Sunday, November 12

Midsomer Murders

In a quiet English village called Midsomer, secrets are more abundant than harvest. Murders are as common as theives.
John Nettles plays DCI Tom Barnaby. He is assigned to Corston, Midsomer as a police cheif. Daniel Cassey is his assistant, Sgt. Gavin Troy.

I like these two characters. They are so calm and witty. Tom tries to blend while he composes his conclusions. He always has an idea or two up his sleeve and he always discovers the murderer/s. As for the handsome young Sgt. Troy, he`s an adorable character. He`s not the smartest in the series but he is very lovable and charming. Troy's always amazed on how Tom can always figure out things. That's why he's a police cheif and he gets down and dirty.
But he has his quirks. Tom's getting fed up with the mysterious town filled with family secrets, inherited lies and sexual mystries surrounding every murder.
His wife tries to make the best of it. Joyce Barnaby and the good cheif moves to Midsomer. Joyce gets invovled in Midsomer. She becomes a judge at local fairs, goes to watercolor classes and makes a garden.

I watch Midsomer Murders every friday in Hallmark Channel at 9pm S.E.A.

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