Tuesday, January 30

a book a day

Me and my hunger. hunger to read!
I've read at least seven book during my trip to Davao. Now that I'm back, I'm reading a book a day. Two book yesterday. What a record. But then I read my Alanna books in three days and the four Protector of the Small Quartet in another 3 days. That's a hunger for reading.
I tried to read a romance novel. Bleh! Not too interesting.
No wonder Aki wants historical or sci-fi romance. At least you learn something in historical romances. It got little interesting tidbits.
Sci-fi romance is a bit boring. Haven't seen a good blend of Romance to the sci part of it yet.
So I read about three historical romances, ok but not too ok. needs more.
Back to Fantasy,
I'm reading about Veralidaine Sarasri. (Tamora Pierce's the Immortals Quartet) I've first encountered her in the Protector of the Small Quartet. She helped Kell a lot. Veralidaine or Daine's story comes between Alanna and Kell's. She starts at thirteen, an orphan who thinks she's crazy because she can communicate to animals.
She finds new friends who know her worth. They believe Daine has Wild Magic. This certain type of magic cannot be learned or mastered in some university. It lives within her and nobody can take it. Her new friend and mentor, Numaire, not only treasures her but also developes some... well... I read up in Kell's book that they become lovers. Even if Daine is half Numaire's age.

Quotes from Daine
"Someday I must read about this scholar Everyone. He seems to have written so much-- all of it wrong."

Quotes from a Stormwing
"... But the wheels turn. What is up may come down; what is brought low may come down. The gods are not fickle--but they ahve been known to change their minds."

Wednesday, January 24

Back at Last

I'm back.
Vacation gone and I'm back home. I'm definately not going back to working for mom. It's just making my hair whitter. I'm looking for a new venture. Davao opened a lot of doors but which to take? I have to think which to enter. AS tempting as some of them might be, they still have risks attached.
Hope to make decisions na.
I do want to move back to Davao where the pace is much slower. Felt good to be nearer nature. Here in Manila, it feels too dry, dusty and dark. Sun doesn't shine as brightly. Aura is not the same.
I'm going to miss buddy. Hope she won't get too bored. It's the slow pace of Davao that drives her crazy. Don't worry, buds, I'll be there soon. Outing tayo ulit.

Thursday, January 18

Si Taba!

One thing I hate about coming home is being labeled "Si Taba."
It seems everybody --EVERYBODY-- Everybody has a diet trick or two to suggest.
What's the point? What's the deal?
Can't I enjoy life as I want it?
Why do we all have to conform to what is beautiful?
Can't I not be plus sized in my own way?
What happened to real beauty?
Everyone can say I look beautiful or that I'm talented but, there's a but to everything. I'm freaking fat.

Wednesday, January 17

Foreigner in Her Own Home

I'm back in Davao. My, this place changed in just a year. I remember Jaja and I were here just last year and a lot of things have certainly changed.
Dinah's here. I'm glad of that.
Davao is still relaxing and slow-paced. If I stay here long, I wonder if I would get bored? Would thing be too slow for me? But then, the fast pace od Manila is already boring me to bits. Here, nature is closer. Here, I feel a lot calmer.
Yes, the usual family dramas are still here. Then again, it's everywhere and that's not new.
I feel a bit detached here.
Is Davao a place in the Philippines?
I feel it shold be it's own country. It's so peaceful and too nice to be tainted by the political struggles happening in the north.
While I'm here, I'm also somewhere else.
I seem to be always at two places at once.
When I was in Japan, I was in the world of Diana Wynne Jones and Tokyo. Now, I'm in Davao and in Anne McCaffrey's Pern. I bought tons of Dragon Riders of Pern books to bring here and I was thrilled when I found a ot of second hand books about Pern here as well. I couldn't put the books down. So I'm in two worlds at once.
Pern's been wonderful. Full of dragons and fire lizards. The characters are very human and they struggle with the usual human problems. Of course, they have dragons to help them.
The other day, I didn't want to get up. I think I was still asleep. I was saying in my sleep tat I could ask Lord Jaxom of Ruatha to fly me over with his dragon, Ruth. Five minutes later, I had to rush in the bathroom because there was no dragon waiting for me. I was late for breakfast.
My library's expanding!

Thursday, January 4

Book of the Year!

By the end of 2006, I can read about 400 pages a day. Of course Diki keeps telling me to slow down. She says I must savor the book.
My fave books of 2006 are as follows:
1st place: R. A. MacAvoy's A Trio for Lute
2nd Place: Anselm Audley's Heresy
3rd Place: Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl
I bought 25 new books this season and I already read more than half. Hope to read more every day and hope to collect more soon.
I believe, reading gives makes a person smarter, calmer and more logical. So keep reading!
Gosh, I can't seem to ahve enough to read!

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