Thursday, April 30

O-Neg is the Real Deal!

Currently addicted to True Blood!

I like Bill with his clothes on than without.
He's less broody and more romantic in HBO's TrueBlood Series.
Love him!!!

Love this song too!

Lyrics to My Vampire Heart - Tom McRae

Darling I'm lost
Adrift in the dark
I'm clutching your words
To my vampire heart once more
So let in the light
Turn me to dust
If it don't end in Bloodshed dear
It's probably not love

Here we are
In the darkest place
My reflection
Shows only your face

Something is found
Something is lost
Went looking for clues
On the streets of old New York
And I spilled someone's blood
I broke someone's heart again
Someone you know
You're looking at him my friend

And the people in our lives
We all leave behind
Leave behind

Here we are
In the darkest place
To keep from forgetting
I picture your face
And I wonder
While we count the cost
Which is sweeter
Love or it's loss

So I curse you
My vampire heart
For letting me you love you
Love you
For letting me love you
From the start.

Monday, April 20

Donsol: Our Vacation in a World of Giants 3

Day 2, The Whale Shark Adventure

Giant 4: Whale Sharks of Donsol

Whale Sharks are known locally as Butanding. They span up to 40 feet in length. Donsol is a possible breeding ground. They are migratory so it's not every year you get to see a whale shark.

Pay 3,500.00 per boat (max 6people) at the DOT plus 100/person registration fee. They assign you a boat and Butanding Interaction Officer or BIO. You get to watch instructional videos too.
It rained the day before so we didn't see much Butanding but what we saw are worth it!

4 grueling hours of looking for a Butanding, our BIO was frustrated as us. He doesn't want his clean record broken. He direct and drives the boat himself. We spot several pods of dolphins and flying fishes but that was it. Several boats were following us. They too were desperate. The DOT had a 3 hour limit but our BIO assured us we were not going home until we saw something.

So, off we went to spot one in the deeper area of the cove since we get beaten by other boats in shallow waters. BIO didn't want to share sharks.
He drive the boat and hands it to the crew when he spots something.
We gear up.
Boat intercepts Whale shark.
Ass lands on my head.
BIO say: "When I say look down, look down! Look down now!"
We do.


It felt like communicating with God. It was huge!
BIO says it was only medium, 20 ft in length. But my! it was 2m wide! It was magnificent. Picture do not do it justice.
It sauntered below us in a slow gliding swim, very shark-like but I'm not scared at all. I hear my breathing, steady. I head my heart, excited!
It was exhillarating!
We begged BIO for another one.

In the mean time, the other boats reached us and jumped too but they didn't see anything anymore. We got to it first!!!

Second sighting: Spotter sees the dorsal fins out of the water.
BIO doesn't want other baots to beat us. two other boats race to the Whale shark.
BIO screams: Intercept! Intercept! i-neutral mo! Jump!
We jumped!

This was closer! This was just as big! It slowly, silently glided the plankton-rich ocean and avoided colliding with us by ducking under. Just a centimeter more and I could touch it already! I felt it's movement, I tried to reach under. To hell with the 3meter rule! Shark, shark!

Nope, it was elusive as a thought.

The other boats jumped too and swam beside us but we were directly on top of the Whale shark. Our BIO was good. We had the expereince of a lifetime.

Encounters with a whale shark or dolphins are priceless. You should treasure it. These gentle giants are definitely worth seeing.
They are worth saving.
Butandings are indicators if the waters are still healthy. If we pollute the waters, they might not be back anymore.

  • The usual: Sunblock, Shades, hat/bandana, Underwater camera.
  • In the DOT, request for Kuya Romell as BIO. He's good and he had his own boat.
  • When in the boat, always be ready and alert. When the BIO says gear-up, get your masks on in 5 seconds or less and sit on the side of the boat.
  • Bring fresh potable water. The sea can be dehydrating. Also bring some snacks. Offer the crew some.
  • Tip the Crew and BIO. They may be paid by the DOT but it can make their day. 300 pesos is alright for the whole crew.
  • Do not litter. Scoop up trash you see in the water even if it's not yours. Save the Whale sharks and the dolphins!

Donsol: Our Vacation in a World of Giants 2

Donsol, still Day 1

From Legazpi terminal to Donsol Terminal, it takes 1.25 hours give or take 10 mins. It is 65.00 per person. Give an extra 25 and they will drop you in the resort where you are staying.
We stayed at Amor Beach Farms. Not a 5 star pace but it's clean and the food is good. The people are cheerful and helpful too.

Donsol has dark sand but it is fine and swim-able.

That night, we went Firefly watching. To have this, inquire at the DOT office. It is located beside Vuitton Resort. They charge 1,200.00 per boat. Max boat capacity 4 persons. Bring off lotion.

See fireflies in their multitude. Can't photograph them. Camera wasn't strong enough. Using flash might scare them. The night river tour with firefly watching is worth it. Ask your guide all sorts of questions, including scary stories!

  • Food costs around 150.00 per meal per person plus drinks. Tap water is potable and may be requested any time. If you have sensitive tummy, you can buy mineral.
  • Put lots of sunblock before going out of the sun.
  • There is a rocky span on the beach before the sandy part. Bring swimming shoes if you have them.
  • have Off-lotion in the night!

Donsol: Our Vacation in a World of Giants

Hi, Maita ere to share my travel experiences to Donsol. It's a Worth-it trip. If you have a Bucket list, this you must add. We swam with Giants and viewed some and became some!
I'm adding costs and tips to help you all out there what to expect. I know it helped me to read other people's experiences before travelling to places.

So at 5 am, we went to NAIA3 to board Cebu Pacific bound for Donsol. Got a good package. Make sure to eat a heavy meal in the terminal. Prices on board's a rip-off. c2 350ml is 50 pesos each. It only takes 45 mins so read the inflgiht magazine. By the time you're half way, it's time to land.

Day 1!
Giant 1- Mayon Volcano

We arrive at Legazpi Airport. Of course, we had to picture, picture right away. Mayon was getting cloudy on the spot.

Giant 2- Bell Tower

What was 4 tourists to do at 8am in the morning? See the sights!
We had to have more memories and we had to have it stored. With one trusty camera, we haggled the tricycle driver to drive us to the Cagsawa Ruins (Bell Tower) to view Mayon Volcano. We ended up with Super shooting galore with Kuya Rolly.

Trivia: Mayon Volcano has the most perfect cone in the world. It is still active. The most recent eruption was 1998. The Bell Tower still stand.
Giant 3- US! Take not: not photoshop! This picture is raw!
My tower! I'm not letting go!

  • Don't be afraid to haggle. These people are nice but they do want to make a profit. Haggle. They can understand Tagalog and bits of English. Trike ride from Airport-Cagasawa (30 mins)-Legazpi Terminal= 50/person.
  • There is a mall, Banks, and lots of restaurants in Legazpi. Try outunique restos and withdrw money here.
  • When in Cagsawa ruins, look for Kuya Rolly.(that's him, the thin guy) Give him your camera and ask him for a tour and take artistic shots. Give him tip= 100.00 It's worth it!
  • Wear sunblock!

Donsol 2009

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Thursday, April 2

Quarter Pounder?

Recession blues? Still a quarter pounder? I don't think so!
My boobs are bigger!
One breast weigh more than a McDo quarter pounder. Jade dared me to say that to a McDo person and even bring a weighing scale.
I told Jade that maybe fries and drink consist of the quarter pound too.

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