblom after graduating from High School, let's climb Apo now that I'm graduate college.
Not a bad dream whne you know me. Once I set my heart, I an determined.
Now, shattered. The big Maita can't get the big Apo. Why? 'Coz I'm too big. My dream's too big isn't it. It all comes down to being big.
When you thought nobody cared about being big anymore, big truth hits. Man! That hurts... Big time!
Not only because maybe, just maybe, it's true but because of the lack of confidence people have in my capabilities. I have to always prove myself ten times better than anyone.
My idol in life is Samu Hung. He's fat but good! Real Good.
Now, I like Tocara (from America's Next Top Model Season 3). She fouhgt, honey. As in. I thought she'd make it farther. Too bad. The world's not ready for her.
But is the world ready for me?
Is this world really ready for me?
I pose this letter so one day, I look back in my archive and be very determined.
See how the world sees me and it brings out the fire in me. I will keep on fighting until I get what I deserve and I'll keep on showing what I can do because I know I deserve more credit just because I'm over-weight.
Dear Maitz,
I'm sorry if I have to douse your fire and refuse your coming along to the climb. At least not this year yet. It's definitely not a walk in the ramp, believe me, especially if you're not that physically prepared for it. The strain of the climb -- 3 kms. vertical distance -- will just be too much for you, considering that you have not properly trained for it, and to put it bluntly, you're a bit overweight. The climb is on April 5 to 9, less than a month away. When you and your sisters are ready for Mt. Apo, then you'll have a great time. Otherwise, you'll all only be crying the same refrain -- "WHOSE 'GREAT' IDEA WAS THIS???" (BOO-HOO-HOO).
Hi maits,
i concur with tito momong. you need more preparation. the last time i went up to mount apo (with Jona and Kuya Elvin) sobrang kulang ako sa prep. no conditioning. in fact, i found out i was going for the climb only the day before we were set to leave for mt. apo. when i got down from the mountain, all my toe nails were dead. hehe. all ten of them. and it took me one year to grow them back. imagine how painful it was going up and down. suggest you heed tito momong's advise and prepare for next year's climb na lang. you might want to practice muna in one of the smaller mountains here in luzon. Good luck.Kuya

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