Sunday, October 30

The Mediator

There are people we take for granted in class.
They are ridiculed and taunted a lot.
They do things to bring people to gether. Perhaps their methods may confuse us but it is all for the right reasons. These people are called mediators.
We have our own mediator in class. He made the retreat possible.
To thank that friends, I write this blog entry.
Vic, keep doing what you do! You always bridge lives, remember that!
If people tell you that you are chismoso, you relay information with the intention to make people understand not confuse them.
You make sure everyone in the group is safe and well.
In a way, you looked after us all.
There are harsh people in this world but thank God there are people I can count on like you!

SM Surplus Deception

Times are hard but does that mean you have to decieve to boost sales? This is what happened yesterday in SM Bicutan Surplus. We were shopping for pants. There was a big sale on pants with prices P249.75 each. It says so in the rack that the price was down. Then in the counter, the price was P399.75. The sales lady reasoned that a customer might have placed it there by accident. But that was quite impossible for the rack was organized and all pants in that rack were the same! The sales ladies didn't want to get the sign down. We called the supervisor but she only smiled and said sorry. The sign was taken down but the price was not. When we were leaving, they put back the sign. Talk about deception!
This is a warning to everyone. Careful! Times are hard and people are harder! When there is a descreapancy on prices, complain so they would know they can't fool you.
This happened in SM Bicutan in Surplus.

Monday, October 10

Heroes Aging on Stone?
Are the heroes vanishing? On their pedestal of stone, are they crumbling?
In our hearts, are they disappearing?
We had a school project to go to Caloocan last Saturday. I got some pictures form my digicam. Are these sites still worth seeing?
Now I examne in me if these heroes really died for something. I remember I wrote in my first novel(which got deleted) something one of the Characters said:
"Heroes dying, they get praising.
In the end, they died for nothing."
Did they?
What they did? The selfless act, the fighting, the dying... Are we proud to be called as Filipinos? Rizal and Binofacio, would they be proud of us?
We who patronize other countries? We who oppress the least of our brothers and sisters?
We who has forgotten our heritage?
And the ones in power? We who place them where they are, can we be proud of leaders who bring shame to our country?
The heroes have aged in our minds. We never even bothered to give birth to new ones. The heroes have aged in our hearts. They fade in the stone pedestal, they fade in our lives.

Sunday, October 9

Aurum Est Potestas

Meet Artemis Fowl, criminal Mastermind since age twelve. What do you do when you have the highest IQ recorded in all Europe. This Irlandskii boy has many enemies on his tail. Also, loyal friends.
But who is Artemis Fowl?
Gold is power. That's the family motto he abides by. For generations now, the Fowls have been involved in illegal dealings though none proven. Our young Artemis Fowl II is not about to break family taditions. Not even after his father, Artemis Fowl Senior, vows a straight life for him and his family.
Not Artemis. The more dangerous the escapade, the more he feels up to the challenge.
He has 12 patented chess moves. He forged and auction a Van Gogh, Diary of Leonardo Da Vinci and others. What else can a genius do? Oh yeah! Write a psychology book.
He calls himself Artemis the hunter, after the Greek goddess of hunting. once in a while, as he claims, a mortal is fit enough to bear the name of Artemis and that, my dear friends, is our young Master Fowl. He hunsts for thrill and possible victims.
Gold is power and power is what he looks for. Not to mention every time he blackmails, he gets gold in ransom. That's our young Artemis Fowl.
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