Monday, March 16

Njel's Early Recordings

"My Early Recordings" album launch in mag:net Katipunan.

I got a CD and it was great! We should support pinoy. Especially talented people like Mr. Njel, his band and his students. :-)

Congrats Mr. Njel De Mesa for winning best male performer in Philippine Digital Music Awards!

Saturday, March 7

Sacrifices of Lent

Abstain, fast, be good, do good.
Not really.

Ash Wednesday, I woke up to attend mass. I was the only one among these sleepy heads to do that. Then, abstain.
I promised not to drink sodas the whole lent. but I forgot and drank a float last Sunday. Whoops.
So, yesterday, Friday is fasting and abstinence day.
No meat, not dinner.
Lo and behold, the mother of temptation spring up in front of me in the form of crispy chicken nuggets.
Can't leave the table because we were having a powwow.
An I resisted!
I did not eat meat yesterday or dinner.

Made me think. Do corrupt peoaple high up there even observe the Lenten practices? Jade said her classmate brought prawns yesterday for lunch. what was that? The point of no meat was not to indulge in seafood. The point was to sacrifice something. Meat is the most common because we take it for granted. Try giving it up because you want to sacrifice something.

Saint Marie Euginie said: "Live simply So That Others May Simply Live."

These Euro generals, Garcia and his family, the first family and others who are in the news hotspot, they didn't live simply. The Legacy owner and others involved are not living simply. They lived beyond their means and who paid the price? The people. Now, the people cannot simply live anymore.

Lent is supposed to purge us of our excess.
So remeber that saying. It might save other's lives.

Thursday, March 5

Newby Kitties

Blindy gave birth to four kittens. Only two survived.

Two tiny little boys who look like hamsters. Kawaii!

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