Friday, December 17

Tails, within or beside

Mermaids around the World

Throughout time and around the world, there have been tales of mermaids. As Early as Babylon, there are tales about mermaids. Oannes or Ea, the sea-god was depicted as a merman. The Syrian moon-goddess, Atargatis, for the Philistines Darceto was a mermaid. Polynesians had Vatea who was the common image of the mermaid. The early British know them as Merrymaids. The Irish knew them as Merrows or Muirruhgach. Along Scandinavia, they have the Havfrue (merman) and the Havmand (mermaid). The Norwegian mermaid known as Havfine was believed to have very unpredictable tempers. The Germans knew the Melusine as a double-tailed mermaid. Denmark has its shares of single tailed and double tailed mermaids. They are depicted in their fountains.
In Asia, there are number of tales of mermaids too. The Japanese had Ningyo, a mermaid with only the head as human. For the Philippines, was have a two-tailed mermaids called the Mambuburog.

Nobody knows the origins of mermaids. They have been around since civilization began. Mermaids are depicted differently in different places. One thing is common, a part of these creatures are human while the other half is fish. Whether a product of crossbreeding or mutation, the mermaid image have symbolism. There is some human-ness in mermaids. It may be the emotions.

The usual depiction of the other half of a mermaid is commonly a female. This can represent the Femme fatale that banned the worshipping of mermaids. Early Christianity depicted females as sinful. Her usual items on hand were combs and mirrors, emblems of vanity.

The side of the fish is the representation of freedom. To be able to swim into the vast ocean unbridled is freedom only some can imagine. We can also say that the union of the upper half and the fish half is a symbol of life. Water as represented by the fish is the source of life. It is where life began and life is sustained by water.

We can also say that the image of the mermaid represents Christianity. Christ depicts the church as female while he is the represented by the fish, Ictus. The union of the church and God is the mermaid.

There are mermaids around the world. Perhaps they are a race, hidden away from the world or perhaps just creatures that coexists with us. One thing is certain. There are mermaids on earth. Within us or among us…

Monday, December 6

The Feet of Squalid

Pat, my everlasting source of blog topics.

Ok, here it is. This’ll crack ya.
I was lazing around last night when Pat looked at the soles of his feet. Take note, he just got out of the showers. His feet were so dirty, they were literally black.
“Pat! Paano ka naligo?!!!” I exclaimed.
“I can’t remember where I got this.” He said. “I think it was something I stepped on yesterday.”

Oh my God, Pat! Yesterday pa yun. Midnight na of the next day nandyan pa tin yang dumi sa paa mo.


Sometimes, I have no idea what to do to him. He has the grossest feet in the world and he even admits it. He’s scared of going to baths. His “bath” takes him only 60 seconds and counting. What on earth does he do in the bathroom?
I do know!
I accidentally opened the bathroom once and saw him “taking a bath.” That’s what he gets for not locking the door. He was on the cry tiles leaning over the shower area with a tabo of water under him. He scoops some water and sprinkles it on his face and arms. Some on his hair so it’ll look wet. For soap, he passes his hands on the soap and wipes it on his face and arms then wash off with just a sprinkle of water. Total usage of water= 2 cups or less. Man! How can he bare that!
I give him a bath and he doesn’t want his back wet. What kind of bath *x*?I can give the cats bath and it’s easier that Pat, mind you. I just can’t understand him. Sure it saves water but hello! Long term effects: pimply face, moldy feet, disgusting skin! How’re you gonna get a girl, Pat?

Saturday, December 4

Was there a time when... you changed?

Was there a time when you don't want to feel something you are feeling?

I am a woman who is very intuitive but when it comes to big decisions, the heart presides.
The night is starless as my dreams are starless. I saw him again, the face that could rival a Renaissance marble sculpture.
I though my heart was as cold as stone yet it was like ice tonight. It melted in from of an Apollo. This feeling makes me jump up and down at the same time, feel weighed down.
This feeling makes me insecure.
I never cared about what I ate or how I look. When the right guy comes, he’ll see me for what I am.
But what if one day you saw everything differently. You started to put make up and spend two hours in the bathroom instead of one. You even can’t decide what to wear because it might make you look big.
Suddenly, you are the most girliest person in the world. Cosmetics, perfumes and cute things attract you.
Suddenly, you feel different.
Perhaps this is a stage. Would this just pass?
Perhaps it’s media. All around, people fall in love. All around the media tells you romance is a complete life. You gotta have someone to complete you. Do you? Do I?

Perhaps I really am changing.

Was there?

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