Monday, September 4

Steve, You Will Be Missed

Even though I haven't met Steve Irwin, I super love him. Anyone can see his passion. It's a genuin love for saving the environment. You can see it's not just an act.
Today, Steve died. He was stung in the heart by a deadly sting ray. He was 44.
One of my life goals were meeting Steve. If only to see him live. He is one of the greatest people in the world for me.
Today, he died. Minutes after the news, I developed a fever.
The last time I had a fever because someone died was when Magma Man died. I was 6 then. The next week, Magma Man's mysterious power allows him to come back from the dead.
But that was Magma Man. Steve does not have mystical magical powers that will mysteriously call him back to the world of the living because his quest is not yet over.
Steve, the world suffers a great loss.

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