Monday, May 30

Conrad's Fate

Just after the Dante Club, I finished the 2.5 inch thick Dian Wynne Jones book entitle Conrad's Fate in 2 days. Yes, Diana Wynne's new book is Conrad's Fate. Aki bought it in Japan and brought it to me. It is part of the Chrestomanci Books. This chapter happened sometime when Christopher Cahnt was fifteen.
In Series 7, a boy named Conrad Tesdinic beleived he had an Evil Karma because he failed to kill someone from his former life. He is sent to Stallery Castle to pretend to work and find out who he was supposed to kill. Up in Stellery, he encountered the sleek fifteen year old boy named Christopher. Mind you, Christopher is no longer the young, innocent boy that he was. He was a vain and poshy person which sent everyone to wonder why a well-groomed, devonaire teen was hired as an Improver.
Actually, Christopher was there because he was looking for Millie, the living goddess Asheth from Series 10. Millie ran away from Switzerland boarding school because nobody would listen how hard a time she had. Only Christopher would but fails to help her. She escaped from series 12 and went to look for a better life. Christopher went after her and proposed that when he finds her, they would live together in a small island in series 5.
Christopher helps Conrad around the castle while Conrad helps Christopher find Millie. A grim family secret is found out in the end. But all went well for Conrad. Christopher and Millie. Millie was sent to a better boarding school, Christopher is returned to the Chrestomanci castle and Conrad went with him to train too. After six years, Conrad returns home to series 7 to study some more. A year after that, he went to series 12 for a visit and to become Christopher's best man in his wedding.
That was the cute part. Millie became sweet and no longer willful but Christopher became a bit more vain. He had a new dressing gown and outfit for every day of the year. Mind you, his undergarments must be of pure silk.

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