Monday, December 13

My 400th post

This post will be my Christmas Wishlist!!!
Although I'm sure everyone bought their present already.
Just in case some of them are here :-)

  • A wickedly cute umbrella with lace or prints
  • Clothes that fit
  • 2 bottles of Mr. Muscles Mold and Mildew Cleaner (spray type)
  • Portable CD Drive with burner
  • Killer shoes
  • Ninja or gladiators will do as well
  • If there's nothing else, gift checks for National and Powerbooks will do.

Friday, October 22

Sample world

Talecraft Fantasy World Building Contest


Create your own original fantasy world and present it in any medium you want. It could be a form of artwork or written as prose. Each contestant must present their world in 5 minutes at Powerbooks Greenbelt, 3pm, October 24, 2010.

Any 5 of the following must be presented:

· Conditions of magic

· Similarities/difference to earth

· Level of technology

· Description of people/race living

· Profile of Villain (Occupation, archetype, physical description and role in the world)

· Villain: His purpose/evil plan

· Profile of Hero (Occupation, archetype, physical description and role in the world)

· Hero: His quest/purpose in the story

· Fashion: Everyday clothing of everyday people

· Fashion: Special/occasional clothing (state the occasion)

· Fashion: National costume of one of the countries

· Lifestyle: Food available in the country.

· Lifestyle: disparity between rich, middle class and poor

· Language

My sample world

Sample: The World of Di

History: Ruled by twin Angels, they made humans who live there into conjoint twins.

Language: Common Language for entire world

Fashion: Mirror’s earth such that they wear jeans, cotton sun dresses, etc. Janusians are more Asian ethnic while Diplos have Grecian Inspirations.

Technology: Steam punk but with advances that are near modern.They don't have airplanes but they do have hydroblimps.

People: 4 different race: Janusians, Diplos, Ischios and Dicephaly

All of the people of Di are Conjoint Twins. They started as separate individuals until they drank of the Forbidden Fountain. After that, they started to die from the water. Aingel (Ain and Gel) conjoint the remaining people so that they will survive.

A dominant twin is different per twin type. For a Janusian, the dominant twin is the one with the frontal body. For a Diplo, the dominant twin is chosen by the parents. For Ischios and Dicephs, the DT comes out of the parents before the other.

Setting: City of Merga, located in Astranea

Melting pot of 4 races.

Population of 15 million living in Merga.

Tourist population: 5 million a year.

Merga lives through trade. It has no source of food, fuel or any natural resources. Since it is located in the middle of 4 nations, each twin set goes to Merga to trade.

Heroines: Marilyn and Caitlyn Salvador

Age: 16 years old

Twin Type: Diplos – Two bodies conjoint in the middle.

Marilyn is the “Dominant Twin.” She is the most logical of the two. She loves scrapbooking and photography

Caitlyn is whimsical and artistic. She loves dancing, sculpting and painting.

Villain : Serni and Daynel

Archetype: Dark Lord – Psychopath

Serni is not the DT but he kills his twin and takes over. Daynel is an empty rotting shell.

Evil Plot: To separate the twins again

How: Find the Fountain- the source of how the people in Di became twins. Use the water to create a virus to separate twins. Problem: when twins are separated, there’s a 50% chance one dies after the other.

Employs shady people to reach his goals.

The Story

Marilyn and Caitlyn move to the City of Merga. They meet new friends and attend a whole new school. While taking a field trip to Cambalez Valley, they rescue a human from the river. Since all of Di are Conjoint twins, the boy is considered a half-man. Some speculate that he is an angel.

Marilyn and Caitlyn embarks on a quest to help him find his memories back.

They accidentally uncover Serni’s plot.

Thursday, August 19

Painting Hats

1st in the Hat Collection: Lonely Hat

A little cotourish purple top hat with a giant wilting rose on top.

Friday, June 25

Espresso Launched it's Pilot

Hi All, Espresso comics is out, well, the pilot anyways.

After much hard work, Aki has to thank me for this! So what's my role in this? I'm her official "tig" and extra Kagebunshin.

Also, I made the maskot inside:
Introducing Feisty! Yes, he's feisty for a reason.
In loving memory of my dear darling Alonzo. No, Alonzo is not feisty but he's vulgar.
Aishteru Alonzo!

Wednesday, May 26

Term "Jejemon" explained

Jejemon is a pop-culture phenomenon in the Philippines characterized by a new style of writing — usually in text messages and on online social media platform such as Facebook.
“Jejemons," or those who embraced the jejemon fad, write "jeje" instead of hehe to indicate laughter. Using J instead of H might have been derived from Spanish, whose speakers denote the interjection as laughter, or because the letters "h" and "j" are beside each other on the computer keyboard, and that it is appended by "-mon" that came from the Japanese anime Pok√©mon, with "-mon" meant as "monster," hence "jeje monsters."

from:Jejemon fanatics find an ‘ally’ in Catholic bishop
GMANews.TV - Tuesday, May 25

Thursday, January 21

Breakfast at Cafe de Lipa

I had breakfast at Cafe de Lipa in Market Market.

I got a Hot Mocha Latte and Adobo Patte Pandesal. Total cost 145.00
It was a quaint and quiet place. There were always people inside it in the morning. Not full. Usually a small group with one or two tables. I decided to try it. Why not? I'm in Market Market everyday anyways.
The Mocha Latte was alright. Sorry, Cafe de Lipa, it was nothing special. It's ok but not really great. The Adobo Patte Pandesal was good. One thumb up since 45 pesos for one small pandesal felt a little steep. It really was patte and it is a must-try.
The ambiance is good. It was serene and conveniently located. Even if the mall was still closed, you can dine in at 7am.
I like the concept of the cafe. A blend of Filipino and western cafe style. Their specialty is Cape Barako from Batangas, hence the name Cafe de Lipa. Food are mixtures of the expected chocolate cakes, a few quiches and of course, a menu of Pinoy snacks. The snacks are mostly pre-prepared pandesal items.

Overall, it's a good place to try. It a fine place to relax.

Prices are same in Figaro and Bo's.

Tuesday, January 12

Racist in Avatar Movie?

In response to yahoo's article:

Yeah, perhaps it is the whole White Messiah thing but perhaps James Cameron didn't really intend to make it so.

For me, it is a well executed Futuristic Sci-Fi Pocahontas and Fern Gully. It one of those movies you watch to unwind. Yeah, some scenes were soooo cliche and expected but then if they didn't happen, you'd be disappointed.

So what do the critics want?

I like it. I'll probably buy the DVD and watch it a couple of times.

Cool world. Neat tech. Good execution. Colorful characters.

Wednesday, January 6

5 second spark

I bought sparklers, the only firecrackers I buy. This year, it has degraded even more. Apart from it being thinner and poorly looking, it was also poorly made. It left silver dust on your fingers, it stinks and it lights up for only five seconds.
I counted.
It was the just a spark the it died down. I even tested burning the whole thing. Nope. That was all the fire power it had.
Stupid firecrackers.
I'm not buying anymore next year!

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