Sunday, March 12

One Girl's Junk

To get rid of your old things in Japan, you pay the garbage man to get it.
To get rid of your old things in the Philippines, you sell it. What a way to earn some extra cash.
Diki and I were super sun burned yesterday but it was worth it.
We sold out old clothes, old bags, old shoe rack and other junk we needed to get rid. We didn't get rid of it all but we did get a good amount.
Wen we started at 8:30, people knocked on our doorsteps even before we started set-up. Early birds! Well, they bought quite a lot. After ten, lesser people came. People came by in waves again at around 2:30. It's always fun having a yard sale. People try thier bargaining skills on you.
May pahabol today. She knocked on our door this morning and bought 180.00 worth of old stuffs.

While waitng for customers, I took my camera and took some snaps at my little angels. Well, feeling angels in cat fur.

Meowy cat sleeping.
Tee hee hee!


Broke Back Mountain Cats!!!

OOOH! CAught in the act! Joke!

Fatty takes care of Pepper.

Oh looky! Pepper is growing old already. He's no longer this small innocent cat!

I'll post more meowy pictures at my shutterfly.

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