Saturday, May 30

Grieving my Alonzo

How can I explain how I feel?
He was my angel. I half expect him to be just around the corner but that would be impossible since I buried him.

Last night, I had a dream about Alonzo. We were stuck on a drifting ice in the middle of the sea. The ice was cracking but we had to paddle to any direction to get to land. I lay resting, cold from the ice while my Alonzo paddled. Later, he rested and I took over paddling.
How very Lonzo-cat. He would always be the most loyal companion.
One thing about this kitty, he thinks he's a watch dog. Sometimes he smells like one.

Peculiar things about my Lonzo:
  • he's got a goaty.
  • he has 6 fingers on the front and 4 at the back.
  • he responds to his name.
  • his fave food is cheese and chicken
  • he demands a pillow to lie on.

I'm missing you, baby cat!

Tuesday, May 26

Don Alonzo

Ode to Alonzo

Loving Guardian and Friend

Not so long ago, your intelligent golden eyes watched me.

They watched me until late. They watched me so that I was not alone.

Alonzo, my dear, you had the keen sense of any familiar.

I wish we had more time.

You were there when I needed you.

How can one explain how we connected?

You knew if I were sad, depressed, sick or frantic.

You knew when I was happy.

We called you the “Don” because you commanded respect.

You never bullied the cats, just stared them into submission.

I love you because you are a gentleman.

Who would make sure the female cats get food before the males?

Only you, my love.

Alonzo, you are the ultimate source of inspiration.

Your little quirks and mannerisms are simply adorable!

I’ll always remember your smile, if we could call that a cat smile.

Nobody can forget the big and small things you do for this family.

It won’t be the same with out you.

I’ll always miss you.

There can never be another Don Alonzo Cattywampus.

tomorrow you be worlds away...

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