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War torn Italy in 14th Century Europe, there lived a young boy named Damiano Delstrego. He has a curious life. He can do magic and is called damned by the people of Partestrada yet the Archangel Raphael himself comes down to teach him music.
This is a rather interesting book I`ve bought. I got it in BOOKSALE for 39 pesos. Its actually 3 storiesin one called A Trio for Lute.
So far, I`ve finished the first story. It tells about young Damiano at age 21. A rogue generalinvades his town and forces all the villagers away. He makes a pack with Satan to free his people and bring them back to where they call home. Towards his goal to first find his people, he encounters theives, grim weather and starvation. His love of his life Carla, rejects his love and enters the cloisters. So, the father of lies` grants him 50 years of peace but not prosperity to Partestrada in exchange, Damiano`s family will be lost from the histories and he shall die in 2 years. He agrees.
Finally when he leads the people of Partestrada to a bloodless victory, the mob him and tied him to be hanged. It was his teacher Raphael who came to the rescue.
"Ah, Dami, Dami! Do you know what is to be damned? It has nothing to do with fire. To be damned is only not to love." --Raphael
"I am not flesh, and I cannot understand you, but I love you, and I know you are not damned." --Raphael
I felt the story was simply written and because it is, it touches people a lot. Here is innocent Damiano who know of nothing about the world`s cruelty except that he knew witchcraft was a shaky subject. He was born with it and because of it, people though he was born damned and so he came to beleive too. This story shows you that you do not gain anything from the father of lies and that people are quick to judge. It also tells you that you have an angel guarding you. THough remains unseen, your angel loves you as you. No matter how silly you may be and act like a fool, God loves you because we are his image yet unique.

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