Monday, November 20

Road Block Warning!

Christmas is coming closer and closer. Warning! Kotong Cops are on the loose!
I'm serious. Have you noticed them? Kumakalat sa EDSA.
Drive safely everyine. Don't give them a reason. Any reason to catch you at all! They're gonna make some up. Make sure you look straight and smart. Driv in the middle road if possible.
If all else fail, avoid the busy roads! These MMDA Kotong Hulidappers have no conscience and will extract money wherever they can. That means us, the unsuspecting middle class.
I'll tell you why the middle class suffers next time. For now, know that things are going to get a little chaotic. Don't worry, it'll die down after the holidays.
Maybe that is one of the reasons wy God doesn't want to reveal the real birth date of His only Son.
Advance Merry CHristmas to all
More about Damiano (A Trio for Lute: Raphael)
I'm a little sad that by the end of the second book, Damiano died. But now in the third book, its ok. He's bac as a spirit with wings. I guess that means he's now an angel. He's watching over his friends and his even closest friend , the Archangel Raphael who sacrificed himself for Damiano's friends. Now, turned human by the trickery of Satan, Raphael has to survive enough to remember who he is. Can he hold on until his friends come rescue him? Right now, he's learning the basics of humanity. You must eat! After eating, food will exit your body after some hours. Poor Raphael.
Don't worry. God hasn't abandoned him completely. He sends him the angel Damiano and some earthly friends.

Saturday, November 18

Damiano's Lute

R. A. MacAvoy's second part from A Trio For Lute. Following the first story, Damiano, our hero is alive and well out of the clutches of Satan... or he thinks.
One year after Damiano Delstrego makes a pact with Satan, he is on the roads to Avignon. With him is Gaspare, a theif from San Gabrielle. Damiano took this scrawny boy and made him his dancer while he plays. They split profit evenly.
Of course, Raphael is close by. The Seraph watches closely at his beloved little student. Once in a while, he gives Damiano a lute lesson.
Of course, the witch Saara is also along disguised as a dove or sometimes an owl.
Damiano makes something of himself in Avignon. From a rich witch to the nothing that Satan wanted, Daminao rose and made something of his talents for music. He even played for the Pope who gave him a new Lute.
It was then that plague struck Avignon killing people in days even Damiano's benefctor. Gaspare's whore of a sister got the plague and was dying. With one act of bravery, Damiano transferred the plague into himself and asked Raphael to take him to a feild. There, Damiano breathed his last leaving his weeping music master to take care of the people he loves: Gaspare and Saara.
Gaspare, angered that Damiano had died instead of him, charged at Raphael and demanded he teach him the Lute the same style as Damiano.
I find Damiano's actions always touching. He tries so hard to be a Saint even though he believes he can't be one. He wishes if a glimmer of hope would permit him to be a saint but he died. The most touching scene I read was when Raphael gave Damiano a hair cut.
Memorable conversation: Raphael and Damiano
"Dami, Dami! You have power ofphilosophy beyond the mere angelic. Perhaps you have hit the reason for man being what he is."
"Reason? I did not know we had reason for being, Seraph. To understand the devil?"
"To forgive him. It is more than I can do."

Thursday, November 16


I thve thing thing called a librarything from It catalogs the books you have.

Monday, November 13


War torn Italy in 14th Century Europe, there lived a young boy named Damiano Delstrego. He has a curious life. He can do magic and is called damned by the people of Partestrada yet the Archangel Raphael himself comes down to teach him music.
This is a rather interesting book I`ve bought. I got it in BOOKSALE for 39 pesos. Its actually 3 storiesin one called A Trio for Lute.
So far, I`ve finished the first story. It tells about young Damiano at age 21. A rogue generalinvades his town and forces all the villagers away. He makes a pack with Satan to free his people and bring them back to where they call home. Towards his goal to first find his people, he encounters theives, grim weather and starvation. His love of his life Carla, rejects his love and enters the cloisters. So, the father of lies` grants him 50 years of peace but not prosperity to Partestrada in exchange, Damiano`s family will be lost from the histories and he shall die in 2 years. He agrees.
Finally when he leads the people of Partestrada to a bloodless victory, the mob him and tied him to be hanged. It was his teacher Raphael who came to the rescue.
"Ah, Dami, Dami! Do you know what is to be damned? It has nothing to do with fire. To be damned is only not to love." --Raphael
"I am not flesh, and I cannot understand you, but I love you, and I know you are not damned." --Raphael
I felt the story was simply written and because it is, it touches people a lot. Here is innocent Damiano who know of nothing about the world`s cruelty except that he knew witchcraft was a shaky subject. He was born with it and because of it, people though he was born damned and so he came to beleive too. This story shows you that you do not gain anything from the father of lies and that people are quick to judge. It also tells you that you have an angel guarding you. THough remains unseen, your angel loves you as you. No matter how silly you may be and act like a fool, God loves you because we are his image yet unique.

Sunday, November 12

Midsomer Murders

In a quiet English village called Midsomer, secrets are more abundant than harvest. Murders are as common as theives.
John Nettles plays DCI Tom Barnaby. He is assigned to Corston, Midsomer as a police cheif. Daniel Cassey is his assistant, Sgt. Gavin Troy.

I like these two characters. They are so calm and witty. Tom tries to blend while he composes his conclusions. He always has an idea or two up his sleeve and he always discovers the murderer/s. As for the handsome young Sgt. Troy, he`s an adorable character. He`s not the smartest in the series but he is very lovable and charming. Troy's always amazed on how Tom can always figure out things. That's why he's a police cheif and he gets down and dirty.
But he has his quirks. Tom's getting fed up with the mysterious town filled with family secrets, inherited lies and sexual mystries surrounding every murder.
His wife tries to make the best of it. Joyce Barnaby and the good cheif moves to Midsomer. Joyce gets invovled in Midsomer. She becomes a judge at local fairs, goes to watercolor classes and makes a garden.

I watch Midsomer Murders every friday in Hallmark Channel at 9pm S.E.A.

Monday, November 6

So much for quitting

Mom says she can't survive without me anymore. Especially now that mom has fired 4 people. Marina knows. She was there to act as witness.
Business as usual here at BSM and MGC. Hopefully now that the 4 are gone, there won't be pilfirages and stolen items.
I'm thinking of leaving again.
Well, there are many opportunities coming along the way. Hopefully, I get a shot at them.
Good news:
Went to the doctor. I lost 1 kilo since my diet program started. I know I said I don't care about being big or anything. It's just, this country's standard is thin women. I'm a subject of fat topics when it comes to family reunions. It hurts more than anyone knows.

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