Friday, July 15

Where God is

Mr (blank) said that God must be living in Chile. This is because he said it looked so wonderful and beautiful in Chile. He can't find any other place so beautiful as Chile. There is thought one big BUT to his story of beauty. No matter how handsome and pretty people are, he said they were all theives and liars. He wouldn't trust any of them.
Fine by me. God still lives there. I think he's right in saying God lives in a place like that because the healthy does not need a doctor.
God lives closer to where He is needed the most. If the people are really not trustworthy, God will try harder at that place. He gives them a peaceful surrounding amidst the unruly heart so that everymorning it would serve as a reminder of God's love.

Thursday, July 14



So much to do
So many to think about
So little me
So few hands
Too jumbled inside me
Too jumbled outside me
Everything is jumbled

Wednesday, July 13

Can't See

Yesterday Diki woke me up because a text rang for me that woke everyone up. It was Kaye texting at 3 in the morning. I heard the ring but just stuffed the phone under the pillow. I looked to the direction of the window to see the time.
Oh my gosh! I think I'm blind! I can't see anything! Even if it's midnight, I have to see the moonlight or just plain natural lighitng outside but none! I'm blind!
Morning, two rays of sunlight passed through a crack on the newspapers and foil.
Newspaper and Foil?
Yup. It seems dad put newspaper and foil on the window to keep the sun out. It was under the curtain so I wasn't able to see it before I went to bed. Man! I thought I was blind!

Saturday, July 9

Guardian Angel Falling

A teacher of mine shared to us that his grandfather told him
"Its not good to be good."

I know. I've been trying to abide by the rules of being too good. I did good things to help others. It's not everyday I announce my good deed. I keep some to myself. It's the thought of helping. People will not often appreciate what I do. Nor will they appreciate who I am.

It hurts that I try my best to make people happy and I can't please the majority. Everynight I ask if there's a point to everything I do. Is there any good in being a guardian angel?
Is there a point to what I do?


I often relate myself to the good guys. I feel for them when they get hurt. Inside, I say I'm like Guardian Angel Setsuna, I have a silver sword with me. But then, I have no Carin.
Hhhhh... This is a tough life.

How come Diki's fine? That's because she loves the bad guys.
How come Jade get's what she wants? That's because she's spoiled and a totale B!-*-
How come others are fine as they are? Because they put themselves on top of the list.
While me--- at the bottom of the my priority list.
I hate this. I'm turning into an emotional eater. Also, hungrier and hungrier to be the best that I can be. I guess, it's the only way I can please a lot of people including myself. But then, it still isn't enough.

Nothing seems to be.
It's no good to be too good. It's detrimental.


Monday, July 4

I'm Me

This is who I am...
I am
"... if only because no matter what you do, no one will ever think the things about you that you want them to think. What you do has to done because of how you’ll feel about you.”
-Deep Wizardry
I am Maita and I am what I am. If being who you are is a choice then this is my choice. I love beilieving in things people call myths. I think there are some truth to the matter. I love ice cream and chocolate. I love reading. Books that intrigue me are fantasy books. Elis Peter's Cadfael is the only book not too fantasy but I love. Historic books and pre-historic subjects as good too. I love Dinosaurs. I like to learn about them. I like fashion but I'm not too keep up with the fad.
I don't like being put down. I hate people who are discriminative. I disagree with people who don't take a bath when they have a chance. I hate corruption and deciet.
When I grow up, I want to be set apart from the rest. I want to be recognized and make it good in the world.
I love to unwind by typing my stories. Soon, I hope to publish a few books. I just have this parallel universe of stories. This is where I base most of my drawings.
I hope to enter into numerous business not just fashion.
I do teacup divining and dream prophecy. I try to study aura reading and palmistry.
Like mysteries, the more you try to explain them, the more they become vague. So don't warp me into something explainable because I am what I am.

Saturday, July 2

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub. Two feet in a tub

As everyone knows, Pat has stinky feet. He doesn't like to clean it properly. I thought of a solution to cure this and

Found it! I was able to re-invent a new foot soak. No scrub needing, just soak up for ten long minutes. He can even just sit down and watch tv while the soak scrubs away the kagaw of his feet! I did it! I've done what no mortal man has dared to do: clean pat's feet.
this is progress for my beauty products business. I gotta get it patented!
Anyone wants to volunteer as another test subject?
I'll give you a jar for testing. hehehe.

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