Saturday, May 20


He looks bored...

Watched Da Vinci Code The other day.
What about it? Read the book before you judge! It's a fiction book based on facts. Only 30% is true. Re search about it.
I remember something. I was in Benilde Library when I was reading the Da Vinci Code.
It was interesting so I did my research. I saw this book about the Twmplars and Roslyn Chappel. Cool. If any of you out there are in Benilde, look up the Sword and the Grail by Andrew Sinclair. Oh yes, he's a Sinclair. Surviving relative of a member of the Templar kngihts.
Interewsting book. There are two book of that in the library. One of them, you can see my name 3 times. hehehehe.
Jade's cat ran away. She doesn't take care of it. At least my Meows recognize me and love me. They don't want to runaway.

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