Thursday, June 22

High and Maity

Mr. Feeling High is bruning my crisps! He drives me mad.
Oh, lower the prices he says 'cuz they're too high.
Too high? Ya kidding me? 45.00 pesos for ulam kanin and real soup is too high? By the way, only 40 to teachers.
Oh, I want it like the food tasting. Like the restaurant quality, rich and malasa.
Well, let me increase my prices then!!! He wants everything done right. Yeah right! He wants everything done his way!
Some moms are complianing.
Which ones? Let them come to me then.
Oh I'd Love to but can't. They ring me.
What does it take to please this guy? Doesn't he know, our pasta is cheaper than Jolibee? It's even more than Jolibee. What the hell is he complaining about? Jolibee spaghetti is 49? Chicken and Rice is 50+. Why is he yapping on how expensive it is?
He just wants to feel important, that's why! I bet he made those complains himself.
Hey, I'm not angry at the world. Just him. The teachers, they're ok. They eat at an average of 100.00 a day. They really eat and a lot. They said our food is good.
It's just Mr. High Ralph who looks at one or two complains versus twenty good reviews. Why? Because he can. He has the power to throw us out and bankrupt us because he's a glorified JANITOR!!! That all he is! A F*cking Janitor!
The kids are complaining that I can't give them Ice pop. Well, blame Mr. Ralph Anog. He's to blame for your poor unfortunate ice pop free lives!
By the way, he wants us to put thos glass displays just like the british school. Well, Ralph, Pay for it. The british school paid for them for us. For that matter, give us a bigger space. Honestly, my bathroom has more space.
Breath in.
Breath out.
Can't wait until I quit! For the sake of mom, who apologizes because she's not a psychic, I'll help her until I earn my capital.

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