Tuesday, March 14

Eat Drink and be Buried

Finally, finished another book. Not much in the reading spree. Wonder why? Maybe because I usually read in class and between them.
Eat Drink and be Buried by Peter King
It's a nice read.
Presenting the Gormet Detective. When the world finest restaurants needs help in finding ingredients, lost recipes and methods of cooking, they turn to the renown Gormet Detective.
A little away from London is a mansion, an old medieval castle like mansion with glorious as well as gory history. The dysfunctional family who owns it hired the Gormet Detective to medievalize the menu. As he was evaluating the festivities of the castle, a jouster turns up dead. The Gormet Detective beleives it is poisoning. The owner hires him for an extra job, to find what poison and who poisoned the jouster.
Easy work for a man with taste? Not really. When you're busy being shot by an arrow then a shot gun, finding out you're the main suspect and getting in between sibling rivalries. What a mess for an esteemed chef!
Personal Commets: Very tasty description of food. I must say, the ending is rather abrupt. In the whole book and possibly the rest of the series of Peter King, the Gormet Detective's name is never mentioned. How does he do it? Read and find out.
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