Friday, June 17

Quite Different

As I learn another lesson today that is not textbook material, I realize, there is so many things I need to equipt myself that none of my profs can teach. People are different. Evolution is a hard teacher. People have evolved. In the 50's up to the 80's people's waist lines are normally 24 in this country. Today's waist lines for thin and "normal" people is 28ish.
People have evolded not only through time but through race. The Asian race has a different frame. The Caucasians too ahve a different frame. What we try to copy is this Caucasian Western shape of thin, long legs and short torso. Even in Asia, frames are differernt.
  • Here's a tip to all of you who read this. Filipinos are long torso and short legs. Fat Filipinos are usually top heavy, small hips and tiny legs. Tiny hips? How come we're over populated? We have the cone silhouette.
  • Chinese frames are long torso, short legs but stick in terms of silhouete. The newer generation is getting taller but shoe size is still small.
  • Western Frame is short torso and long legs. Feet are big and wide. For fat Caucasians, they ahve a diamond silhouette. (Man! They can reach up to 5xl! Pinoy market for bigs tops 3xl and not more. Poverty affects the country's biggie size. hehehe)
So, some of my designs and finish samples have been rejected. Yup, the green ITY dresses have been pulled out. The black one in sampling is with me at home. The shirts have to be modified because big people have this "turkey ham" arms that need to be covered. Sleeves have been added. The only no problem is the skirts. I love the skirt! The line for Big Closet is changing because of the new materials we are using. It is also changing because some of my outrageous experiements that drives the sample maker crazy. hehehe.
Experimentation is the key to Evolution.
Learn it from Mother Nature!

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