Wednesday, September 27

I love cats. Anyone can guess that in looking at my photoalbum and some of my entries.
I`ve seen this documentary called Walking with Tigers. It showed in Animal Planet some month ago and I saw it again last night.
It speaks about an abbot adopting some tigers and sheltering them in the monastery. Soon, more tigers were sent to him and his old tigers bred. It is a very touching story.
There are few people I admire and this abbot is one of them. Steve`s passing hurt so much. I guess I was searching for another crusader to look up to.
If anyone`s got a dollar or two to donate to the abbot, just go to their website:
The budhist monks cannot own money but they need to come up with the money to support the tigers and maintain the facility for these wonderful beasts.
Maybe by at least visiting the site, you could show support.
I was thinking of volunteering but mom is against it. Only because the abbot is buddhist. You know how it is now that she`s into being "christian" I guess she isn`t very ecumenical and tolerant of other religion.
I admire these monks because of their passion not only to the wildlife but also to their beliefs. Its not because of religion or fame, its because they do what is right. They cross borders and save the world one tiger at a time.
Meow to all!

Sunday, September 24

Eragon movie

Eragon is being turned into a movie! Yes! I hope they show it in this country. I haven`t seen trialers or hints yet. I know the trialer is out already.
Here are some Casting Roles I saw in
Shur`tugal means dragon riders
Cast Member Character
Edward Speleers Eragon
Chris Egan Roran
Jeremy Irons Brom
John Malkovich Galbatorix
Djimon Hounsou Ajihad
Sienna Guillory Arya
Robert Carlyle Durza
Garrett Hedlund Murtagh
Alun Armstrong Uncle Garrow
Gary Lewis King Hrothgar
Joss Stone Angela
Tamsin Egerton Katrina
Caroline Chikezie Nasuada
Nils Allen Stewart Lead Urgal

I love the story of Eragon. I really waited and saved up for the second book, Eldest. Now, I wait for the movie and the third book. It feels like waiting for the next Harry Potter book.
Here are some nice quotes from the book Eragon.
"Knowing is independent of being. I did not know you existed before you bumbled in here and ruined my nap. Yet that doesn't mean you weren't real before you woke me." - Solembum
"There's a reason why we're born with brains in our heads, not rocks." - Brom
It’s overwhelming. I feel as if I am living in an illusion, a dream where all things are possible. Amazing things do happen, I know, but always to someone else, always in some far-off place and time. - Eragon to Saphira (pg. 430)


Saturday, September 23

Cat Fight

My two meowy cats have been fighting. They fought and my dominant black male decided to not pursue the fight and move his residency under my window then under my shelves.
Then the smaller male cat that I call Pepper becomes grouchy and dominates the front porch. He`s usually a shy cute type. Now, he`s grumpy. He hates being cuddled and he marks everything he can mark. Yucky!
Yesterday, bati na sila.
It turns out, Pepper is asserting his dominance because he`s now sexually mature. He`s got a new girl friend and is now living with us on the front porch. This new cat is also ginger but has no trace of white like Pepper. I think this new cat had an owner. We call this new cat Puss in Boots because kamukha eh. Now, Puss is very friendly. This little ginger has very fluffy hair. I think she has a breed.
Today, surprise! My black cat, Alonzo, is styaing on the front porch. He`s friends with the two love birds. Pepper is having trouble with Puss. He think we`re getting to like Puss more than him. Oh! Guess what? Remember I told you Pepper`s girlfriend is Puss?
EEEEEE! Puss is a boy! When we carried him today, two bally balls greeted us.
I swear. These cats are gay. Alonzo and Pepper are then they had this little lover`s quarel. Now Pepper is getting a new boyfriend? What is the world coming to? These cats need a mother. They should have had their mother to train them but unfortunately, they got separated.
We could see the importance of parent not only for cats but also for humans. 

Friday, September 15

Officially Quit

I`m out of my lousy job. It pays good but the stress is not worth it. Why? Because there are lousy good for nothing people I don`t bear and care to look at. So?
I ran away you say? Well, that`s one way of putting it. Reality check! If you hate your job, why stay? Get away from assholes. Get away from stress lines. The stress is actually making me eat. When I see those grrrrrrr! I can`t help but stuff something in my mouth and I`m surrounded by food all the time!

Today, I wanted to protect mom from EVIL Ralph Anog. But does she want help? Not when he`s arround. She`s being bullied and what does she do? She KUROTS my thighs. Gee! Who`s embarassing who?
He`s a bully and she`s swallowing hit shit!
All I was trying to do was protect her investments!
She keeps telling me how wonderfully raised I am by two perfect parents but she can`t get the fact that I learned pride and prejudice from Pops. Yes, I have pride and too much of it. Yes, I have my own prejudice. Especially of his kind. Ralph is a total ass.
I ain`t taking crap from him!
Gee ma, when you tried to raise me as a meek and mild girl, you should have thought of sheltering me. When I got exposed to the world and saw how manipulative and evil people are, I took no craps from no one.
Sorry, the world isn`t as black and white as you say it is. It has a lot of color. Most of it is red and green.
I`m quiting because I`m fed-up! I`m quitting because the more you want me to keep my frustrations in a bottle, the more I want to explode.
I quit!

Tuesday, September 12


Eldest is the second book of Christopher Paolini. His fist book is Eragon. There are three books to his Inheritance trilogy. He was 15 when he wrote Eragon. It became a New York Time Best Seller and so has Eldest. The books give a Lord of the Rings Cross of Harry Potter Feel.
By the way, Eragon is being turned into a Movie. See the official site at

I think the book is very fascinating. It sparks human emotions. Its also so magical. Magical me, sucker for the fantastic.
Its a good read.
Read my spoilers at

Monday, September 4

Steve, You Will Be Missed

Even though I haven't met Steve Irwin, I super love him. Anyone can see his passion. It's a genuin love for saving the environment. You can see it's not just an act.
Today, Steve died. He was stung in the heart by a deadly sting ray. He was 44.
One of my life goals were meeting Steve. If only to see him live. He is one of the greatest people in the world for me.
Today, he died. Minutes after the news, I developed a fever.
The last time I had a fever because someone died was when Magma Man died. I was 6 then. The next week, Magma Man's mysterious power allows him to come back from the dead.
But that was Magma Man. Steve does not have mystical magical powers that will mysteriously call him back to the world of the living because his quest is not yet over.
Steve, the world suffers a great loss.

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