Monday, April 24

Wednesday, April 19

Poke Fever Revived

Pokemon is now on Cartoon Network! I missed those fuzzy creatures. I have unearthed my cards and toys and guess what! Can't remember them anymore. Ha! I used to remember each number and each pokemon by name. Now, I'm reviving it. If there's one anime cartoon I can draw, it's Pokemon! Mwah!

Recognize this?

It was my plate 16 in PENCOM.

If I were in the Poke World, I would be a breeder or the person in the Poke Daycare Center. I don't really want to hurt Pokemons in battles. I want to take care of them. Maybe I'll be a Poke Researcher.

Sunday, April 9

Summer Means Beach!

Summer is here and we headed for the beach. Only a day trip but it was worth the travel.
Destination: Matabunkay, Batangas.
We rented a raft and stayed in the deep blue sea from morning til late afternoon. Swim, eat, swim, eat. That was our idea of fun.

Saturday, April 1

Bat Fool Beyond

April Fools Everyone!
Today, I spent my time pleating. Why? Practice. Then I tried to drape. What am I doing? Nothing. Experimenting. Spandex is a wonderful material to drape. Hehehe. plus, it's nice practice on the high speed.
While undoing my stitches, I watch Justice League Unlimited. (JLU)
Waaa! It was about Terry McGinnis. Our Tomorrow Night, our Batmand Beyond!
Me, Aki and Diki were just talking about him. We were angry that they stopped the series. Waa. I enjoyed Terry. He was my kind of hero plus he's funny. Unlike our original Dark Knight, Terry is full of emotions and is not bitter. Perhaps it's just the years of balancing Bruce Wayne and Batman. Puhleez! Terry, as they say, successfully balanced his life.

Today's JLU Episode was about Terry years into the future. To be exact, it was 15 years since he became Batman. Aging Bruce Wayne needed a kidney transplant and so being a nice boy, Terry gave one of his. When they checked for compatibility, guess what they found out! A DNA match. Confused, he didn't show for his Batty Duties!
It was then that Amanda Waller had to tell Terry the truth. Amanda was the government agent handling Project Cadmus, a DNA project to clone heroes for government use. Then, she became the liason for Government and League affairs. She then became obsessed that the world needed a Batman. Bruce was aging and slowing down. He had no special powers that would enable him to slow his aging process. So with her connection to Cadmus, she plotted to clone him. SHe collected his DNA and picked Mary and warren McGinnis. They implented the DNA into Warren and so Terry anf Matt has Bruce's DNA.
Of course, experience makes the man. Remember, environment forms character. So Amanda tried to have Terry's parents killed in front of him. She hired the Phantasm but the Phantasm refused. So project Batman Beyond was a scrap.
Lo and Behold. Fate seemed to draw these two together. The fated night happened. Terry was chased down by the Jokerz in to Bruce's doorstep and into his life. First, the teenager was having trouble balancing his life. Next, he and the old man continously argues over the comlink.
One thing about Terry, he's not as secretive as Bruce and he never tries to push people away.
So after learning all these from Amanda Waller, Terry goes back to Wayne Manor with a peice of advice: Protect those who you love. That very night, he called Dana.


I just love this guy. He's my inspiration. Why? He's a cartoon for heaven's sake! So? This guy's shwaysville!

Terry's voice actor is Will Friedle. Will also voiced Ron Stoppable in Disney's Kim Possible.
Micheal Rosenbaum, Lex Luthor in Smallville, voice goul in Return of the Joker and Flash from JL.
Kevin Conroy voice Batman in the 1992 series, 1999 Batman Beyond, JL, all the way until 2002 JLU. Wondered why Bruce's voice never changed?
Voice Director for All the above is Adrea Romano including Zeta Project (you'll see the crossover in Batman Beyond and JLU), Static Shock and Teen Titans.
Bruce Timm was executive producer of all the above.
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