Wednesday, May 31

Tiring Days

Times I help people are days that are tiring. Helping mom run the new canteen is one. Sure fine, I'm not yet doing anything. But I haven't even ran the new canteen. I'm tagging along in the British school first to learn the ropes and stuffs.
I'm tired.
We went to shop for plates and two new industrial size rice cookers.

Monday, May 22


A word coined from tow different words: Evangelization and Ligaw.
This according to Pat and his crew is just making ligaw to people in order for them to join church activities.
Is there really evangelization happening? Or ligawan lang to make sure maraming pumupunta sa church?
Nothing against protestantism and thier church, but I think people there's got major issues.
Yup, folks. I'm speaking up finally.
This is my opinion. My opinion of the millenium and if mom finds out... Oh whatever.
There are two types of people there according to pops: the givers and the recievers.
The givers are people who love to show off their generosity. THey give and give and people see them as patrons. However, they complain why they are not acknowledged or why people take advantage.
Time to stop man! If you're complaining that they take advantage, withdraw. I did when I reached to the point of getting pissed.
The recivers are usually the unfortunate people. Nothing against them either. Ith's jus thtat they take advantage. I hoped they would at least take the sermons into their hearts.
But if they keep complaining and keep taking advantage, they are showing what they church is all about. A free for all. Some place you can get lucky.
Yes, these two types work hand in hand. One keeps giving while the other is happy to recieve.
A church is about Charity, Mercy and Love.
Can't see any of that happening. Just plain charity and no love or mercy at all. If you love your bors and sis, make sure you make them help themselves.
People care about people who care about themselves.
I don't mean to start some sort of propaganda or bad moutning. This is a blog. Mostly opinion and observation. I am a Catholic and some people can criticize my practice. I am in a mixed religion family who is at constant war within. This is all my point of view.
Make your own.

Saturday, May 20


He looks bored...

Watched Da Vinci Code The other day.
What about it? Read the book before you judge! It's a fiction book based on facts. Only 30% is true. Re search about it.
I remember something. I was in Benilde Library when I was reading the Da Vinci Code.
It was interesting so I did my research. I saw this book about the Twmplars and Roslyn Chappel. Cool. If any of you out there are in Benilde, look up the Sword and the Grail by Andrew Sinclair. Oh yes, he's a Sinclair. Surviving relative of a member of the Templar kngihts.
Interewsting book. There are two book of that in the library. One of them, you can see my name 3 times. hehehehe.
Jade's cat ran away. She doesn't take care of it. At least my Meows recognize me and love me. They don't want to runaway.

Tuesday, May 9

The Dancing Gods

I was at Goodwill and bought a book for twenty pesos. Cool! Twenty bucks for a thick fantasy book. It's supposed to be two novels in one. Not bad. Story-wise, its ok.
Check my book report and the whole story:
Husaquahr - a magical realm created by angels from the tidbits of earth. (In other words tiratira ng earth!) It can be crossed through the Sea of Dreams. Here, magic is common. It is guided by the rules.
Throckmorton P. Ruddygore - Master Wizard. Thousands of years old. He is described as one who looks like Santa Clause.
Tiana- A 7 footer muscular girl born in Husaquahr but raised in Europe. When she returned to Husaquahr, she became a queen then ruled as a demi goddess named Eve.
Joe de Oro- Also known as Joe the Barbarian. He's an Apache Indian truckdriver from Texas. He married Tiana in Husaquahr and became King then demi god Adam. The couple's naked statues liter Husaquahr. Though they not really gods. Ruddygore only used an illusion so they could unite the people of Husaquahr.
Marge- an english teacher from Texan who is a friend of Joe before and after they came to Husaquahr. She is now a Kauri, a type of Faerie who takes away human sufferings.
Macore- King of Theives. A short man who has all the brains but not beauties. He's smart and cannot resist a challenge.
Esmilio Boquillas- Known as the Dark Baron. He's a manipulative man with a huge ego. Though in the last book, he was striped from his powers and saent to earth. Heaven hates him but Hell rejects him too.
Dacaro- a student of Ruddygore who turned tables. He was imprisoned in alamp by Ruddygore.
Aditional Characters in Part 2
Sugasto- Known as MAster of the Dead. He has powers to take away or swithc souls from any living body. He wishes to rule Husaquahr.
Mahalo McMahon- a polynesian high priestess who escaped the Dark Baorn and helped Joe and the others.
What do I think?
Well, I think Joe is too horny. He's abstained a good way in the second part. Second of all, Jack Chalker (the Author) is very horny. Most of his faerie races are compulsive nymphomaniacs and they couldn't help it because they are nymphs or Kauris or something.
The ending could have worked except Joe's ego kicks in separating him from Tiana. So much for undying love. You just know a man wrote this!
Tiana's love is so undying she goes from Quee to godess to slave girl with no rights whatsoever. AS in! Every man left and right including Joe touches her, beats her but she does nothing. She loves Joe and would do everything for him. That includes taking care of his SON!!! His son by another woman by the way. In the end, this is what happens to her!

Sunday, May 7

Meowy Dress-ups

I'm quite bored waiting and waiting for my proposals and stuffs so I did something to kill time:


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Tuesday, May 2

Plus Plus Plus

Plus-size is very different from what I've learned in school. Easing and stuffs are different.
I know I've learned in Big Closet na different talaga ang mga allowances. The usual apex na 10 is not true for a big girl nor is the bust distance. It's not 6 in regular garments. The distance between waist and hips 2 is not usually 7. Well, it can apply to me but not to most girls. Seat can be 13 but not for 2XL.
I know I've mentioned in ealier blog entries that I was an in-betweener. Yup. Some kinda regular na irregular. Ha. My skeletal structure is different from most Pinays. My torso is not long like most Asians but my legs aren't long enough to be caucasiod skeletons.
So now, I'm having a problem with my patterns.
I have to star with simple designs.
Knit is easier for me but I want to experiment on the nice woven fabrics I bought for the sampling. Oh well...

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