Friday, November 28


Pirate with scars and all!

Sunday, November 16

Baby Bonanza

Mommy Only! Ate Jenny and baby.
Daddy Only! Kuya Migo and Ate Glowy's baby!
Miranda and Isabella.
Ate Minnete and Kuya Micmoc's cutie! Baby Miranda in Blue Steel.

4th Generation Robillo. Girl Power all over again!

Monday, November 10


Cosplaying is evolving. You need not portray a certain character in Anime anymore. Anything goes and anything but normal is normal. Even if my hands cried for three days making one umbrella, I love the effect.

Aki as a little girl lolita. Kawaii! I love her hair. It looks like she popped out of those comic books I buy in Hong Kong!
Not quite Japanese cooking but Eddie here might survive the streets of Japan cooking like a storm!

A Hero Comes Home

I love this song...

I hate the Beowulf version. I think I prefer the original hero with no equal version. If we aspire the skies, we might land on the roof. The flawed Beowulf aspires the roof and falls on the floor.
The story is sacrificed for the effects.

Saturday, November 1

Bobby Chinn

Fullybooked Fort, Halloween

Kinda started late. As in 6:20 late. It said 5:00pm in the invite.

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