Friday, March 30

The Secret

A new hit book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is in stores and is selling fast.

"As above, so below
As within, so without."
--Emerald Tablet circa 3000BC

So what is the secret? The secret is the Law of Attraction. Thoughts becomes things and so think positive thoughts because attract like. Your predominant thoughts should be all good and of prosperity.

"Every thought of yours is a real thing - a force."
--Prentice Mulford (1834-1891)

"All that we are is result of what you have thought."

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attraction."
--Albert Einstein

Everything is energy so everything can attract and we are the ones who act like the magnet. Beware of your thoughts, your predominant thoughts. Never forget to feel good.

The Secret to Money:
  • Attract abundance
  • Focus on prosperity, "Intend it"
  • Give money to get money
  • Think wealth
That's basic gist I got from the book. Its not so long, the layout is just spaced out and its all backed-up with quotes from experts and dead people. Its another self-help book packaged nicely. Some of the reviews weren't so nice. They say it's just riding on to the fame of the Da Vinci Code. I kinda think it is. I think its that book "Power of Positive Thinking" combined with Da Vinci Code to sell.

Wednesday, March 28

Have you seen the news lately...

Its all crap!
What kind of news do we make for our country?
Do we have one decent politician to pick from?
No! What can brainyards and Moviestars know about lawmaking?

Wednesday, March 21


... so I jump on the sofa...
...jumped on the bed...
...jump coz I'm bored.

Monday, March 19


I started a new blog about my love of Anne McCaffrey's Pern.


Its a roleplaying where I am a journeywoman harper traeling the world of Pern while putting my thoughts on the blog. With me is my fire-lizard Alonzo.

Friday, March 16


My newest book on Pern is Dragonsblood. THis time, it is written by Anne McCaffrey's son, Todd McCaffrey.
* * *
I see a difference in the style but I like the book. Though the story did feel like it just took some elements from Anne's previous books like Dragonflight and All the Weyr of Pern.
It is set in the third Pass, 500 years after Landing on Pern. The Red Star draws near and the Weyrs thought they were prepared to fight the menacing thread. But suddenly a deseace struck the dragons. Normally, dragons don't get sick. From Benden's 300 strong dragons, they were reduced by half on the first day of Fall because the dragons got too sick.
It was up to Lorana, gold Arith's rider, to find a cure. But when she looses Arith, will she be able to save them all now? She seems to loose hope too.
450 years back in the past, two women and a boy are searching for their own answers. Wind Blossom, an Eridani geneticist who's mother genetically altered the fire-lizards to today's dragons, was faced with a question to answer. Are dragons as strong as everybody believes?
No. For Lorana's Arith was dying and went to the Between. Instead of staying, her dead body was sent 450 years to Wind Blossom's time. From there, Wind Blossom, Emora and Tieran helped to make a cure and put it in a time capsule hidden in Benden WEyr for Lorana to discover. Along with the cure and books to help her understand how to go about it, Emora plants clues within history. Songs and records were made that could only point to a healer dragonrider. Also to help her understnad DNAs and PNAs, the Harper Drum Code is actually the PNA secquencefor the dragonsblood.
I like the book. Too bad Telgar Weyr's fighting force was obliterated because of one man's pride. There are too many people and Dragons who die in this book. Beware before you read!

Thursday, March 15

Dragons in the Sky

I've Finished Anne McAffrey's The Skies of Pern.
This time, the point of the story revolves on F'lessan, F'lar and Lessa's son. F'lessan is a bronze rider. He wants to make a place for the dragonriders in the new world. Tai, a gredd dragonrider helps him do that. She and her dragon Zaranth has found a new draconic ability that might save them from the comets that crashes to earth. They found out how to use telekenesis.
So now,
dragons can teleport, are telepaths and can use telekenesis. For two thousand five hundred years, nobody noticed these dragons had that ability.

In Dragonflight, Lessa found out how to travel between times. She can also talk to all dragons because she is a sstrong telepath in her own right. Now, green Zaranth teaches all the dragons to use their telekenesis. For a small dragon who is down in the caste, Zaranth herself teaches Queen Ramoth!
Its a spectacular book with spectacular flights of fantasy!
I love it! I especially love the dragons!
* * * * * * * *
I found this fansite about the dragon riders of Pern and got some quotes
You Know You've Been REading too much Pern Books...

(Ithink this quote will keep changing everytime you see it. I've placed another one on the side bar)

Tuesday, March 6

20 pesos

I picked up a twenty peso bill on the steps of promenade. That brought me memories of long ago. I remember I was maybe grade 2 when I first picked up my first twenty peso bill on the streets. I was so thrilled then. I never had twenty pesos. I thought a lot of things I can buy with it. I could buy a box of cereal and candies and a coke and more. Now, as I look at the twenty peso bill, I wondered if there was still things I can buy with it. Candy? A jeep ride?
I may have been thinking of petty things before but that kept me thinking of the prices today. Has it something to do with the economy? Of course it has something to do with it. The dollar vesus peso too.
The thing is, when I was grade 2, I see that twenty peso bill as something so big and now, it's something so small. It can't even be enough to tip a cab!

Thursday, March 1

House Husbands

Recent discussion at the family e-group is about house husbands and it got me thinking of things mom told me.
Is it really frowned upon in today's Philippine society? To answer that question, we must first know the definition of house husbands.
A house husband is a man married to a woman. He keeps house while the wife is one that works the nine to five job. His duties in the house includes cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children if there are some. He has to manage the house expense and make sure the house is in proper working order. Not a bad description considering being at hoe most of the time, eh? But my mother keeps telling me it is a constant challenge. Being a housewife most of our growing up years, she says it is a job with no financial rewards. Father Reuters once said in his homily that if you tried to put a price in parenting, you'd end up with figures you can't count anymore and that's only until you're 18 years of age.
There aren't much house husbands in our modern society because of the whole machismo thing we have going on. Nope, prime my dears. We have too much pride. Men are expected to be providers and women are the home makers. But in our modern setting, there are more demands for jobs relating to women that men. Look, there are more female nurses, caregivers and call center agents that males. We hire at least two maids in a house hold but not all the time a "boy". If a "boy" is hired, he doubles a driver.
Actually, a negative form of house husbands do exist. In the lower caste of Philippine society, the women work and the males stay at home. No, they do not cook, clean or manage house hold. They can't manage expenses. Such sad fate the women of the slums endure. They come home to bums. This is a grim reality we face. The women go off to work as day-time maids, secretaries, assistants or shop clerks while the males stay home, drink at night and constantly gamble. Most of the time, the women would opt for being an OFW just to bring in more income for their growing family.
No matter where in society you belong, this practice must stop. Male roles in the slums are getting worse. There is an unhealthy thrive of bad example to the youth. It promotes women oppression and laziness. While we can see a slight improvement to our economy, we are not seeing the social problems these bring.
For now, I will stop at that, for more social problems will be tackled in future posting. This entry is getting too long.

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