Monday, July 31


I'm back in the book spree. That's because I'm finishing me pay again. Got five books then another two books. These special two books are called: Montmorency.
It's about a theif who wanted so bad to be rich and so he plotted how to act, speak and carry himself rich until everybody beleived him.
The second book is Montmorency On the Rocks. Montmorency is now a "dandy" but his secrets can't be kept for long. His friends are bound to find out. Especially if he's being so clumsy to leave trials and scream it out of his sleep.

More details in my friendster blog:


It's flooding!
Even in my head.

Friday, July 21

Rainy day Updates

Somebody complained that we had a rotten meatball for lunch causing her to throw up.
One in a million chances. Was it our fault? They make it sound like we did it on purpose. To make them happy, we pulled out all the meatballs. How about the kids who wanted meatballs for the day. No choice. We had to cook a whole batch of chicken instead.
Then, we found out yesterday that the vomit was sent to a lab to be examined and the cause had nothing to do with our food.
What the ***********************************!!!!
How can I calmly deal with the situation if mom panics? Apologizes as if it was our fault and throws the whole batch away?
Today, our usual debates while shopping: What am I buying? Why is she hiring me as a manager if I can't do my job? I buy the cheapest of things. Yes, There is something cheaper than UFC or Papa ketchup and that it my new best friend Tita Frita Banana Ketchup. For toyo and other condiments, I used Savepack or Aro brand. The cheapest. My tissue paper sucks and I start to charge plastic bag if people ask for it.Yes. A whole new meaning to papel de lambot.
Yes, I'm officially Scrooge. Why?
Because people take advantage of the little things I do.
People who finish the ketchup, tissue and plastic are the people who don't even buy anyting from us. As if nahihiya sila! Whehehell, I'm taking charge. Why do I run a business out of charity? THis isn't even a tax shield! Takot takot na tax binabayaran tapos liit lang ng spread ko. He!
Gotta snip as much edges as I can. For heaven sakes! Hindi naman bayad nila parang British Schoool no! Kung British School, hindi cheap ang bayad hindi cheap ang materials. As for the case of Makati Gospel School, cheap begets cheap!
Sounds good. It's now my new Philosophy!

Sunday, July 9

Jars Jars Jars

I'm into drawing jars this month. Why? I don't know. Jars look cute. They are fun and easy to draw. Jars are understated elegant pieces. We use them for many things. They represent the everyday things in life. They can be containers, water jars, vases or just center pieces.

They'll be on the site next month. For now, a small preview...




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