Monday, November 20

Road Block Warning!

Christmas is coming closer and closer. Warning! Kotong Cops are on the loose!
I'm serious. Have you noticed them? Kumakalat sa EDSA.
Drive safely everyine. Don't give them a reason. Any reason to catch you at all! They're gonna make some up. Make sure you look straight and smart. Driv in the middle road if possible.
If all else fail, avoid the busy roads! These MMDA Kotong Hulidappers have no conscience and will extract money wherever they can. That means us, the unsuspecting middle class.
I'll tell you why the middle class suffers next time. For now, know that things are going to get a little chaotic. Don't worry, it'll die down after the holidays.
Maybe that is one of the reasons wy God doesn't want to reveal the real birth date of His only Son.
Advance Merry CHristmas to all
More about Damiano (A Trio for Lute: Raphael)
I'm a little sad that by the end of the second book, Damiano died. But now in the third book, its ok. He's bac as a spirit with wings. I guess that means he's now an angel. He's watching over his friends and his even closest friend , the Archangel Raphael who sacrificed himself for Damiano's friends. Now, turned human by the trickery of Satan, Raphael has to survive enough to remember who he is. Can he hold on until his friends come rescue him? Right now, he's learning the basics of humanity. You must eat! After eating, food will exit your body after some hours. Poor Raphael.
Don't worry. God hasn't abandoned him completely. He sends him the angel Damiano and some earthly friends.

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