Friday, May 23

Baby Boomers,0,1036393.blurb

Look at the above link.
Sound like your parents?


Happy Anniv Mom and Pops!

Monday, May 19

Yearbook Yucks

Company to reprint yearbooks after head switching
Sun May 18, 2:57 AM ET
McKINNEY, Texas - School officials say they are appalled by altered photos — including heads on different bodies — in hundreds of McKinney High School yearbooks delivered this week.

Yahoo Full Article here:

Thier heads are switched and they had to reprint!
Our AC02 Just came out LAST YEAR! (I'm Not Kidding!)
Nobody even bothered to reprint! We all look dead! There are some typo's and captions are all wrong!
My worst of all!
My sister's nickname was written on my space. In fact, her testimonial is the one on my space!!! As in, I'm a violinist and a movie star? Hey... I'm the artist! Where did my best friend's great testimonial went?
Can this awful yearbook be reprinted???

Sunday, May 18

My Tuxedo Lover Come Home...

Today, something knocked on the door.
Yes, knocked.
My mother had the shock of her life when she discovered who the visitor was.
It was my wayward baby Alonzo.
Talk about a raven rapping on my chamber door!
I was my Raven colored Alonzo rapping on the house door.
He has come home!
So happy, I gave him my chicken without hesitation.
He was sorry to leave so long. I could tell.
He was rubbing his head on my toes. He was trying to be affectionate.
Aw... 'Lonzo-kins. I love you too.

Thursday, May 15

For the Love of Joining!

I was watching reality TV and saw a documentary about conjoint twins, ones that function as people no matter how they are. It inspired me to create artworks on Conjoint/Siamese twins. Here is one above. A lot of people seems to like them. I named them Caitlyn and Marilyn.

This one is an originally concept of a guy named neonigma3 in DeviantArt. He asked me to make a rendition of one of his art. I made this. Ivori and Eboni. The clothes, I designed.

Tuesday, May 13

Go Speed, Go!

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer
He's a demon on wheels

He's a demon and he's gonna be chasing after someone
He's gaining on you so you better look alive
He's busy revving up the powerful Mach Five
And when the odds are against him and there's dangerous work to do
You bet your life Speed Racer's gonna see it through

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer go

He's off and flying as he guns the car around the track
He's jamming down the pedal like he's never coming back

Adventure's waiting just ahead

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer Go!

They kept it!
The song, the clothes and the look!

It was like watching an ever-changing kaleidoscope! Matrix meets Car Racing set in Jetsons age! Lots of Matrix camera angles happening and WWF moves on the car. Action-packed! I'm not spoiling anything because I think the movie is worth the watch! Don't buy pirated! Watching it in the big screen is part of the effect! Cool! Fast!

Speed, Trixie, Pops, Mom, Rex, Spritle and Chim2x are all in character. That's what I like about it. They also added spice and depth to the original 2d characters to make them 3d. Like, Speed, he really admires his brother. They show his childhood to explain why. Trixie, the very supportive was there from grade-school to high-school.
Mom and Pops, the clothes! They attitude! Pops really look likes Pops Racer! Mom is always understanding and constantly cooking!
What can you expect from Spritle and Chim Chim? Pranks and mischief! Candy thieves and stow-aways!
Sparky is the trusty mechanic. He's older in the movie but he's still part of the family. He doesn't follow dress code or character but he blends in.
Rex is complicated in 2d and 3d. What gave him depth is what he does in order to change the racing industry.

Go watch!

By the way, Mach 5 is not Speed's car. It's now Mach 6. The 5 belonged to Rex. That's the only give away I'm telling!

Saturday, May 3

Move Over Man of Steel!

Move over Supes, Steel can't beat this Iron flat!

*Warning! Spoilers and Details of the Movie!*

Genius playboy Tony Stark of Stark Industries is captured by terrorists and is forced to make one of his weapons for them. Due to a blast, his heart was raptured by shrapnels. Only a car battery is helping him alive. With superhuman genius expertise, he makes a sort of heart using his dismantled torpedoes. For three months, he and another weapons expert work to make an iron suit to escape. He escapes but his friend lost his life buying Tony time.
When he got back to the states, he sets his time cleaning up.

You'll love this guy. Especially in press conferences. He always makes a one liner that rocks the world!
First he said he was stopping weapons manufacturing. That dropped the stock market by 56%!
The highlight of the movie was the ending line he gave! No super hero in this planet could ever beat that!
"The truth is... I'm Iron Man!"
That was the bomb!

Some people might think Tony Stark is not a relateable character. Nerdy Peter Parker or even Mild Mannered Clark Kent are the relateable types. But don't you ever look at CNN and see the war on Iraq or the trouble in Afghanistan and wish you could do something. To all Americans, how do you feel about your taxes funding the military to perfect weapons and kill other races so they can be "pacified." Then also learn the same weapons sold to the terrorist so that they can counter the American attacks?
The beginning of the movie felt like Micheal Moore's Fahrenheit documentary. Then it felt like Batman Begins when he was in society and out flirting with girls. It got its own flair when he was testing his little project. Tony's gadgets have a humor of their own.

In a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a nine point five. It's a definite Barkada and Family movie.
Pictures from Yahoo Search

Dirk And Steele

I began reading a new series of books by a rising new author of Paranormal Romances. Although I feel she has more paranormal than romance, I do enjoy her stories.
This series circles around a detective agency named Dirk & Steele. It is no ordinary detective agency. All the members here possess some unique ability like telekinesis or they might be shape-shifters.

"Tiger's Eye"
All Dela wants is a vacation, but when she buys an odd little box from a Beijing market, she finds much more than that — she gets a djini: a shape-shifter, a warrior, the last of his kind. Hari has been used and abused for millennia, but upon his release from the riddle box, he sees his new mistress is different. In Dela’s eyes he finds hidden power. If only he dares protect, where before he has savaged; love, where before he has known hate. For Dela, he will dare all.

Shape shifters are introduced in this book. Hari is aTiger and is cursed as a djini. His got lucky that weapons expert Delila or Dela is the one to open his box. Dela's Aunt is head of the NY office of Dirk & Steele. Her powers are wielding metals. This first book grip you to read the rest of the series.

"Shadow Touch"
Elena Baxter can work miracles with her fingers. She can coax bones to knit, flesh to heal. She can mend the soul. She has been doing such work for almost all of her twenty-eight years. That is why she will be taken. But salvation awaits. it exists in a form least expected: a dream of a face, a brush of a mind, the hint of a kiss, and finally, at long last, a shadow touch.

One of Dirk & Steele agents, Artur Loginov is missing. He and others with talents are taken by a rival organization who also have agents with talents. He meets Elena who is a healer. They also rescue other shape shifters. This book is not one of my faves.

"The Red Heart Of Jade"
When grisly murders bring ex-cop and clairvoyant, Dean Campbell, to Taiwan, he finds a shocking truth -- and a woman he thought long dead. What follows is an adventure far more deadly than any that has been foreseen, a threat heralding immortal evil.

I first thought it was long and dragging because the stories are jumping from one thing to another. Mummies, arsonists, Taiwanese Super Stars, Red Jades, then dragons. What ties it all up? What does Dean and Miri have to do with all these?
Then the ending is a killer! The Jades are like books. They are passed from generation to generation and gets reborn into people's hearts. These Jades are actually like the book of Death. They can unleash their powers to mankind. But the maker of the book made a precaution that nobody can use it on its own. He chopped it in half and put it in one girl and one boy. For some reason, every generation, they will be born lovers.

"A Dream of Stone and Shadows"
There are those who do terrible things in this world, and those who simply watch. Charlie would do neither. Imprisoned, his only release is through his own destruction — or through Aggie Durand. Sweet as a kiss or a rescued child, she is the one dream he does not dare desire. As an agent of Dirk & Steele, she could be his salvation. Today, his dream is waking.

What, do you ask, is Charlie? He's a Gargoyle. Strange name for a gargoyle right? He can't really die. when he does, he lingers as shadow until he heals. In his shadowed state, he learns the plight of a little girl who is hidden in a basement and is used in a kiddy porn. He looks for a warrior who can do what he can't. He finds Aggie.
I like the story. Aggie is strong and like Dela, she likes to annoy Roland Dirk. Charlie is actually a modern Gargoyle. He doesn't stay ancient. he keeps up with the times. I love how Aggie saves him and his brothers.

To see more of Liu's books:

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