Saturday, September 23

Cat Fight

My two meowy cats have been fighting. They fought and my dominant black male decided to not pursue the fight and move his residency under my window then under my shelves.
Then the smaller male cat that I call Pepper becomes grouchy and dominates the front porch. He`s usually a shy cute type. Now, he`s grumpy. He hates being cuddled and he marks everything he can mark. Yucky!
Yesterday, bati na sila.
It turns out, Pepper is asserting his dominance because he`s now sexually mature. He`s got a new girl friend and is now living with us on the front porch. This new cat is also ginger but has no trace of white like Pepper. I think this new cat had an owner. We call this new cat Puss in Boots because kamukha eh. Now, Puss is very friendly. This little ginger has very fluffy hair. I think she has a breed.
Today, surprise! My black cat, Alonzo, is styaing on the front porch. He`s friends with the two love birds. Pepper is having trouble with Puss. He think we`re getting to like Puss more than him. Oh! Guess what? Remember I told you Pepper`s girlfriend is Puss?
EEEEEE! Puss is a boy! When we carried him today, two bally balls greeted us.
I swear. These cats are gay. Alonzo and Pepper are then they had this little lover`s quarel. Now Pepper is getting a new boyfriend? What is the world coming to? These cats need a mother. They should have had their mother to train them but unfortunately, they got separated.
We could see the importance of parent not only for cats but also for humans. 

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