Monday, January 30

The Story of My Cats

I've been looking at my past Meowy pictures. There were still so young!
From baby litters of 5, they grew. I remeber it was trouble when they started to eat. With 5 baby cats feeding on a little star margarine bowl, there was plenty of troubles. Six cats inside the house was trouble enough! They hid under the table on top of the chairs. I remebered Dad wanted to sit down when he pulled the chair, behold! A bunch of lazy catties slumped together. Then, we put two separate bowls and made them sleep outside. Then, unexpectedly, they adopted Tyke. Tyke is a grey tiger cat. He had black lips and developed large ballies. hehehe. He hated being picked up. His closest was feisty cat. Then, Doggy jr ran away. Doggy jr is an exact likeness of her mother. She was the last to be born.
Before I continue, you might want to know these cats better and in order:
Dog (Jade named her)- Mother cat. White with black spots, black tail with a white tip. She likes having sex with a lot of male cats. Growses her little litters so. Wawa catties!
Fatty- THe alpha male. big and fat. He grew beautifully. Very masculine and grew a goaty too. distictive for a cat. I know his face so well. He can understand my words and hand signals. Very smart but loves isolation. Loves a good headscratch but hates being kissed.
Jade calls him Alonzo.
2nd- Not named- He was hiven away as soon as he stopped breastfeeding. Jade's friend requested a domesticated cat.
Cute Catty- Very feminine. Yes but he's a man! Yup, He started to grow balls but retained the "sheness" quality in him. He's very affectionate and smart. He can detect feelings. I felt very close to Cute Catty. He knew if I was sick, he'd rub himself at once to me. Doesn't fight much if I give him a bath, so he's the cleanest cat. I also keep him in my bedroom.
Feisty cat- Very feist. Doesn't want to go near me. Scratches JAde a lot. All black except the snout and belly. She remained small but kinda resembled a panther if she was all black.
Doggy Jr- complete resemblance of her mother. She ran away witht the neighbor's cat and never returned.
Tyke- He's a grey tiger cat. He hates being picked up. Struggles everytime I catch him. He usually lazed in the garden always beside Feisty. Sometimes he trialed Fatty.
Tyke was actually adopted by the 5 other meowys. Yup. Everytime the little kittens breastfeed, he comes near. Dog doesn't let him near first but then, he started to play with the other kittens. We all knew he was abandoned. Dog finally accepted him and let him breastfeed with them. See it in my shutterfly album.
So there's the first bunch. Then, six months later, a new batch came.
The alpha cat was bon just like Fatty but he had a big birth mole just before his nose near his eyes.
The next cat was completely black!
The third and fourth were twins. They were dark grey tiger cats.
The last one was all white except the tipo of the tail. She was so white!
Yup, neighbor's cats again. It was that dark grey cat from one of the neighbor's house. I thought it was that ginger colored cat with a red collar. She was always with him. She even let him eat in the same bowl she does. She wouldn't let anyone else does them.
So the catty equation would be:
1 (Dog) + 5 (first batch) + 1 (Tyke) - (2nd Cat) - (Doggy jr) + 5 (2nd batch)
= 10 cats!!!
As if that wasn't enough! The first and 2nd batch unanimously agreed to adopt an abandoned ginger cat: Seargent Pepper.
Seargent Peper clung on to Cute Cat and occassionally to Fatty. Mostlty, this little kitten stuck with the 2nd batch. The 2nd batch always stuck together.
So then, the faithful day that we moved. The next day, I returned for my cats, they were gone! Song of the day: Gone by Justin T. Baby you're gone! Baby girl, you're gone!
Then: Unbreak my Heart by Toni Braxton. I tried to talk to any cat on the streets to see if my cats were still alive. I told them my address. I told them to see if any Fatty or Cutty still roamed the streets searching for me. As I have guessed but hoped was not true, the caretakers of the house stewed them in a soup! There were mounds at the garden with fresh sand! Not earth but sand! in mounds! I knew it!
A month passed and a certain meowing came from the garage doors then the fatty cat jumped inside from a small hole. Fatty was so then I didn't know what to call him anumore. So I cleaned him up and fed him milk and bread. Then, outside I saw that he brought along Seargent Pepper. Cute litte Pepper cat was scared and frail. I fed them both and nursed them back to health.
Fatty healed fast. His wounds and scabs came off. Seargent Pepper was different. He didn't want to eat and was sicker longer. He coughed. Oh yes! Cat's cough, burp, hiccup, choke and fart! I had to force milk inot him. Though Fatty kept drinking the milk when Pepper didn't respond. I feared the worse but I was vigilant. I wrapped him in rags and was very patient about the milk. Fatty and Pepper were back to normal.
Fatty re-learned all his ricks again. In fact, I taught him the trick of Cute cat. But the bond we had with Cute Cat was strong. I couldn't really compare to what Fatty or Pepper has with me. Sure, Fatty is courteous and cautious. He doesn't bite or scratch me. He's careful to eat from my lap or fingers. Pepper on the other hand, learns by example from Fatty. He can't really comprehend as much but getting there. He still can't stand long enough or learn to catfch food with his paws like Fatty. Only Fatty can eat bread from my mouth. Hehehe! I call it lips to lips!
In time, Fatty and Pepper help fill the hole in me. Yup, I needed someone to listen. Not to my words but to my heart. The vibration my heart makes and their vibes from their emotions. Not that I don't have friends. It's just cats have this healing power I need. Because I was forced to mature faster than I planned, my healing wore away with it. Perhaps I can try to heal other people but who's going to heal me?
I need a hug from the cats. Plus, they are very good massagers.
Even if I view myself as a fish or mermaid, I feel I have this deep connection with cats.
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Thursday, January 26

Zoo Pictorials

We had pictorials the other day in the zoo!
See this site for some of the pictures I took.
The actual photographs will be placed in the souvenir programme and flash presentation.
This new site is from shutterfly. It's an album collection of some of the pictures I want to share.
Feel free to browse around.

Monday, January 23


Whoops! Maybe you have to look side ways. hehehe. I'll fix it later.
For now, gotta go...

I'll leave you staring at this picture.

Friday, January 20

Working Vacation

It's vacation for me but it didn't hinder me from working. I'm calling, texting and e-mailing people left and right. Things are getting delayed but even if I were in Manila they'd still get de layed. It's a fact of life thing. You can't get what you want when you want.
So now, the show tickets are being sold at ticketworld.
see this for the Inter-Kultura Fashion Show by Avant Designer League:
I'm happy. It's step one. Posters and tarps are to be relased monday. Then, clothes need last checking. Models then stage and backdrop.
Our Davao trip is ending but it was quite an experience. I feel like a native in my own land. I'm glad to have visited. People are still friendly. Everything here is still as laid back as before.
We'll be going to the beach tomorrow. Then when we get back, uwi na Manila. Awww.

Thursday, January 19

Early Birds in a Song

Today, Ja and I woke up at 4am. I was our first time to see a Mañanita. They started at 5 though. A group of singers serenaded Nanay until she came down. Nice guesture. Lovely tradition. If I can only trace it back.
Yesterday, you would not beleive what happened. Ja and I got our ears peirced!!! Yes.
An in a pedia's clinic. They were expecting kids but two female adults came. Whoops wrong clinic! But it's ok. The doctor peirced our ears.
Lunch, we ate in Chippens. Not a cheap place. A classy counterpart of Cabalen. Good food. Good service. We also went to the famous China China. It's like scattered stores with Made in China goods. Kinda like 168, only in individual stores scattered around the Sta. Anna district.
They, to Johna's to buy ethnic beads. I've spent a lot here. It isn't exactly cheap but I love the shells and brass and wooden beads. Lovely. Then, off to Aldevinco. I got these cute earings.
All in all, mom was right. I have the tendency to spend all my money in shopping. I bought the strangest and coolest stuffs too. From wooden badminton rackets to sponge slippers to plastic dolphins! Practical? Useless?
It's not what you bought.
Its the shopping experience!
This morning, after resting from breakfast, Ja and I played badminton for 46 minutes. The grass was newly watered so our feet were wet after playing.

Tuesday, January 17

Davao day 2 and 3

Ok, her'e what happened yesterday:
We went to NCCC which is very near nanay's house. As in walking distnace. As in across the street! There, we looked around. There were a lot of things for sale and exhibit but security is as tight as airport. Asian Tourism Forum deligates were there too.
Then we went to SM. There was an exhibit and bazaar on the 2nd floor also for the delegates pero welcome mga tao. Mahal! Yung mga china china pearls 1000 per strand!!! Had lunch in Dencios. We had BBQ pork, BBQ Chicken, Sisig, and 3 rice, Iced tea na bottomless for drink. It cost us 239.00 in Dencios. Iniwan ko na 11 for tip.
Then, we went to Gaisano Mall. I bought Jadey a lot of things! What about me? Swimsuits are too small there!!! Hope she likes it. Lovely for summer top!
Then we went to Victoria Plaza. I finally bought a nice swimsuit. (2peice!) Then, more shopping. Ja also bought a 2 peice!!! Wooow! Sexy Bikini!
Then, I took Ja to Blugre! (Pronounce:Blue-Gray) Yum. Its Davo's version of Starbuck. only with Durain coffee and Durain Fraps. What do you expect in Durian Country?
Weird for her ang Durian pero I enjoyed it. Fresh and blendered durian with cream and coffee! Yum!
So now, we are in netopia. waiting for ahia jun. We're going to Malagos Monkey Eating Eagle!!! It's an eagle breeding ang preservation site. Alo a zoo. Parang ayaw ko ng animals? Save the animals!!!

Monday, January 16


Ja and I are in Davao!
Lat me kwento. Here's what happened so far.

Kakatawa dahil pink and denim suot naming dalawa. Great minds talaga! Bag namin pareho din tapos sabit sabit pa sa amin ang mga SLR cameras. HAHAHA! Dalawa kaming walang breakfast and la lunch. Bili ako ng mamon. SUPER Mahal food. Bili si Ja sotanghon and share kami drink. Sotanghon is like 60 and mamon is like 30!!!
We waited sa pre-departure. Super kwento namin ni Ja, we forgot the long wiat. 12:20 bigla nalang naglaline ang mga tao. Tapos nakita namin DAVAO sa sign. So takbo. After boarding, super tagal before umalis plane. mga 1:20 na. Yung plane before us na supposed to leave 12:20 delayed so hindi kami makaalis unless nakaalis na sila. So after the short trip with a pack of cream-oh and C2 (Robina products) we landed. Super kwento nawala ang time. Ito pa, we were talking about Plane crash and the show na LOST. Nagcrash isang plane sa isang island and mga people na nagsurvive have to find a way to really survive or get LOST. Maybe finifreak out namin katabi namin. Parang kami lang naguusap and tulog lahat eh. Or stunned silent because of our kwento of plane crash!
By the way, parang kalahati lang mga tao sa plane. Hindi puno. When we got to the luggage area, got our baggage tapos naweweewee si ja so CR. Tapos, la nang tao. Parang ghost town. Feel ko tuloy nasa NAIA3 kami. Freaky! Echoing silence.
So Ahia Jun picked us up. Tamang tama, paglabas namin ng airport door, bagsak ulan. Amah prepared food. Yummy! Lechon Manok and bihon then that dessert she always make. Thier house is very nice. Dramatic effect!Then,we had to go nanay house. Bonding nanay and ja. Baka daw may relatives si ja kasi marami siyang kapangalan here. Ha search for family tree!
So then we went to Hanoi

9tita Neneng's new restaurant) Si Ate Trishell and Tita Neneng were there.
May ATF conference ngayon sa Davao. Hope hindi matao or mataasprices. Anyways, reserved and Tsuru and Hanoi today just for the delegates. Maki delagates nga rin kami!

We go to NCCC mall the SM then Gaisano then Victoria. Mall tour kami.
Tomorrow's plan:
Maonkey-Eating Eagle Preservation area and Zoo. Kaloka when i shouted "Monkey eating tayo!" sa car, Ja thought we were going to eat monkeys! I don't think I'm cut to eat things that are too exotic thank you.
Hugs and Kisses!

Saturday, January 14

Bye Bye Aki

It's 6 o' clock. Just brought Aki to airport.
Awww... Uwi na aki! Waaaaa!
2 months more before she comes back home!

Friday, January 13


My ode to my fave pants.
When I first got you, you were blue green. Through the years, you became sky blue with white marks. Pretty cool huh? Mom bouhgt you in Australia. Loved the style. The tag was this heart-heart thing. Kawaii! Then, yesterday, after extreme biking, riperidooda! My thighs caught in the overly huge bike seat. Ok, pants... time ti retire. It's been a swell time these past 3 years.
I'll be deconstructing you tomorrow! hehehe.

Tuesday, January 10

Time is of the Essence

Yup, it is. I am making major phone calls in the morning and setting out in the afternoon. Whew. Who knew this show was big work!
I knew. Thank God I have no more school.
Next week, Ja and I go to Davao. Hehehe. Break! Cultural experience!
I have to set everything by then. Whew! May, this is kill! It's the phone calls that kill. I kinda think the Mayor's ofice is avoiding me. The person I needed to talk to keeps on giving excuses not to get to the phone. He's with the mayor, in the bathroom, out to lunch: call back 10 mins, then 20 mins then 1hour. Man! Pero hindi ko siya tinigilan. Finally this morning, I got it. I was able to talkk to him for 5 mins. It wasn't that bad. All I needed were some questions answered and things he had to do for me. Was it that bad? He made it look like it was. Even if his secretary said he was out, I hear him at the bg.
Pictorials on the 24th. CAn't wait!
We'll see ya on the show!

Saturday, January 7

CAn YoU ReaD tHiS?

This is coming to my e-mail box over and over again. So let me pass it on here so everyone can read it.
if they can...

Can you read this?
Olny srmat poelpe can. cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs psas it on !!

Wednesday, January 4

Day of Work

It's the 4th of January and it's the first day of office. Yes, government offices are open so I started to make phone calls here, bank trips there. All for the show.
The fashion show is going to be grand. Why? Because I want to make it so. It's for the good of our country. I'm helping the tourism board boost.
Just got out of sickness and I'm running around already. Everyone thinks I might get a relapse. I'll try to slow down a little.
Oh, had a revamp of designs. I want it pure Piña. Mahal? I guess. I have 6 yards each for my groupmates. Six to work on and I'll be buying pure Piña for the final gown. Good luck to me!

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