Tuesday, February 20

New Year, New Life, New Book

For New Year, I went to Diko's house in Greenhills. We were in Promenade and there was a FULLYBOOKED. Man, I bought the book I was looking for, Dragonquest.

Dragonquest is the story about a dragonrider's life and the complication of being tied to a dragon and his Weyr. For you see, a golden dragon's mating insticts can be very perilous and only bronze dragons mate them. the riders couple each other during the mating flight. But Brekke, rider of golden dragon Wirenth is a virgin and has very high morals. She doesn't want any bronze mating her and discarding her. F'nor rider of brown dragon Canth fell in love with her and is determined to let Canth mate Wirenth against tradition.
Tragedy struck when Wirenth and senior queen Prideth fought during a mating flight. The result killed both queens. When a rider's dragon dies, half of her soul or her very mind is gone. Brekke goes in a state of sleep. She won't wake. It took F'nor's love to bring her back from the dark tunnels of her mind.
Then, F7nor goes to suicide mission to space, he is badly hurt. He falls back to earth with Canth but they cannot fly. Brekke's love echoed to all the dragons and they left their riders to form a dragon ramp to save Canth and F'nor.
How touching.
In Anne McCaffrey's Pern, there is no wedding in the Weyrs. Holder and Craft halls have wedding with harpers to perform them. In the Weyr, the dragons share their minds and emotions with the riders. The first to break tradition is actually F'nor's brother, F'lar. F'lar is the Bender Weyrleader. He takes no other but Lessa, rider of Queen Ramoth. Ramoth will mate with no other but F'lar bronze, the large Mnementh.
I love McCaffrey's characters. They have personality. Even the dragons are wonderful. In a world wracked with problems political, social and of course environmental. They will not give up and they struggle to do more than just survive.

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentines!

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!

Sunday, February 11


I bought a book in BOOKS & MAGS for 9.00
Yes, quite a bargain.
One man's junk, another girls's treasure
and a treasure it was!
A book entitled Whalesong by Robert Siegel. It's a classic but most importantly, it's autographed. Whoever owned it must have forgotten about the autograph.
Whalesong is about a humpback named Hrunakaya. Whales have their own traditions and thier own beleifs. The antagonists of the story are humans. Humans who have an insatiable appetite to consume the environment wantonly and pollute wherever they thread.
It was fortold to Hrunakaya that he was to lead his pod and save the young. He ws going to be thre greatest of humpbacks, singing the song of the sea.
Sadly, they lost whales to the whalers but the Whale of Light told Hruna not to fret. There will come a day when men will cease to hunt. With that, Hruna was given a sign. His wife gave birth to an albino humpback.

Wednesday, February 7

A Wizard Alone

"Honey, the dog wants to know the meaning of life!"
Kit rubbed his forehead tempted to find himself trying to hide his eyes. "Give him a dog biscuit and tell him its an allegory."
"What, life?"
I've just finished reading the sixth book of Diane Duane's Young Wizard Series, A Wizard Alone.

The adventures continue with Nita and Kit. After the death of her mother, Nita is in a depression. Kit on the otherhand is busy exploring the new capabilities of his dog, Ponch. He thinks there's a wizardry likeage in the house. His father could hear the DVD and the TV arguing while his mother can hear Ponch asking her about the meaning of Life. The senior wizards has assigned Kit to a new assignment. He was to investigate the disappearance of a would-be wizard who was currently taking the Ordeal, the wizard's test. Nobody's supposed to take a test that long. Something was up.
Something was. The kid, Darryl was in a school. He was there physically but mentally, not. Another thing Kit finds out, Darryl is Autistic!
How can an Autistic boy find the Winzard's Oath?
Futher more, he seems to be at two places at once. Or maybe more. While Kit searches for him in Darryl's mind, Nita is visited nightly in her dreams by Darryl himself. She finds out that he is a Pillar, a person who could or couldn't be a wizard but is given immense power by the One (God or Holy Trinity).
The Lone Power, Satan, is after Darryl. Nita must find a way to save Darryl and Kit and Ponch who were stuck in Darryl's mind with him.
It seems Darryl does possess a higher power. With a bit of encouragement from Nita and Kit, he is able to open up and accept what Wizardry is. He takes Nita, Kit, Ponch and himself out of his personal universe. Now, he is a wizard and chooses to come out of his autism. Kit and Nita gets a scolding for cutting classes and Darryl's parents gets a shock. He suddenly wakes up from his corner and demands to go home.
Lovely story. Very creative. The mix of Darryl's understanding and his autism is beautifully merged in the story. Who would have thought of it! It makes me shiver to think about the concepts in the book.
I'll leave you all to read it and find out. for now,
Let me share to you some quotes from the book:
"We're wizards. We're supposed to get comfortable with the uncomfortable complex."

"I never thought goodness could be so though, so strong. But then again... I think goodness isn't something I'd think about a whole lot. Nobody uses the word much unless it's in a commmercial..."

"Virtue, the real thing, Isn't some kind of cuddy teddy bear you can keep on the shelf untill you need a hug... Virtue has its own agenda, and believe me, it's not always yours. The word itseld means strength, power."
-- Carl, Senior Advisory Wizard.

"The trouble with saints these days are the robe-and-halo imagery that gets stuck into it. People forget that robes were street clothes once... and still are in a lot of places. Halos are the fierce air of innocence what speech balloons in comics are to the sound of voice itself. But people just see an old symbol and don't bother looking behind it for the meaning. Sainthood starts to look old-fathioned, unattainable... and even repellant."
"But Saints tend to be not too obvious. For one thing, they don't want to attract the Lone One's attention to them. Also, they tend to be too busy. Mostly, Sainthood involves hard work." --Carl

Monday, February 5

Read or Die: Talecraft Promotion

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007

In the Read or Die Convention in Intercon Manila, Komikasi has launched a promotional campaign for Talecraft. A heartfelt thanks to all those who joined and support. It was a very succeful promotion for us.
Here are some pictures of the event.

Tell your tale...
Master your Craft


a story creeation game!

Here are some people playing the game.
Writers, teachers, students and anyone who's anyone can play!

to updated with more pictures within the week!

Thursday, February 1

Stereotypes in Romances

If you read romances, don't you find the hero and damsel so "the usual"?
What I mean is, in every romance story, the girl and the boy have to always be perfect. Even if it is in historical romance of fantasy romance. I'm no expert. I haven't read all that much but based on the different authors I tried, they are so typical.
The boy has to have oodles of noodles. Tall, lean, good looking no matter what age he's supposed to be in. The girl is always young. Young and very pretty. I find it strange that she should always have a great body, pettite yet full boobs.
Once boy meets girl, some passion is ignited but they refuse to acknowledge til the very end. When they do acknowledge, the girl will then start first. The guy's response will be fondling that leads to you know what.
I read Anne McCaffrey's Restoree. Now, this guy ain't so typical. So he doesn't look so good and the girl is not blonde or exotic in appearance but ok, they're not too typical. Then again, there isn't much LOVE in their lovestory.
I haven't quite read a good love story that can make me ponder about love.

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