Saturday, June 24

Stupidest Thing I've Heard

So, to appease Mr. A$$h*le, I decided to give in to his request on having a little tasting treat.
Fine! I put on an assortment of food on a tray. This includes: A piece of Chicken, pork Hong-ba, spaghetti, pork siomai, veggies and soup. We got a good review for everything except: the spaghetti.
You know what he said?
Kulang ng Toyo yung spaghetti niyo. Lagyan niyo pa siguro ng patis.
Where in the world do you put toyo or patis in spaghetti?
please, if you do, reply to me and tell me about it. Meatsauce man! Meatsauce! Its tomato sauce, tomato paste, onions, garlic and meat! Mom and I screamed at the cooks who said they put catsup in their last concession.
What is this guy? Nuts?

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