Monday, September 26

Analysis of Two Plays

Two plays, a tragedy for Friday and a comedy for Sunday.
What are these play? For Friday, R'Meo luvs Dew-Lhiet. Its a Jologs adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The other for Sunday is The Taming of the Shrew.
The later play was in CCP. They tried to Tagalize and adapt the story to the indifent area of the Philippines. I can quite say it is very adaptable and we all can relate from time to time. It poses universal problems of unacceptance and discrimination.
The Taming of the Shrew is played at Onstage Greenbelt. It is performed as if Shakespeare himslef directed it. English, Shakespearean English and the whole costumes and stuff. It is a wishful thinking of man about the quality of woman they want to marry.
From the venue when the plays are set, we get an idea of the audience and the kind of play it is. Nothing against its quality, both has exhibited the right acting and the flawless memoried speeches. I guess I can say, I just wasn't the audience of the first play. I didn't appreaciate it so much. The only reason I paid for the ticket and watched because it was a requirement. You see my preference in more on the classics and traditional matters. It was not based on theme though. I do feel Taming of the Shrew is Chauvinistic. Something I'm against. It is all on the taste. Threater does excite me. Taming of the Shrew, Evita and all those Trumpet musicals. It's not that my taste is foreign. It just achieved its international standards.

Saturday, September 24

Bringing it to the Present

Today's new ideas are yesterdays original ideas being modernized. Yes. They are all bieng reinvented today. We weave elements of the past and present into one up-to-date story.
Why do we bring these ideas to the present? Is it to bastardize it? Maybe just because we really don't have new ideas anymore?
Perhaps it really is just the fad.
Things, places, ideas and even people. If they don't change, they disappear. stagnation, as people say, is detrimental. We have to change. But that change has to be for the better.
Bringing past to present isn't just some wicked idea to mould without cause. Tey has to be a definite cause and certain influences why it is so. A whim of change is just a mere fab to fade soon in oblivion. Concrete ideas, no matter borrowed, can withstand the test of time. True, it may be alterable but it only shows its flexibility.

Saturday, September 17

What is Filipino Fashion?

What makes a fashion Filipino? What sets it apart?

Ja and I browsed through the library and found that there was no definite meaning. Most of the books we found were about Baro’t Saya, Terno and Barong. These are already colonial influences. What is the true meaning of Filipino Fashion?

It dawned to me that Filipino Fashion is something you have to discover for yourself. It depends on each person on what her meaning is. As a Fashion Designer, you have to search inside what is Filipino in you that makes your clothes Filipino too.

Filipino Fashion is the history and identity of a true Filipino interpreted in clothes and accessories. Elements of this fashion dates back from pre-colonial times until the contemporary times.


Pre-colonial elements differs slightly from tribe to tribe. This is because each tribe has their own interpretations for each symbol and color.

  • Weave: Ikat, Tinalak, Yakan cloth, etc.
  • Cuts: bells sleeves, g-strings, tunic shirts, wraps etc.
  • tapis, malongs, sarongs
  • Beads, heavy in beading and accessories
  • Patterns: Scrolling(plants), Geometric, Anthromorphic(human shapes)
  • Animistic symbols
  • Letters and figures: Sanskrit from Muslim tribes, Alibata, Devanageri, Austronesian.
  • Color combinations
  • Stones, gold, brass, copper

Having colonized us for more than three hundred years, they left strong influences imbedded.

  • Weave: Jusi, PiƱa, etc.
  • Cuts: Terno, Baro’t Saya, Balntawak, Barong, etc.
  • Religious icons
  • Embroidery
  • Lace, panueallas

Other Influences
Chinese. Because of trade, we acquired elements from Chinese traders bringing us goods and influences.
Colors and

  • their meanings: Blue, red and yellow
  • Shoes and slippers
  • Fans and intricate bags
  • Patterns, hand paintings etc.

Western. Brought by American, this is the latest influence that dominates the fashion.

Monday, September 12

Burry Dreams Broken

Farewell Dreams, we had quite a time
Love inbetween, It has passed.
'Tis was not our faults
Our destination's bound to fail
Forces come to shatter us
And Life has turned her blind eye
Yonder lies your fragment.
Shall I burry in the hopes it may sprout?
Nay, my heart's too heavy.
Perhaps soon when I sooth
You shall call me,
"Lady Dreamer, come and burry me
That I may start a new
in a sprout of more dreams bring
A new dawn for my lady of the shade."

The Ill-Made Mute, Rag among Rags

An Enchanting Novel By Cecilia Dart-Thornton.
Mistifying struggle of a mute and her endurance in a world of danger and discrimination.
Imerhein, the deformed mute, is in a constant struggle with wights and people who look at her differently. It shows a gruesome reality that people do judge by appearance. It takes humble people to overcome her face and befriends her.
Is there a humble person around? In this day and age? Will Imerheins of our time survive?
She will long perish and vanity will rule leaving her in a dark world that is a nightmare.
Reality? yes. We trap her to books yet we do not see what is around.
She is real and around.
There are many personifications and symbolisms to her.
Imerhein in society is the deformed person, ugly. Judged by appearance. She is mute because she is not listned to. She has no "voice."
Im am always looked as a rag picker. Perhaps every Imerhein I've already met. And I can't help them all. It's hard to please everyone.
In time, I begin to see myself like her.
One of the voiceless.
And the very rags I try to help are the filthy ones that smother me slow and painfully.

Thursday, September 8

It's Harder with Friends

It's harder with friends because you know how they would take it.
It's harder when you have to tell them an ugly truth.
And it hurts because they are hurt.

Tuesday, September 6

Tuesday with WORLITE

Tuesday and it's first day for WORldLITErature. I don't know if I remember having minors. I'm not comfy in sitting on these brown armchairs. Lots to do. Lots of literature to cover but I'm not liking her selections. There must be more interesting literatures that those.
Oh well.
Ang nakakloka part is PHILIEN. After waiting so long, wala palang teacher. Kakaloka!

Saturday, September 3


The problem with school, palpak.
That's one term to describe it.
Everything is run by useless papers. Something is wrong with the system. The country is chaotic because it starts with the school.
The students have had it! They choose to be passive and indifferent because they have had it. They would be sanctioned if they did something so they choose to swallow the everyday pangs and live until they graduate. Sadly, including me.
It all starts with the school. The students are formed apathetic and as citizens, they become apathetic. This is the plight of the college.
We have a sick reputation. It is soooo everwhere. Now I know why. I'm hating my daily existence in this school. Maybe the other students feel better. But they are not the ones given a classroom that have lockers falling apart. They are not the ones having fiting forms that are fitting-deformed! They are not the ones lacking sewing machines and it barely works!
Yes, that is the plight of the fashion students. We are few and discriminated by the school system. We pay an everage of forty-eight thousand per trimester but we don't get what that's worth. Poor us.
This is our plight. With this, I strive harder that one day I can make a school of my own that will shape citizens different from this school.
It might get yearly repainted. It might look pretty outside but usually, bulok and laman.

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