Friday, March 24

Week 3

This is the 3rd week of my morning excercise. Whew. Jogging in the morning can get you very dark. I can see my lines. To top it all, today, I didn't go jogging but went swimming instead. Man! I'm getting even darker!
I'm hungry and always so thirstry because of the diet pills and I'm forcing myself not to eat. Does jade feel this way all the time? There's always a complain coming from the central part of your body, namely the stomach. I ahven't been eating breakfast. My fullest meal is lunch (sometimes) and dinner is soup or nothing at all.
What a way just to climb a mountain!
But what am I exactly doing?
I've awakened last night as if shook. Nope. Just me.
Someting banged in me and it's not my huinger pains.
I'm now asking: What the hell am I doing? It's not the diet thing or the watching your health thing. It's the realization that all those things I watch on Tyra TV were true. I'm letting the world control who I am and what I look like!!!
Think you're not guilty? Yes you are!

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Carla said...

dear, i remember something kuya Aman said to me. people lately think that their brain is the stomach. when the stomach complains, they instantly eat. but it should be the brain telling you that your hungry. you are not supposed to overeat, you eat so that your stomach is full, but not overfull. you cant just be dependant on your stomach. you have to let your brain say when it needs to eat. just for the record, drinking lots of water is very good. but not soft drinks. eat and drink healthy! =) wine is good for the heart. =)

oh.. looks like you have a problem. if your doing this for appearances sake, then thats wrong. you should be doing this for your health. you need to realise that you are not healthy, and do something about it. you will regret it when you are old and become sick because you neglected to be healthy. trust me. my ma had a stroke and shes only 52. she doesnt exercise and she doesnt control her eating. ive given up. she wont get better if she cant help herself. sure many follow the worlds norms, but that isnt an excuse to not be healthy and fit. =) by the way, im not guilty. =) heh heh..

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