Thursday, May 31

Dinosaur Planet Survivors

Kai awakes and find out he slept for 43 years in Ireta. What a case of Ripvanwinkle! He wakes his companions, Varian, Lunzie, Protegin and Triv to Dinosaur Planet.

A novel by Anne McCaffrey. It is very much connected to Sassinak. You will meet her in the end of the book. If you read "Sassinak", you will encounter Ireta on the end of the book.
An EEC Exploration team was sent to Ireta, a supposed unexplored Planet. A mutiny of the human sect called Heavyworlders sets back the exploration team. To escape with their lives, the remaining humans hid in a cave and put themselves into coldsleep. 43 years later, Ireta is still as hostile as when they first slept. To add to their troubles, the mutineers has produced to a second generation and is expecting a colony ship in which more heavyworlders will come and colonize Ireta.
On the other hand, there are others who want to claim the hostile planet. The bird-like Ryxi is light years away and wishes a stake. The Thek, a stone-like creature who are a law unto themselves, claim that Ireta was their long time ago. Now, only a FSP Fleet can help them.
When things might go wrong, enter FSP Fleet Cruiser Zaid-Dayan 43. Led by Commander Sassinak, they were able to stop the piratical colony ship and aid Kai and his team. The FSP decided to encarcerate the surviving mutineer and let the two other generation stay only in the plateau which they have held for years. The Thek decided to be kind to Kai and his team noting that the trouble was not their fault and they have lost 3 years in the process. They gave Kai and his team rights to sell ores and other resources while his team lives.
Lunzie goes with Commander Sassinak with the Zaid-Dayan to fight the menace of Planet Pirates.
It is when the Thek reveals that Ireta was a world created by the Thek as a zoo. Millenias ago, the thek visited Mesozoic Earth and found the Dinosaurs. They took some and sent them to Ireta because they knew Earth was rapidly changing and Ireta would not. Ireta is a zoo for the Thek, a zoo to preserve the wondrous reptilian beasts that was once the mighty dinosaurs.

Monday, May 28

Attack of the Planet Pirates

I've just read Anne McCaffrey's Sassinak. A book from her Planet Pirates Series.
Sassinak was thirteen when slavers kidnapped her and sold her twice for cheap labor. A Fleet officer befriended her and taught her what he knew. When she had the chance to be rescued, she in turn rescued the Fleet officer, Abe. Having no more family left (the pirate slavers killed them all), Sassinak was adopted by Abe and sent to Fleet school. The night of her graduation, Abe was killed.
It was on her first mission that she discovered Abe's killer and sent him to justice. She later finds out a hunch Abe told her long ago. There were insiders in the Fleet in league with the Planet Pirates. Sassinak vowed to find them and destroy them like they destroyed her world and her childhood.
At 40, she was now commander and captain of her own Fleet vessel, the Zaid-Dayan. With it, she was able to rescue one group of slaved colony. But it wasn't enough, not for Sassinak. She was led to Ireta, the mysterious Dinosaur Planet. There, she was reunited with Lunzie, her great-great grandmother who was younger than her. Together, they formed a team who vowed to eradicate the menace called Planet Pirates.
How was she able to be older than her great-great grandmother? Sassinak aged accordingly while Lunzie entered coldsleep one too many times. Coldsleep is a state you can put yourself in space so you won't age while you sleep for months and even years. Lunzie has two previous adventures giving her extra long life. Sassinak finds her at 36 while she at 46.
  • On the way to Pern, the humans put themselves into a 15 year coldsleep to conserve resources and space during the trip to Pern.

Wednesday, May 23


Two writers have given me lots of insights about horses. Tamora Peirce and her Tortall Stories and Anne McCaffrey. Terms i have not heard of for horses were made clearer when searched in Wikipedia.

Funny, it seems horses take a lot of time caring for. I remember dad used to raise horses in the farm. Now, no more horses. Too much work, he says. Horses is not indigenous to the Philippines so they are not the best kind. Perhaps it is the hot weather.

Anyways, here are some terms I encountered and will explain just in case you will see them in books that don't have explanations.

Stallion- A male horse, not castrated. They have a fiery temper.

Mare- Female horse.

Gelding- A castrated horse. They are able to work in groups and are more softer in nature.

Roan- A color in a horse. The base color is white with another color mixed into them.

Tuesday, May 22

Earl Grey

Let me tell you about Earl Grey, a cat who lives at our backyard.
Earl Grey is a handsome young cat about three years of age. He is quite fetching in his grey and white fur and he looks like he has black eyeliner all the time. Me and my sis describes him as a rake. He loves to flirt with women and women cats. Cute Earl.
One thing though, he seems very afraid of his ex-wife every time she comes for a visit. The Countess of Grey or ex-countess now, is a vindictive cat who loves to pick fights. It's Don Alonzo Cattywampus who she picks the fight with. And he's willing to fight! She and her now lover Bob, a Yankee bob-tailed cat go off into he night loving the brawling life.
The ex Comtess de Grey has a lot of children. From her marriage with Earl Grey, she produced five children. She shunned Turtle, his eldest, because of his gender confusion. Blindy and mouse, she left for dead. Mouse died but Blindy survived and is the youngest child so far. Blindy is now living with her father and is very happy.
The Duc D'Orange (we call his Duky or Orange) is the Earl's long time friend and is quite in the late 7th of his years. Strangely, he proposed and married Blindy. Blindy is not yet 1 but is already close and fostered the relationship wit the Duke. She is now Dutches of Orange, much to her mothers surprise.
Earl Grey's ex still visits only to get something to bite now and then. She doesn't seem to genuinely like the Earl other than for providence.
Earl Grey and I are good Friends. Alonzo doesn't seem to mind our friendship. he and Earl protect Blindy from her vindictive mother and lover.

The Lady

I tried to read a Romance novel by Anne McCaffrey. Yes, the same writer of The Dragonriders of Pern Series.

The Lady has a different style from her Sci-fi Genre but deffinately Anne. Is is about Three people and lots of horses. The Carradynes have been breeding Horses in Cornanagh for more than 200 years. Captain Micheal Carradyne sees potential in his youngest daughter at an early stage. But Catriona Carradyne's mother forbids her. Catriona blames herself for the marital trouble and the eventual death of her mother due to over fasting. Lady Selina Healey is a client of the Carradynes. She absolutely adores Catriona and puts it upon herself to guide the child after her mother's loss. Selina falls in love with Cornanagh, Catriona and of course, Micheal whom she launches an affair with. Little did Micheal know about marital trouble Selina is experiencing. David Healey, a banker, neglects his wife and when he comes home, he beats and rapes her.
Selina finds solace in Cornanagh, the people and the horses. In the end, she files separation from David and lives with Micheal.

All's well that ends well. Everyone in Cornanagh gets what they want in the end. Yeah fine, Selina and Micheal are having an affaire but then you just want to forvige her because of David. Selina really loves Catriona too.
Romance stories are supposed to have a happy ending. Micheal and Selina are together and Catriona will continue Horse Shows and will soon run Cornanagh. Though most of her family leaves within the story to find a better life in the US, Catriona is adamant to stay and Selina, not a part of Cornanagh, will stay with her forever.
One song comes into my head the whole time I read this:
Wild Horses by Natasha Beddingfeild

Friday, May 18

Alonzo Moods

I don't know why but Alonzo is in a grouchy mood lately. He doesn't want a scratching. he doesn't want to make lambing. Not even a nice chin rub!

What's the matter, catty?

He's so down and bored. He doesn't want to eat on my hands. He doesn't want a nice cuddle wuddle. He seems depressed.

Is there any prozac for cats? I know I got rid of his colds, it came back and he's quite cured the other day. Now, he is a mood.

Now what, wampy catty?

Thursday, May 17

Maxine Boutique Now Open

Our Maxine Boutique opened yesterday at TriNoma mall in QC. Whew. It was hard effort opening it. We all stayed in the wee hours just to finish.

The trinoma mall is big but not all stores are open yet. Hopefully, there will be good transportation system. For now, bus, MRT and Taxi are the ways to commute there. I was hoping they would have some FX that would go down south.
Things in that mall are certainly priced higher than normal stores. For one thing, they want it high end. Ayala said they want a Glorietta meets Greenbelt mall. Saw some of the shops. Yes it is.
I am beginning to see how inflation works.
For now, yey, we're open!

Thursday, May 10

Maxine Pictorials

Yey! Our photoshoot!

Wednesday, May 9


In my role playing blog, the characters I used are parallel to my real life. Like Alonzo.
Alonzo is my big, heavy but not fat, lazy (Bum-ass!) Cat.
For Aki's blue, Oliver is her cat thus Oliver is her fire-lizard.
There is still some question of Oliver's fraternity. Though he looks like Alonzo, his build is nothing like Alonzo's. For my bronze champion is brave (though lazy) and affectionate. His physical characteristics are big boned and long torso. His hair is smooth and thick stranded.
Oliver is fat, short and thin boned. He is a mojor coward and does nothing but eat!
So what do you think? Anak ni Lonzo? Mana sa ina?
Not related? Distantly related?

Monday, May 7

Summer heat

I've heard that the heat has reached 38 degrees. High fever heat. Yesterday, I just ddropped in bed and with the aircon on and the fan directed at me. Still warm. Not even showering lowered the temp.

Saturday, May 5

Talecraft is Out!

Talecraft is now out. It is available in Booktopia!
Hopefully, the other bookstores will agree to sell our cards too!
Yey! Please support us!

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