Saturday, June 25


Lyrics by Altarboyz. Lead Vocals by Mark
I Look in to your eyes and see the pain you look inside
Aren't you tired of the lies you tell so you can hide?
What if my friends don't accept me? (I know...)
What if my parent's reject me? (I know...)
But you can't be truly "you" untill you can say...
I am
Catholic (that's me)
I beleive in the Holy Trinity(1,2,3)
Shout it out and make them hear your voice
Your posse might think it's dope
To confess your sins and like the Pope
But this is who you are, it's not a choice (Not a choice)
You say your sleeping in when your going out to mass
You cut school on Ash Wednessday so nobody would ask (Don't ask)
Your rosary's hid in your sock drawer (oh no...)
You sneak into church through the back (Oh no...)
Time to break out and break free and finally say:
I am a Catholic and Proud
Sing it strong, sing it proud
I won't deny what God meant me to be
Every night you knee and pray
Stand up and be counted today!
Out of the cloisters and in to the streets (in to the streets!)
We are your teachers and your doctors
And your Burgerking cashiers
We're your receptionist and interns
And your Amtrqack engineers
We are your lawyers and your tourguides
And your actors on TV
We are your parents and your brothers and your children
And me...
I am Catholic, yes I am!
Long live the Vatican!
God doesn't make mistakes and he made me!
Let out what you've trapped inside
Come on and show your Catholic pride!
That's how you were meant to be!
I am Catholic hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I'm not going to hold it back no more
No you won't, you won't deny me!
C-A-T-H-'L-I-C- Catholic with a capital C!
Tha't how it was meant... Ohhhh
Tha't howyou were meant...
Tah't how I was meant... to... be!


micketymoc said...

Ano 'to, reaction to your family's current theological state o ano? :)

Maita said...

yes and its a song!

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