Wednesday, September 27

I love cats. Anyone can guess that in looking at my photoalbum and some of my entries.
I`ve seen this documentary called Walking with Tigers. It showed in Animal Planet some month ago and I saw it again last night.
It speaks about an abbot adopting some tigers and sheltering them in the monastery. Soon, more tigers were sent to him and his old tigers bred. It is a very touching story.
There are few people I admire and this abbot is one of them. Steve`s passing hurt so much. I guess I was searching for another crusader to look up to.
If anyone`s got a dollar or two to donate to the abbot, just go to their website:
The budhist monks cannot own money but they need to come up with the money to support the tigers and maintain the facility for these wonderful beasts.
Maybe by at least visiting the site, you could show support.
I was thinking of volunteering but mom is against it. Only because the abbot is buddhist. You know how it is now that she`s into being "christian" I guess she isn`t very ecumenical and tolerant of other religion.
I admire these monks because of their passion not only to the wildlife but also to their beliefs. Its not because of religion or fame, its because they do what is right. They cross borders and save the world one tiger at a time.
Meow to all!

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