Wednesday, June 1

Fire and Hemlock

A photograph above Polly's bed sparks memories in her that don't seem to exist. Fire and Hemlock was the title of the large photograph of a burning feild of hemlock. The figures in the fire tell her of a hazy story that involved some people, a horse and her. Slowly, these memories pushes itself into her mind. It starts with nine years ago. She gatecrashed a funeral party at the big Hudson House and met a certain Thomas Lynn. Even if he's an adult, they struck up an immediate attraction. Frinedship at fist. As a game, Polly taught Tom to play Pretend. She began with a name for them as Tan Coul as Tom and Hero and Polly. Soon, they were making up stories together and it progressed. Tan Coul is a hero in training while Hero is his assistant. Poly stated their occupations and some of their first adventures. The trouble is, these scary adventures have a nasty habit of coming true... Polly discovers all her inventions had been the past and present of Tom and her. Two vases stuck together in the garden of Hudson house gives a clue. Each vases had the word Nowhere on them but they could be revolved beside each other to either spell Now Here or just plain Nowhere.
The hero-in-training Tan Coul and his assistant, Hero exists nowhere and here at the same time. This boggles Polly and Tom keeps to himself. The only thing he does is write and rewrite her stories and sends her mountains of books. Battered by troubles at school and home, Polly is always confused and left miserable. With her best friend Nina moving on, her mother blaming her and her father leaving them, she is left vulnerable to the evils that enhabitted Hudson House. Only Thomas Lynn has the answer but he cannot tell nine-year old Polly. Still, he cheers her with books and clues with it.
The photograph of Fire and Hemlock sparks her to polish Tan Coul and Hero's story more. Three more heros enter the picture. Polly's description of the three friends who are also heroes come true when Tom forms a quartet with members of the British Philharmonic Orchestra. The evil following Tom and Polly does not spare them. They are tried and tested nearly costing their lives. Soon, Polly could no longer take the mysteries and secrecies. She decides to take a bold step and try to do something.
Five years ago, her memories of Tom and the other three heroes vanish from her mind and from the rest of the world as well? It was because of the clues of the books Tom sent and the photograph of Fire and Hemlock that helped Polly uncovers the awful truth and, at Halloween nine years on, realises that Tom's soul is forfeit to demonic powers unless she can save him. Grandma reveals some clues too. It seems polly's grandfather's name is Tom too and he too was a musician. And like Thomas Lynn, he fell prey to Hudson House's evil horrors and is devoured from the face of the earth. Must Tom Lynn's fate be the same. In a desperate attempt to save Tom, she goes to Nowhere and Now Here, the mysterious place where the Evils of Hudosn House devours their prey.
In the end, Polly, Tom and the other three heroes lived happily ever after. I won't tell you how she saved him. That's up to you to read the book. Tom admitted that in a deperate attempt to save his life, he makes Polly help him unconsciously. But what he didn't know is that putting Polly in to the picture endangers him more and Polly too. The jealous undying evil plays Tom's fate until the right time of Holloween to devour his soul. Tom does admit to like Polly a lot and they live happily while Tom and the rest of the quartet's career flourished.

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