Monday, December 4

Psychologist of Doom

If there`s an economist of doom, well, mom is a psychologist of doom.
There's a girl in their church who is 16 years old. Her father is the church`s janitor. Now, they have fallen in hard times because of some debts. They say, this janitor doesn`t know how to hold his money and life. Mind you, his fist daughter, nabuntis!!! The second is a son, nakabuntis!!!
Third time`s a strike!
Now, the mom gave this girl a pangparegla but it induces labor instead. Poor girl. Talk about Mom at 16.
Months ago, mom said to let this girl continue to go to school or else, she will get pregnant. She can get a program where she can still study 4th year high with a small allowance. The thing is, it is in public school. This janitor of a father had too much pride. He didn`t want. So it was better if the girl stayed home?
What kind of home does he live in? It is in the squatter`s area. There are lots of men and useless boys roaming around. THey got her pregnant.
Mom was furious. "I told you so! What do you expect?" came her reply.
If she tells you things concerning women problems, heed her. She knows what she`s tlking about in this area. She`s been member and President of Venture CLub Davao. She`s been member and president of Soroptimist Paranaque. Trust me, she knows what she`s talking about!
That`s why her grim foresight makes her the psychologist of doom.
She takes one good look at you and tells you your psychological profile and what kind of future is instored for you if you make a stupid decision.

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