Friday, July 6

Life is that way ->

Life is that way... way to the front of the line.

Seems I feel like It's getting so far and fast and I'm getting left behind.

Ever felt a dream when you keep running after something and it keeps getting further and further? I'm feeling that way at the moment. No release of creative brain juices.

My poor dog must be suffering. I haven't gone crazy with the outfits at the moment. My impending show is getting nearer and nearer. Life. Wait up!

Monday, February 6


 Everyone Deserves Safe Air. That was the tagline of Project EDSA of Boysen. They have developed a paint that addresses the problem of air pollution.
Air pollution in EDSA is common but unnatural and unsafe. The KNOxOUT paint breaks down NOx gases or Nitrogen Oxides into Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxides (CO2). Water is washed away while CO2 can be easily absorbed by plants. 

 The walls of EDSA are being transformed into air purifiers. As seen in these pictures, EDSA is not only turned into a colorful canvas but also into functioning walls. Go Boysen!

(picture above from BOYSEN, Artwork in Cubao Underpass by Tapio Snellman)

 (picture from BOYSEN, Artwork by Bogie Ruiz entitled "Ganap", Found in San Lo area in EDSA)
 (picture above by blogger)
(picture above from BOYSEN, B+C by Asuncion "Baby" Imperial and Damien "Coco" Anne, found in Ortigas)

 Not only is this KNOxOUT paint Eco-Friendly, it is also Eco-Active. Most things in the market nowadays are Eco-friendly. They are focused on minimizing harmful impacts on the environment while production. This Eco-active property of KNOxOUT means it is actively working to make the environment more friendly.

It is Photocatalyctic! Using light or CristalActiv Technology, it breaks down and neutralizes emissions of Nitrogen Oxides. But even without UV light or sunlight, it can function in fluorescent light as well.

It is an amazing product. Soon, nine more artworks will decorate the stretch of EDSA.

Wednesday, November 23

Farewell Dragon Lady

Nov 22, 2011
My fave author passed away. Good bye Dragon Lady, I shall miss you. I hoped you'd write more books. :-(
I shall forever cherish the stories that shaped and comforted me. 

Friday, September 9

Monday, July 25

Un-disciplining our kids

Do you allow your kids to laze in public seats playing angry birds on your or their iPhones?
I see a growing number of young children who have not a care in the world but the game they play. I was in DFA last week and there were a lot of kids waiting, being literally dragged by their parents because their are so engrossed in whatever consul their eyes were glued on. This picture of a girl is in a church lobby. The man besid her is trying to talk to her but she is non-responsive. (I heard her other siblings are not so respectful to elders)

What are the parents allowing their children to become?
When I was young, my parents will not allow any of us to be unproductive. Oh, we can play. We are encouraged to have sport, music or some hobby. We can make a mess but they want us to learn and have an output. My siblings and I played a lot and made a mess of the living room a lot. My mother was fine by that as long as we moved our bodies and build our creativity. I spend countless hours in my room scrap booking or beading but that was ok as long as I home my creativity.

These games on consul are fine. They're fun too but they keep oneself isolated in the midst of a crowd. Besides, it's lack of social etiquette. When they grow up, they'll still be glued to a gadget and not much on socialization and manners. And these kids will think it's ok because their parents allowed them to in the first place.

For the parents, they are spoiling their children this way because they can't baby sit them well. True or false? Giving them your iPhone or android to play with until all hours is not love. It's opposite. It's like hating to deal with the problem so you let the gadget handle them. Well, newsflash. These gadgets will handle them to social decline.

So, parental tip. Give them time to play with the iPhone/cellphone/android. Let them play but not in public and certainly not for too long. An hour or two tops at home. Oh, and don't forget to teach them social etiquette and manners. Discipline them if need be.
If you can't handle your child, parent, you need therapy.

Wednesday, July 6

My Davao Vacation 2011

One word to sum it all up: Food!

I've been away for about 3 years and Davoa is changed. There's so many food places and my relatives are bringing me to them. Wow, Davao=food!

After 10 days, it was sad to leave.
So I bring you Davao's skies.

Monday, June 13

Poster Design

Looks like the ERS website and posters.

Tuesday, May 31

Sunday, May 1

My New Look

I'm now a red head!

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