Friday, October 22

Sample world

Talecraft Fantasy World Building Contest


Create your own original fantasy world and present it in any medium you want. It could be a form of artwork or written as prose. Each contestant must present their world in 5 minutes at Powerbooks Greenbelt, 3pm, October 24, 2010.

Any 5 of the following must be presented:

· Conditions of magic

· Similarities/difference to earth

· Level of technology

· Description of people/race living

· Profile of Villain (Occupation, archetype, physical description and role in the world)

· Villain: His purpose/evil plan

· Profile of Hero (Occupation, archetype, physical description and role in the world)

· Hero: His quest/purpose in the story

· Fashion: Everyday clothing of everyday people

· Fashion: Special/occasional clothing (state the occasion)

· Fashion: National costume of one of the countries

· Lifestyle: Food available in the country.

· Lifestyle: disparity between rich, middle class and poor

· Language

My sample world

Sample: The World of Di

History: Ruled by twin Angels, they made humans who live there into conjoint twins.

Language: Common Language for entire world

Fashion: Mirror’s earth such that they wear jeans, cotton sun dresses, etc. Janusians are more Asian ethnic while Diplos have Grecian Inspirations.

Technology: Steam punk but with advances that are near modern.They don't have airplanes but they do have hydroblimps.

People: 4 different race: Janusians, Diplos, Ischios and Dicephaly

All of the people of Di are Conjoint Twins. They started as separate individuals until they drank of the Forbidden Fountain. After that, they started to die from the water. Aingel (Ain and Gel) conjoint the remaining people so that they will survive.

A dominant twin is different per twin type. For a Janusian, the dominant twin is the one with the frontal body. For a Diplo, the dominant twin is chosen by the parents. For Ischios and Dicephs, the DT comes out of the parents before the other.

Setting: City of Merga, located in Astranea

Melting pot of 4 races.

Population of 15 million living in Merga.

Tourist population: 5 million a year.

Merga lives through trade. It has no source of food, fuel or any natural resources. Since it is located in the middle of 4 nations, each twin set goes to Merga to trade.

Heroines: Marilyn and Caitlyn Salvador

Age: 16 years old

Twin Type: Diplos – Two bodies conjoint in the middle.

Marilyn is the “Dominant Twin.” She is the most logical of the two. She loves scrapbooking and photography

Caitlyn is whimsical and artistic. She loves dancing, sculpting and painting.

Villain : Serni and Daynel

Archetype: Dark Lord – Psychopath

Serni is not the DT but he kills his twin and takes over. Daynel is an empty rotting shell.

Evil Plot: To separate the twins again

How: Find the Fountain- the source of how the people in Di became twins. Use the water to create a virus to separate twins. Problem: when twins are separated, there’s a 50% chance one dies after the other.

Employs shady people to reach his goals.

The Story

Marilyn and Caitlyn move to the City of Merga. They meet new friends and attend a whole new school. While taking a field trip to Cambalez Valley, they rescue a human from the river. Since all of Di are Conjoint twins, the boy is considered a half-man. Some speculate that he is an angel.

Marilyn and Caitlyn embarks on a quest to help him find his memories back.

They accidentally uncover Serni’s plot.

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