Tuesday, May 2

Plus Plus Plus

Plus-size is very different from what I've learned in school. Easing and stuffs are different.
I know I've learned in Big Closet na different talaga ang mga allowances. The usual apex na 10 is not true for a big girl nor is the bust distance. It's not 6 in regular garments. The distance between waist and hips 2 is not usually 7. Well, it can apply to me but not to most girls. Seat can be 13 but not for 2XL.
I know I've mentioned in ealier blog entries that I was an in-betweener. Yup. Some kinda regular na irregular. Ha. My skeletal structure is different from most Pinays. My torso is not long like most Asians but my legs aren't long enough to be caucasiod skeletons.
So now, I'm having a problem with my patterns.
I have to star with simple designs.
Knit is easier for me but I want to experiment on the nice woven fabrics I bought for the sampling. Oh well...

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