Sunday, March 5

The Psychology of Grim, Billy and Mandy

Simple mindless cartoons? That's what dad thinks!
It actually shows a sort of truth to people and kids. Maybe also about what lurks beneath.
The way I see "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" is something psychological. Psychological or plain psycho? You decide.
Grim, a nice bag of bones. Scary but scared all the time. By who? A kid. He wears a dress and is still attached to his "dead" relatives.
He's actually quite skilled. Filled with family recipes. He can conjure up anything from the world of the undead. However, there is always a catch.
Trying to escape from his captors (the kids) shows that he's constantly trying to seek independence. He has all the means but he chose to live in his cruel life and a housekeeper/babysitter/best friend.
Why? Maybe he's still attached to innocence. He has a soft side he can't let go of.
He's just stupid.
No kidding. I think he's suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
You can literally see him bouncing off the walls. It's the things he eats.
You can see Billy eating even things you're not supposed to.
Billy's Dad:
Same as Billy. He's a big baby. Wonder how Billy's mom fell for him.
Billy's Mom:
She's patient. Sometimes, she explodes if she can't take it anymore. I would if I were in her shoes.
He's a dork. A dork with a crush on Mandy.
He's your typical loser who puts down Billy because Mandy likes Billy over him.
It's very typical. You can see that in society today. People put down others to make them feel good, higher or better.
Finally... Mandy:
The lovely, smart and scheming Mandy.
Many is a complicated person. She's mean but she does have a soft side. She has a conscience even when she inflicts the harshest pain on you.
Why she chose the Grim Reaper to be her best friend, we can't tell. They seem to have a love hate relationship going on. Same with Billy.
Mandy is quite girly. She likes doing her nails and wearing a pink dress. Once, she let Grim dress her up.
There are times Mandy is very schemeful but only when you cross her.
True she wants to take over the world. But even whe she succeeds, she keeps Grim and Billy. Why? Grim is a soft side she keeps. He may be scary but he's really sensitive.
Billy on the other hand, I don't know. He's so stupid but she rang his doorbell and asked to play with him. He can't comprehend the rules of the games but she's patient.
All in all, Mandy just needs friends. She may be a rag picker but they are the misunderstood people of society.

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