Wednesday, December 6

Alanna, a girl who wants to be a knight!

I was at Booksale when I found this book from Tamora Pierce. Its a lovely read.
The title is Alanna: the First Adventure.
The story follows a girl who ios supposed to be sent to a convent by her father while her twin is to be sent to knight school. They switch on the way and Alanna goes to knight school disguised as a boy. She tries her hardest to be the best. While being a squire, she gains some enemies like a duke's son but she gains powerful friends too like the prince and his big buddies. She even won the friendship of a good theif who kept her secret safe and helps her.
Alanna rescues the prince twice. In the end of her squire days, the prince finds out but he keeps it a secret.
So the prince becomes a knight while she becomes a page "boy."

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